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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16


Life and Death

In addition to buying baby animals from Hunter, it is possible to breed your own calves, lambs, and chicks. Breeding chickens is very simple, and only requires you to select the "Incubate" option rather than "Harvest" when you examine the egg. Chicks hatch after approximately six days and mature in eight days, but do not inherit any skills from their mothers. To breed a cow or sheep, you will need to make a Miracle Potion and talk to Hunter in your barn. Cows and sheep will inherit a portion of their mothers' skill experience, allowing them to be born with traits already learned if the mother's skill was high enough. The exact day of the animal's birth is somewhat random, and can be forestalled if other morning cutscenes take priority over the birth.

When animals are neglected and their stress runs too high, they may get sick. Sick animals will no longer work or produce products until their illness is cured with either Animal Medicine or Chicken Medicine. If their sickness isn't cured, cows, sheep, and chickens will eventually die. Animals will also eventually perish of old age, though their lifespans can be extended with the help of Oliver. As with animal births, other morning cutscenes can also take priority over animal deaths. Though the dog and horse can become ill from stress, they cannot die even if you do not cure their illness.

Staving Off Death
When you dream about "something terrible" happening to one of your animals, it is warning you that the animal's death is imminent. From that morning onward, there is a chance you will wake up to find the animal passed away during the night. You can temporarily avoid this outcome by saving the night before and reloading until your animal lives to see another day, but nature will eventually take its course no matter how many times you reset. The only surefire way to avoid the animal's death is to sell it or use ARCHITECT to place the barn or coop in your bag. Once you finish the post-game story, Oliver the Spirit Harvest Sprite can be hired to prolong your animals' lifespans.