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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16


Gilbert's Search

Look for what Gilbert is asking for.

Gilbert's requests trigger based on how many fish you've caught. For every 30 fish you manage to hook, he will give you a new request, meaning you need a total of 240 fish caught to marry him and 300 to finish all ten quests. For more help locating the ores for his requests, see the Mining section; for more help catching the fish, consult the Fishing section.

No.Items NeededReward
1.Crucian Carp x3Good Feed x2
2.Crucian Carp x6Good Feed x4
3.Bluegill x3
Tulip Seed x3
Recipe: Good Feed
4.Bluegill x6
Great Milk x3
Recipe: Delicious Feed
5.Mosquitofish x3
Pink Dahlia Seed x3
Agate Ore x3
Recipe: Special Feed
6Mosquitofish x6
Great Egg x3
Hardwood Lumber x6
Recipe: Excellent Feed
7.Barbatus x3
Carnation Seed x3
Jade Ore x3

Recipe: Wonder Feed

8.Barbatus x6
Ultimate Milk x3
Softwood Lumber x6

Recipe: Ultimate Feed

9.Bullhead x3
Yellow Tulip Seed x3
Opal Ore x3
Recipe: Legendary Feed
10.Bullhead x6
Ultimate Egg x3
Mysterious Lumber x1
Recipe: Miracle Feed
NameItems NeededReward
Spring 1Perch x10
White Tulip Seed x5
Emerald Ore x3
Wonder Feed x5
Mysterious Lumber x3
Spring 2Perch x10
Pink Rose Seed x5
Dryad x5
Wonder Feed x3
Great Grapefruit x3
Summer 1Arowana x10
White Dahlia Seed x5
Topaz Ore x3
Ultimate Feed x3
Adamantite Ore x3
Summer 2Arowana x10
Red Rose Seed x5
Golden Pepper x3
Ultimate Feed x3
Great Peach x3
Fall 1Goby x10
Sunny Red Seed x5
Moonstone Ore x3
Legendary Feed x3
Grilled Arowana x3
Fall 2Goby x10
White Rose Seed x5
Pearl Onion x5
Legendary Feed x3
Great Apple x3
Winter 1Yellow Perch x10
Yellow Pansy Seed x5
Onyx Ore x3
Miracle Feed x3
Soul Gem Ore x3
Winter 2Yellow Perch x10
Blue Rose Seed x5
Yellow Corn x5
Miracle Feed x3
Great Orange x3