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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16

Story Walkthrough

Post-Game Story

Items Needed
Great Milk x1Pink Rose x1Moonstone x1

Once your child is about three seasons old, he or she will be afflicted with sleeping sickness, an illness with no known cure. All hope is not lost, however! Gareth suggests the Harvest Goddess may be able to help.

A Mother's and Father's Love
Your spouse will now stay awake day and night next to the crib, standing vigil over your slumbering child. This means you will not be able to accept or turn in requests for the duration of the event, and if your spouse is Catherine or Hunter you will be unable to purchase clothes or animals. Even though your spouse may discourage you from participating in festivals, you can still enter all non-romantic festivals if you like. However, he or she will refuse to go out for a Starry Night date with you during this event.

Theoretically, the game can be rendered unwinnable if your spouse is Hunter and this event triggers when you have no cows and no Great Milk or better. To avoid this, make sure you always hold at least one Great Milk in reserve.

Cure Sleeping Sickness

Look for a cure for the Sleeping Sickness! Maybe the Harvest Goddess knows something?

Visit the Harvest Goddess on one of her regularly scheduled days, then speak to Gorgan. He will give you the happy news that there is indeed a cure to sleeping sickness known as the Morning Dew of Life. However, only the Harvest Sprite of Life can make it, and his whereabouts are currently unknown... Perhaps he will show himself when the time is right.

Find Morning Dew of Life

The Morning Dew of Life will awaken your child. The Harvest Sprite Oliver may be able to help.

After going to sleep, you will have a dream of the mysterious purple sprite you met at the very beginning of the game. The little Sprite will ask that you collect the ingredients needed to make the Morning Dew of Life and meet him at the Harvest Goddess Spring during the daytime.

The Morning Dew of Life

Collect materials for the Morning Dew of Life, then go to the Spring when it's light out.

Great Milk x1Pink Rose x1Moonstone x1
  • Great Milk can be obtained from any cow no matter how many hearts they have. You can save before milking the cow and reload if you only get plain Milk. Any higher quality version (Ultimate, Supreme, and Miracle) can also be used.
  • Pink Roses are grown from seeds purchased from Iris. They take 12 days to grow, so if you're on the 19th day of the season or later, you will need to wait until the next season to plant them. You may want to plant several in case a storm or blizzard wipes out some of the flowers.
  • Moonstones are refined from Moonstone Ore, which can be mined from any node that drops jewels. You'll find these nodes in West Mine and South Mine 1, 2 and 3. After obtaining the Moonstone Ore, you will need to pay a visit to Brutus to have it refined. You can save before mining a node and reset if you don't receive Moonstone Ore.

Bring the materials to the Goddess Spring on any day between 6 AM and 8 PM to finally meet Oliver, the Harvest Sprite who guided you to the valley and has watched over your progress every since. He will create the precious Morning Dew of Life with the items you bring to him and instruct you to give it to your child. Stand next to your son's or daughter's crib and press the A Button to use the remedy.

The next morning, you will witness another scene with Oliver, unlocking him for hire at the Goddess Spring. Asking him to work will send him to either your barn or coop, lengthening the lifespans of your animals and helping them recover from illness.

Congratulations on clearing the post-game storyline! You can now focus your attention on other goals like growing every crop or terraforming your dream valley.