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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16


Livestock List

These animals can be purchased from Hunter when he visits the barn on Monday, Tuesday, or Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM. Note that he only sells immature animals (calves, lambs, and chicks) rather than full-grown animals.


Price (Calf)10,000 G

In keeping with Harvest Moon tradition, Hunter will give you a free cow once you have a barn. Cows give milk once per day, which is needed for many requests and cooking recipes as well as for Formula Milk after your child is born. A calf will not produce any milk until two weeks pass and it becomes fully grown. Cows possess three slots for animal skills and will live for approximately five years.


Price (Lamb)10,000 G

Sheep will become available for purchase once you reach Fall Year 1 and speak to Hunter in the barn to trigger a cutscene. They can be sheared once every three days for their wool, needed for various Insta-Buildings, curtains, and quests. Lambs will mature and begin producing wool after two weeks. Like cows, sheep have three skill slots, but will only live for approximately three years.


Price (Chick)2,000 G

Once you have a chicken coop, you can buy chicks from Hunter. Chickens have only one skill slot and do not pass skills to their offspring as cows and sheep do. A fully grown chicken will lay an egg once per day, which will be needed for many recipes and requests. A chick takes eight days to mature and will live for approximately two years.


Price8,000 G

After you reach Summer Year 1, speak to Hunter in the barn to trigger a cutscene that will unlock the dog for purchase. Your dog will only eat and take up space at first, but as you befriend him, he'll begin fetching items for you once a day and helping Calvin herd the animals. His chemistry value will be hidden, but the higher it is the better the items he will bring you. The dog can get sick when his stress runs too high, which must be cured by Animal Medicine before he will start working again. Your dog will never die and cannot be sold, so choose his name wisely.

Fetch List
Animal FeedGlass MaterialSunflower SeedLeafy Tree SproutSoftwood Lumber
Animal MedicineIron OreWheat SeedCompostHardwood Lumber
Chicken MedicineAgate OreFodder Corn SeedMosquitofishMysterious Lumber
SoilJade OreMagic Pepper SeedGobyApple
StoneFluorite OreRye SeedCrucian CarpPeach


Price20,000 G

After you reach Summer Year 1, speak to Hunter in the barn to trigger a cutscene that will unlock the horse for purchase. The horse will only eat and take up space at first, but once you befriend her, you can begin riding her around your valley. Horses cannot jump over fences and other obstacles, so smoothing out your paths to places like the Goddess Spring or Moon Valley is a good idea (not to mention necessary to participate in the Horse Race). The higher her hearts are, the faster she will run. Like the dog, the horse can get sick from lack of attention but will not die and cannot be sold, so choose your name for her wisely. Despite the existence of the Fast Potion, horses cannot be bred.

Nighttime Riding
Like other animals, the horse will fall asleep at 8 PM and the top of every subsequent hour. However, she will stay awake if you are riding at that time and won't lose any friendliness, allowing you to keep going well past her normal bedtime. If the horse happens to fall asleep outside, you'll lose a little bit of friendliness when you wake her up. Leaving her outside overnight appears to cause greater affection loss than waking her does, so make sure you put her back in the barn every night, preferably before she falls asleep.