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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16


Instead of giving daily gifts to raise the affection of The Lost Valley residents, you will be fulfilling their occasional requests for items. When you talk to a character in the right conditions, the "Request" option may appear on the bottom screen. If you decide to click it, the NPC will proceed to ask for something as a favor and your character will agree to it. Some requests are easy and triggered naturally by raising that person's chemistry, but others have more esoteric requirements to unlock and may require items you have no hint on how to obtain. Though the rewards for some quests may be paltry compared to the time and effort required to complete them, others will award very useful items such as jewels or valuable recipes. Completing requests is also the quickest way to raise someone's chemistry, and doing so will prompt many characters to share some of their backstory with you. Marriage candidates' first eight quests must be completed in order to view all four of their heart events and marry them; while they offer two additional normal quests for a total of ten, it is only necessary to complete the first eight for a marriage proposal.

Accepting and Completing Personal Requests

Characters will only offer quests or accept items for them at designated "business" locations: in front of your house, at the Goddess Spring, or Moon Valley. When they are simply wandering the valley, they will not offer requests or allow them to be turned in, even though they may ask you for the items there. After you accept a quest, you can check what the required items are in the Request sub-menu by highlighting a quest and pressing Y. Higher quality items can be substituted, but you must have enough of the same high quality item to meet the request quota. For example, a quest that asks for 5 Ultimate Milk can be completed with 5 Supreme Milk, but not 3 Supreme Milk and 2 Ultimate Milk. You must also store or otherwise get rid of all other milk types in your inventory; at this point, you will receive a message that your quest progress has updated. Quickly press the X button to pull up the quest in your log, where it should now list the requirement as 5 Supreme Milk instead of 5 Ultimate Milk. You can only have one request active per person at a time, and you cannot refuse a request nor cancel it afterward.

Quest availability is also tied to story progress. You can only complete a character's first two quests before you restore Spring, their first four quests before you restore Summer, and only the marriage candidates' fifth quests until you restore Fall. Naomi does not offer quests at all until Fall returns and is excluded in the chart below.

Story ProgressCompletable Quests
Before SpringAll NPCs: 1, 2
After SpringAll NPCs: 1, 2, 3, 4
After SummerMarriage Candidates: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
After FallAll NPCs including Naomi: All quests

Completing Seasonal Requests

After you finish all of a character's six to ten normal requests, they will begin offering you their repeatable seasonal requests. Each character has two per season, and which one you will get is completely random (i.e. you may be offered Doc's Winter Assistant 2 before completing Doc's Winter Assistant 1). Seasonal request rewards tend to be insultingly meager compared to the time and effort required to complete them, but a rare few of these can be lucrative. Besides those limited exceptions, these requests should only be undertaken as a challenge or when needed to raise the requester's chemistry with you. You cannot choose which seasonal request you get, so if you want a particular one, save your game before talking to the character and reset if they give you the wrong one.

The Save/Reload Trick (aka "save scumming")
The save & reload trick will often be your friend when accepting and completing requests. You can save your game before mining a node, chopping one of Woody's trees, or collecting milk and eggs from your animals, then reset if you don't get the result you need. This will save you a lot of time and trouble.

Mining and Farming for Fun and Profit
Many requests will require you to mine various ores or mutate crops to complete. Check the Mining and Growing Mutations sections or the crop/mutation FAQ for more details on where and how to acquire these items.