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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16

Story Walkthrough

Humble Beginnings

Quest Link
Path to the Spring

Mysterious Voices, Mysterious Dreams

When you first arrive in the valley, you will find yourself lost in a raging snowstorm despite the fact it is spring. As you shiver and wonder what to do, an unknown voice urges you to take shelter in a nearby cabin for the night. This same enigmatic presence will prevent you from leaving, so you have little choice but to save your game and go to sleep as you're told. During the night, you will dream of an unfamiliar woman, pleading desperately with you to save her Harvest Sprites and search for her bracelet.

Leave the house next morning when you hear a cry for help, and once you have control of your character again, you'll need to shovel the snow. Press the Y Button to open the development menu, highlight each square, and press the A Button to clear away the snow. After a short scene, you will be asked to till the earth. Press the Y Button and then the A Button again to use your hoe, transforming the tiles into arable ground. With this, the source of the voice will finally be revealed as a yellow Harvest Sprite named Rowan. Rowan's appearance is similar to the little sprite you saw yesterday but isn't the same one, as he has been trapped in the snow for ages now. As thanks for saving him, Rowan will give you eight Spinach seeds to plant. Highlight each of the tilled squares and press the A Button to sow the seeds until all of them are planted. Seems like you have a knack for this farming thing!

Next Rowan will teach you about watering crops. Press the A Button on each dry tile to water them, and refill your watering can from the well next to the river when it's empty. If you don't water your crops in a timely fashion, they will wither and die, so make sure you water them at least every other day. After teaching you about stamina and health, Rowan tells you the history behind the valley and how the Harvest Goddess lost her power to protect the land. Huh... So the woman in your dream last night must have been the Goddess! The Harvest Sprite then gives you the first good news you've heard all day: he's already found the missing bracelet. Once the Goddess has her bracelet back, she will surely be able to control the seasons again.

Use the B to jump down from the ledge and then follow Rowan to the edge of the cliff. Talk to him to learn that the path to the Goddess Spring is now overgrown and inaccessible. Rowan can't climb the cliff (and has apparently forgotten the fact he can teleport), so your character offers to help. Press the Y Button to open the development menu, and then press the B Button to dig. After a short scene, press the Y button again and then the X Button to place a block of dirt. Rowan will give you 20 Soil along with the Old Axe to help you clear a path to the Goddess Spring, as well the Harvest Sprite Whistle. Using the whistle will call him to whisk you back to your home, but since he always takes the scenic route four hours will pass after you use it. Note that if you place any dirt or water on the three tiles leading to the exit, Rowan will have these obstructions cleared away by the time you return to the valley.

Path to the Spring

Dig and fill the earth to get to the Harvest Goddess Spring.

To complete this objective, you will need to reach the cave behind the waterfall at the top of the cliff. Despite what Rowan says, it's up to you whether you want to build a complete path now or simply reach the Spring as soon as possible. The quickest path can be made by jumping on the ledge shown in the photo below, chopping down the tree, placing a block of dirt, then following the map on the right to the cave.

Once the two of you reach the Spring, Rowan will call out to the Harvest Goddess, but she has lost so much power she can no longer even materialize. In order to revive her, you must make the land bountiful again. Grow crops and flowers, bring in animals and people, and she will be back to her old self in no time!