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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16


Sally's Requests

Find out what Sally is in search of, then give it to her.

Sally's fourth request for Yogurt cannot be finished until Fall is restored, as the recipe is rewarded from a request that will not trigger prior to that. For more help with growing the mutations she requests, see the Crops section or the crop/mutation FAQ.

No.Items NeededReward
1.Strawberry x6Broccolini Seed x3
2.Milk x6Iron Ore x3
3.Tomato x6Baby Spinach Seed x3
4.Yogurt x6Bronze Ore x3
5.Carnation x6
Pink Carnation x3
Savoy Spinach Seed x3
6.Angel Lantern x6
Grilled Arowana x3
Silver Ore x3
7.Egg x6
Rainbow Trout x3
Viola Seed x3
8.Great Boiled Egg x6
Great Mayonnaise x3
Gold Ore x3
NameItems NeededReward
Spring 1Black Bread x5
G. Strawberry Jam x5
Ultimate Butter x5
Agate Ore x2
Tulip Seed x30
Spring 2Petite Onion x5
Grapefruit x5
Agate Ore x2
Mysterious Lumber x3
Summer 1Great Flour x5
Supreme Cheese x5
San Marzano x5
Jade Ore x2
Pink Dahlia Seed x30
Summer 2Red Onion x5
Arowana x5
Jade Ore x2
Ultimate Wool x3
Fall 1Baguette x5
Supreme Milk x5
Supreme Egg x5
Fluorite Ore x2
Carnation Seed x30
Fall 2Killer Tomato x5
Goby x5
Fluorite Ore x2
Mysterious Lumber x3
Winter 1Great Flour x5
Supreme Butter x5
White Carrot x5
Opal Ore x2
Purple Pansy Seed x30
Winter 2Pink Spinach x5
Orange x5
Opal Ore x2
Ultimate Wool x3