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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16


Spring Crops

NameBase CropSoilElevationNotes
Cabbage---GrassyMediumCabbage grows fastest at HE-3.
Huge CabbageCabbageAnyLow
Green CabbageRed CabbageDryMediumRed Cabbage grows fastest at HE-3.
Celery---GrassyMediumCelery grows fastest at HE-3.
Onion---DryMediumOnions grow fastest at HE-3.
ScallionOnionDryMediumOnions grow the fastest at HE-3.
Petite OnionScallionDryMediumScallions grow the fastest at HE-3.
Strawberry---GrassyMediumStrawberries grow fastest at HE.
Magical BerryWhite BerryGrassyMediumRequires Berry Blend. HE grows fastest.
Red ZeppelinSan MarzanoDry, patchyMediumRequires Tomato Blend. San Marzano and Red Zeppelin at HE-2 are fastest.
Sunset CornFodder CornGrassy, patchyMediumRequires Corn Blend. HE-3 grows fastest.
Magic PepperBell PepperDryLowMagic Peppers regrow fastest at HE-16.
Purple PepperRed PepperDryMediumRequires Carp Blend. Red Peppers grow fastest at HE-3.
JalapenoHot PepperGrassyMediumHot Peppers are fastest at HE-3, Jalapenos at HE-2.
SquashPumpkinGrassyMediumPumpkin and Squash both grow fastest at HE-3.
Savoy SpinachSpinachGrassy, swampyMediumPlant at HE for best results. Savoy Spinach looks very similar to regular Spinach.
DryadRomanescoGrassyHighDryad looks very similar to Romanesco.
Pink Rose---GrassyMediumPink Roses won't grow at very low elevations.
Marguerite---GrassyMediumMarguerites won't grow at very low elevations.
Tulip---GrassyMediumTulips won't grow at very low elevations.
White TulipTulipAnyN/ATulips won't grow at very low elevations.
Yellow TulipTulipAnyN/ATulips won't grow at very low elevations.