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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16


Gareth's Research

Find items that Gareth needs in his magic research.

For more help with growing the mutations he requests, see the Crops section or the crop/mutation FAQ. For more help locating the ores for his requests, see the Mining section.

No.Items NeededReward
1.Soil x5Recipe: Patient Potion
2.Compost x10Recipe: Refreshing Potion
3.Crucian Carp x10Recipe: Fast Potion
4.Mysterious Lumber x3Recipe: Sophisticated Potion
5.Broccolini Seed x3
Giant Potato Seed x3
Recipe: Intelligent Potion
6.Ultimate Milk x3
Ultimate Egg x3
Recipe: Fall Breeze Potion
7.Material Stone x10
Crystal Ore x3
Recipe: Winter Breeze Potion
8.Compost x10
Supreme Milk x3
Organic Omega x3
NameItems NeededReward
Spring 1Moonstone Ore x3
Purple Pepper x3
Magic Pepper x10
Great Rye Flour x3
Clever Feed x3
Spring 2Onyx Ore x3
Yellow Tulip Seed x3
White Tulip Seed x10
Good Feed x3
Nightshade Feed x3
Summer 1Amethyst Ore x3
Great Durum Wheat x3
Durum Wheat Seed x10
Great Yellow Cornmeal x3
General Feed x3
Summer 2Ruby Ore x3
Great Barley x3
Barley Seed x10
Wonder Feed x3
Fortress Feed x3
Fall 1Emerald Ore x3
Great Wheat x3
Wheat Seed x10
Great Cornmeal x3
Sanctuary Feed x3
Fall 2Diamond Ore x3
Titan Potato x3
Purple Potato x10
Delicious Feed x3
Thanksgiving Feed x3
Winter 1Pink Diamond Ore x3
Great Rye x3
Rye Seed x10
Great Sunset Meal x3
Durum Super Blend x3
Winter 2Soul Gem Ore x3
Alligator Gar x3
Bullhead x10
Ultimate Feed x3
Diamond Dust Feed x3