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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16



Grains such as Wheat and Corn must first be milled into flour or meal before they can be used in crafting. Doing so will require a Windmill, obtainable by completing Doc's Assistant 3, as well as a recipe for that type of grain obtainable by completing Emily's requests (and one of Iris's). Up to ten units of grain can be milled at a time, and the process will take 12 hours to complete regardless of how many units are actually being milled. Afterward, the meal will be placed in the Windmill's storage for you to collect at your leisure. While a single Windmill is sufficient to mill grain and craft feed, setting up multiple Windmills will allow you to mill more grain or mix more feed at a time. Extra Windmills can be purchased from Doc for 5,000 G, 15 Material Stone, 10 Softwood Lumber, and 10 Iron.

NameIngredientHow to Obtain
FlourWheat x1Emily's Cooking 3
Great FlourGreat Wheat x1Emily's Cooking 3
Durum Wheat FlourDurum Wheat x3Emily's Cooking 4
Great Durum FlourGreat Durum Wheat x3Emily's Cooking 4
Barley FlourBarley x3Emily's Cooking 7
Great Barley FlourGreat Barley x3Emily's Cooking 7
Rye FlourRye x3Emily's Cooking 9
Great Rye FlourGreat Rye x3Emily's Cooking 9
CornmealCorn x1Emily's Cooking 5
Great CornmealGreat Corn x1Emily's Cooking 5
Fodder CornmealFodder Corn x2Hunter's Feed 1
G. Fodder CornmealGreat Fodder Cornmeal x2Hunter's Feed 1
Sweet CornmealSweet Corn x2Emily's Cooking 6
G. Sweet CornmealGreat Sweet Corn x2Emily's Cooking 6
Yellow CornmealYellow Corn x2Iris's Flowers 1
G. Yellow CornmealGreat Yellow Corn x2Iris's Flowers 1
Sunset CornmealSunset Corn x3Emily's Cooking 8
G. Sunset MealGreat Sunset Corn x3Emily's Cooking 8