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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16


Hanna's Ingredients

Collect all the ingredients for the recipe, then give them to Hanna.

Like Brutus and Iris, Hanna's quests do not trigger based on chemistry and instead can be unlocked by selling her cooked dishes. Sell her a single cooked item, then cancel out completely and talk to her again. If she offers you a request, take it; if not, rinse and repeat until she does. Remember, it is based on the number of transactions you make, not the quantity of items nor the amount of gold you earn. Before it will count as a separate transaction, you must cancel out completely and talk to her again. For more help with growing the mutations she requests, see the Crops section or the crop/mutation FAQ.

No.Items NeededReward
1.Spinach x10
Broccoli x10
Great Bread x2
300 G
2.Great Spinach x3
Great Broccoli x3
Great Bread x3
500 G
3.Great Cabbage x3
Great Celery x3
Recipe: Grilled Fish
1,000 G
Meuniere recipe unlocks
4.Great Onion x3
Great Strawberry x3
Recipe: Bread
1,500 G
Black Bread & Baguette recipes unlocks
5.Great Corn x3
Great Tomato x3
Great Black Bread x2
2,000 G
6.Sweet Corn x3
Great Green Pepper x3
Recipe: Yogurt
3,000 G
Cheese & Butter recipes unlock
7.Great Flour x3
Great Hot Pepper x3
Recipe: Boiled Egg
4,000 G
Mayonnaise & Fried Egg recipes unlock
8.Great Potato x3
Great Carrot x3
Great Pumpkin x3
Recipe: Blissful Bread
5,000 G
NameItems NeededReward
Spring 1Great Green Cabbage x5
Barley Flour x10
Grapefruit x10
Great Bread x3
Great Baguette x3
5,000 G
Spring 2Squash x5
Yellow Perch x10
Supreme Milk x5
Great Bread x3
Grilled Arowana x3
5,000 G
Summer 1Great Princess's Eye x5
Barley Flour x10
Peach x10
Great Bread x3
G. Strawberry Jam x3
5,000 G
Summer 2Giant Squash x5
Rainbow Trout x10
Supreme Egg x5
Great Bread x3
Supreme Yogurt x3
5,000 G
Fall 1Great Teardrop x5
Rye Flour x10
Apple x10
Great Bread x3
Supreme Butter x3
5,000 G
Fall 2Giant Pumpkin x5
Rainbow Trout x10
Supreme Milk x5
Great Bread x3
Supreme Fried Egg x3
5,000 G
Winter 1Great Dome Cabbage x5
Rye Flour x10
Orange x10
Great Bread x3
Supreme Meuniere x3
5,000 G
Winter 2Cream Pumpkin x10
Yellow Perch x10
Supreme Egg x5
Great Bread x3
Supreme Egg x3
5,000 G