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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16


Iris's Flowers

Collect all the flowers at the flower shop, then give them to Iris.

Like Brutus and Hanna, Iris's quests do not trigger based on chemistry and instead can be unlocked by selling her flowers. Sell her a single flower, then cancel out completely and talk to her again. If she offers you a request, take it; if not, rinse and repeat until she does. Remember, it is based on the number of transactions you make, not the quantity of items nor the amount of gold you earn. Before it will count as a separate transaction, you must cancel out completely and talk to her again.

No.Items NeededReward
1.Pink Pansy x5Recipe: Yellow Cornmeal
300 G
2.Pink Pansy x10
Yellow Pansy x1
Purple Pansy x1
Recipe: Mosquitofish Blend
500 G
3.Tulip x10Recipe: Carp Blend
1,000 G
4.Tulip x30
White Tulip x1
Yellow Tulip x1
Recipe: Barbatus Blend
1,500 G
5.Pink Dahlia x10Recipe: Goby Blend
2,000 G
6.Pink Dahlia x30
White Dahlia x1
Yellow Dahlia x1
Recipe: Peach Compost
3,000 G
7.Carnation x10Recipe: Apple Compost
4,000 G
8.Carnation x30
Pink Carnation x1
Sunny Red x1
Recipe: Orange Compost
5,000 G
NameItems NeededReward
Spring 1Great Marguerite x30
Great Pink Rose x30
Yellow Cornmeal x3
Mosquitofish Blend x3
5,000 G
Spring 2Great Tulip x30
Great White Tulip x10
Great Yellow Tulip x10
Yellow Cornmeal x3
Pink Rose Seed x3
5,000 G
Summer 1Great Pink Dahlia x30
Great Red Rose x30
Carp Blend x3
Barbatus Blend x3
5,000 G
Summer 2Great Sunflower x30
Great White Dahlia x10
Great Yellow Dahlia x10
Carp Blend x3
Red Rose Seed x3
5,000 G
Fall 1Great Cosmos x30
Great White Rose x30
Goby Blend x3
Peach Compost x3
5,000 G
Fall 2Great Carnation x30
Great Pink Carnation x10
Great Sunny Red x10
Goby Blend x3
White Rose Seed x3
5,000 G
Winter 1Great Pink Pansy x30
Great Blue Rose x30
Apple Compost x3
Orange Compost x3
5,000 G
Winter 2Great Purple Pansy x10
Great Yellow Pansy x10
Great Viola x10
Apple Compost x3
Blue Rose Seed x3
5,000 G