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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16


Home Improvement

Besides acquiring the Blue Feather, you will need to upgrade your house twice and outfit it to accommodate your sweetheart. For this endeavor, you will need a total of:

  • 503,100 G
  • 110 Hardwood Lumber
  • 10 Softwood Lumber
  • 15 Mysterious Lumber
  • 10 Wool
  • 30 Glass Material
  • 6 Silver Ore
  • 15 Mithril Ore
  • 15 Orichalcum Ore
  • 9 Adamantite Ore

After you finish the main story, the Large House upgrade will be unlocked for sale with Doc. Building it will unlock the Giant House upgrade for sale, which will in turn unlock the Queen Bed and Table and 4 Chairs. Both upgrades and all the furniture can be built within a single day provided you have all the materials. Once you've owned the Giant House for a week, Doc will put the Crib up for sale. You do not need to be married yet in order to construct it.

NameIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Price
Large HouseHardwood Lumber x40Mithril x5Glass x1085,000 G
Giant HouseHardwood Lumber x60Adamantite x3Mysterious Lumber x15400,000 G
Queen BedHardwood Lumber x10Wool x10Silver x23,500 G
Table and 4 ChairsSoftwood Lumber x10Orichalcum x5---6,500 G
CribWool x5Softwood Lumber x10Orichalcum x27,000 G

Making Some Dough

Mining will be your main source of income. Make sure you hit up the four mines that produce jewel ore once every three days, refine them, and sell them to Sam. Depending on your luck, you can make roughtly 20,000 G to 50,0000 G per mining run. (For more information about mining locations, click here.) Flint's nodes can also drop jewel ore, and if you're patient, you can save and reload to ensure each one yields jewel ore (two Fluorite Ores being the most lucrative result) for 20,000 G or more per day. If you've finished Brutus's quests, his seasonal repeatable quests can yield between 14,000 G and 25,000 G each if you have the ore to spare. Doc's Fall Assistant 1 is another lucrative repeatable quest that will net you 6,825 G in exchange for 700 G in lumber. If you want to grow crops for cash, Petite Onions in Spring are the most profitable cash crop followed by Red Onions in Summer, Broccolini in Fall, and Cream Pumpkins in Winter. If you don't have any mutated seeds unlocked, your best bets are Onions in Spring, Basil in Summer, Blue Mists in Fall, and Pink Pansies in Winter. For more information about downloading the DLC crops, click here; for more information about crops and farming, click here.

SpringSell Price (Hanna)SpeedElevation
Onion135 G - 203 G2-4 daysLevel 17 (HE-3, WL+7)
Petite Onion270 G - 405 G2-4 daysLevel 16 (HE-4, WL+6)
SummerSell Price (Hanna)SpeedElevation
Basil105 G - 165 G2-4 daysLevel 17 (HE-3, WL+7)
Red Onion315 G - 473 G3-6 daysLevel 4 (HE-16, WL-6)
FallSell Price (Hanna/Iris)SpeedElevation
Blue Mist440 G - 880 G7 daysN/A
Broccolini225 G - 338 G3-5 daysLevel 17 (HE-3, WL+7)
WinterSell Price (Hanna/Iris)SpeedElevation
Pink Pansy248 G - 450 G7 daysN/A
Cream Pumpkin405 G - 608 G8-15 daysLevel 28 (HE+8, WL+18)

Construction Materials

Besides earning the money, you'll also need to acquire the materials needed for the upgrades to marry and have a child. Making use of the save and reload trick is highly advised; otherwise, you may end up waiting two or more in-game years for the RNG to cooperate.

20 Softwood Lumber, 110 Hardwood Lumber, 15 Mysterious Lumber

Hiring Woody is definitely the easiest way to collect the lumber you need. Each one of his trees can yield ten Softwood Lumber, ten Hardwood Lumber, or one piece of Mysterious Lumber. If necessary, you can save before chopping down the tree and reload if you don't get the result you need. Besides hiring Woody, you can chop down cone trees for Softwood Lumber and leafy trees for Hardwood Lumber, or purchase both of them from Sam for 100 G. Your loyal canine companion can also bring you Mysterious Lumber on occasion when his affection is high enough.

15 Wool

Wool comes from shearing sheep, which you can purchase from Hunter starting in Fall of Year 1. Mature sheep produce wool once every three days, meaning it will take a newly purchased lamb two seasons to produce all the wool you need for both the queen bed and crib. Depending on how soon you want to marry and purchase niceties such as curtains or new clothes, you may want to consider investing in a second lamb to speed up the process. You can always sell her back to Hunter later if you want.

30 Glass Material, 15 Mithril Ore, 21 Orichalcum Ore, 9 Adamantite Ore

If you downloaded Andrea, completing all of her normal requests will reward you with the glass and metals you need to fully upgrade your home for marriage. (The crib will need a little extra Orichalcum from you, however.) If you don't have Andrea, you will need to mine the materials yourself and pay Brutus to refine them. Mithril, Orichalcum, and Adamantite Ore can be mined from North Mine 1, South Mine 2, South Mine 3, and East Mine 2, while Glass Material can be mined from every mine set except North Mine 1 and West Mine. Mithril Ore and Glass Material can additionally be dropped from Flint's nodes. For more information on mining locations, refer to the Mining section.

Popping the question

Once you've obtained the Blue Feather and made your home marriage-ready, you can finally propose to your one true love. Seek them out in one of their "business" locations, whether this is by your house, in Moon Valley, or at the Goddess Spring, and speak to him or her to trigger the proposal prompt. Note that until you propose to someone, you will no longer be able to accept or complete requests with any marriage candidate you meet the requirements to marry (except on festival days when you cannot propose). Proposals are always be successful; no one will ever reject you when you ask for their hand in marriage. The wedding ceremony will take place a week later unless it falls on a festival day, in which case it will be postponed until the next day. Remember, there is no such thing as divorce or crying off an engagement in Harvest Moon. You will have to start over if you decide to marry someone else, so choose your spouse carefully!

Reverse Proposals

If you meet the requirements, marriage candidates may come knocking asking you to marry them instead. All characters including female candidates can reverse propose if you've met their marriage criteria and they have 80% or more chemistry. Should multiple candidates fall into this category, they will propose to you in the order of April → Emily → Catherine → Andrea to male players, or Tony → Hunter → Gilbert → Luke to female players. Turning down a proposal will not result in any lost chemistry, but the candidate will never ask you again. If you decide to marry them later, you will have to seek them out and propose yourself. Should you fail to get a reverse proposal when you meet the criteria for one, skip feeding the dog for a day and try again the next morning.

The ceremony

The wedding event will begin when you wake up and end at 8 PM that day. Afterward, your wedding garments and hairstyle will be unlocked in the dresser for you to wear whenever you like. If your spouse is home, the two of you can have lunch and dinner together. Lunchtime is 12 PM to 1 PM while dinner is served from 7 PM to 8 PM. Examine the dining table in your house to bring up a prompt to serve up to three dishes from your rucksack. If you don't have any food to serve, you can confirm the prompt anyway to have a meal with beverages only. There won't be any conversation or chemistry gained from doing this, only stamina recovery. You and your spouse can also celebrate your anniversaries together with a dinner party. Enter your house between 7 PM and 8 PM on the day you were married to trigger an anniversary dinner with your spouse and child, if he or she is fully grown. Like other special occasions, you will be reminded in your dreams whenever this date is looming. There is no penalty or dialogue for failing to celebrate this event.