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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16


Naomi's Favors

Give Naomi the materials she needs for the fabric store she's helping.

Naomi's quests cannot be triggered until after restoring Fall to the valley. Once you do, her requests will trigger based on how many times you've sheared your sheep.

No.Items NeededReward
1.Wool x5Rainbow Trout x3
300 G
2.Wool x10Recipe: Fortress Feed
500 G
3.Great Wool x5Recipe: Tempest Feed
1,000 G
4.Great Wool x10Recipe: Nightshade Feed
1,500 G
5.Ultimate Wool x5Recipe: General Feed
2,000 G
6.Ultimate Wool x10Recipe: Sanctuary Feed
3,000 G
7.Supreme Wool x5Recipe: Sprint Feed
4,000 G
8.Supreme Wool x10Sprint Feed x3
5,000 G
NameItems NeededReward
Spring 1Wool x50Fortress Feed x3
General Feed x3
5,000 G
Spring 2Miracle Wool x10Fortress Feed x3
Rainbow Trout x3
5,000 G
Summer 1Great Wool x40Sunshine Feed x3
Sanctuary Feed x3
5,000 G
Summer 2Miracle Wool x10Sunshine Feed x3
Arowana x3
5,000 G
Fall 1Ultimate Wool x30Tempest Feed x3
Sprint Feed x3
5,000 G
Fall 2Miracle Wool x10Tempest Feed x3
Goby x3
5,000 G
Winter 1Supreme Wool x20Nightshade Feed x3
Excellent Feed x3
5,000 G
Winter 2Miracle Wool x10Nightshade Feed x3
Barbatus x3
5,000 G