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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16

Item List


Hanna's sell price is equal to the number of points each dish is worth in the cooking contest. For example, Hanna pays 135 G for Bread, so it is worth 135 points.

1 Star Recipes
NameIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3How to ObtainSell (Sam)Sell (Hanna)
BreadFlour x3Salt x1---Hanna's Ingredients 4101 G135 G
Great BreadGreat Flour x3Salt x1---Hanna's Ingredients 4203 G270 G
Black BreadRye Flour x3Salt x1---Buy from Hanna
(after 4th request)
152 G203 G
Great Black BreadGreat Rye Flour x3Salt x1---Black Bread variant304 G405 G
BaguetteFlour x3Butter x5Salt x1Buy from Hanna
(after 4th request)
152 G203 G
Great BaguetteGreat Flour x3Butter x5Salt x1Baguette variant253 G338 G
Blissful BreadBlessed Flour x5------Hanna's Ingredients 8375 G500 G
Grilled Rainbow TroutRainbow TroutSalt x1---Hanna's Ingredients 3141 G188 G
Grilled PerchPerch x1Salt x1---Hanna's Ingredients 3159 G213 G
Grilled Yellow PerchYellow Perch x1Salt x1---Hanna's Ingredients 3159 G213 G
Grilled BullheadBullhead x1Salt x1---Hanna's Ingredients 3159 G213 G
Grilled BluegillBluegill x1Salt x1---Hanna's Ingredients 3113 G150 G
Grilled ArowanaArowana x1Salt x1---DLC recipe281 G375 G
Formula MilkMilk x1------Buy from Hanna
(after having a child)
150 g200 G
Strawberry JamStrawberry x1Sugar x1---Obtain from Calvin84 G113 G
Apple JamApple x1Sugar x1---Buy from Hanna169 G225 G
MarmaladeOrange x1Sugar x1---Buy from Hanna169 G225 G
MayonnaiseEgg x10Salt x3---

Buy from Hanna
(after 7th request)

84 G113 G
YogurtMilk x2------Hanna's Ingredients 684 G113 G
ButterMilk x2Salt x1---Buy from Hanna
(after 6th request)
113 G150 G
CheeseMilk x5Salt x3---Buy from Hanna
(after 6th request)
113 G150 G
Boiled EggEgg x1------Hanna's Ingredients 784 G113 G
Fried EggEgg x1------Buy from Hanna
(after 7th rquest)
84 G113 G
MeuniereRainbow Trout x1Butter x1Salt x1Buy from Hanna
(after 3rd request)
506 G675 G
ChocolateCacao x2Sugar x1Milk x1DLC recipe197 G263 G
PopcornCorn x5Butter x3Salt x1DLC recipe190 G253 G
Chocolate PopcornCorn x5Butter x3Great Chocolate x3DLC recipe464 G619 G
Strawberry PopcornCorn x5Butter x3Strawberry Jam x3DLC recipe335 G447 G
Green SaladCabbage x4Tomato x4Mayonnaise x3DLC recipe304 G405 G
Egg SandwichBread x3Butter x3Boiled Egg x3DLC recipe278 G371 G
Tomato SandwichBread x3Mayonnaise x3---DLC recipe329 G439 G
Strawberry SandwichBread x3Strawberry Jam x5---DLC recipe371 G495 G
Apple SandwichBread x3Apple Jam x5---DLC recipe540 G720 G
Potage SoupFlour x5Milk x3Potato x5DLC recipe416 G555 G
Bean SoupSoy Bean x5Onion x5Rainbow Trout x1DLC recipe574 G763 G
2 Star Recipes
NameIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3How to ObtainSell (Sam)Sell (Hanna)
G. Strawberry JamGreat Strawberry x1Sugar x1---Strawberry Jam variant169 G225 G
Great Apple JamGreat Apple x1Sugar x1---Apple Jam variant309 G413 G
Great MarmaladeGreat Orange x1Sugar x1---Marmalade variant309 G413 G
Great MayonnaiseGreat Egg x10Salt x3---Mayonnaise variant141 G188 G
Great YogurtGreat Milk x2------Yogurt variant197 G263 G
Great ButterGreat Milk x2Salt x1---Butter variant158 G218 G
Great CheeseGreat Milk x5Salt x3---Cheese variant158 G210 G
Great Boiled EggGreat Egg x1------Boiled Egg variant141 G188 G
Great Fried EggGreat Egg x1------Fried Egg variant141 G188 G
Great MeuniereRainbow Trout x1Great Butter x1Salt x1Meuniere variant596 G795 G
Great ChocolateGreat Cacao x1Sugar x1Great Milk x1DLC recipe231 G308 G
Mediterranean SaladBasil x4Tomato x4Olive x4DLC recipe410 G546 G
Apple PieFlour x5Butter x5Apple x3DLC recipe267 G356 G
Pumpkin PieFlour x5Butter x5Pumpkin x3DLC recipe456 G608 G
Great Egg SandwichBaguette x3Great Butter x3Great Boiled Egg x3DLC recipe599 G799 G
Great Tomato SandwichBaguette x3Great Mayonnaise x3---DLC recipe650 G866 G
Great S. SandwichBaguette x3Strawberry Jam x5---DLC recipe464 G619 G
Great Apple SandwichBaguette x3Apple Jam x5---DLC recipe675 G900 G
Great Potage SoupFlour x5Great Milk x3Potato x5DLC recipe608 G810 G
Great Bean SoupSoy Bean x5Onion x5Rainbow Trout x1DLC recipe803 G1,070 G
3 Star Recipes
NameIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3How to ObtainSell (Sam)Sell (Hanna)
Ultimate MayonnaiseUltimate Egg x10Salt x3---Mayonnaise variant197 G263 G
Ultimate YogurtUltimate Milk x2------Yogurt variant253 G338 G
Ultimate ButterUltimate Milk x2Salt x1---Butter variant203 G270 G
Ultimate CheeseUltimate Milk x5Salt x3---Cheese variant203 G270 G
Ultimate Boiled EggUltimate Egg x1------Boiled Egg variant197 G263 G
Ultimate Fried EggUltimate Egg x1------Fried Egg variant197 G263 G
Ultimate MeuniereRainbow Trout x1Ultimate Butter x1Salt x1Meuniere variant686 G915 G
Peaceful PotionStrawberry Jam x2Bluegill x2Pearl Onion x3Tabitha's Medicine 1------
Active PotionApple Jam x2Goby x2Angel Lantern x3Tabitha's Medicine 2------
Sensitive PotionMarmalade x2Bullhead x2Huge Cabbage x3Tabitha's Medicine 3------
Proud PotionMayonnaise x5White Dahlia x2Red Zeppelin x3Tabitha's Medicine 4------
Patient PotionYogurt x5Sunny Red x2Purple Pepper x3Gareth's Research 1------
Refreshing PotionButter x5Purple Pansy x2Pink Spinach x3Gareth's Research 2------
Ultimate ChocolateGreat Cacao x1Sugar x1Ultimate MilkDLC recipe321 G428 G
Great PopcornSweet Corn x5Great Butter x3Salt x1DLC recipe257 G343 G
Great Chocolate PopcornSweet Corn x5Great Butter x3Supreme Chocolate x3DLC recipe754 G1006 G
Great S. PopcornSweet Corn x5Great Butter x3Strawberry Jam x5DLC recipe437 G548 G
Great Green SaladGreat Cabbage x3Great Tomato x3Great Mayonnaise x3DLC recipe529 G705 G
PeperoncinoDurum Wheat Flour x3Olive x4Hot Pepper x4DLC recipe574 G766 G
Ultimate Egg SandwichGreat Black Bread x3Supreme Butter x3Supreme Boiled Egg x3DLC recipe810 G1080 G
Ultimate T. SandwichGreat Black Bread x3Supreme Mayonnaise x3---DLC recipe911 G1,215 G
Ultimate S. SandwichGreat Black Bread x3Great Strawberry Jam x3---DLC recipe928 G1,238 G
Ultimate Apple SandwichGreat Black Bread x3Great Apple Jam x3---DLC recipe1,125 G1,500 G
Ultimate Potage SoupFlour x5Supreme Milk x3Great Potato x3DLC recipe1,055 G1,406 G
Ultimate Bean SoupGreat Soy Bean x3Great Onion x3Rainbow Trout x1DLC recipe1,392 G1,856 G
4 Star Recipes
NameIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3How to ObtainSell (Sam)Sell (Hanna)
Supreme MayonnaiseSupreme Egg x10Salt x3---Mayonnaise variant281 G375 G
Supreme YogurtSupreme Milk x2------Yogurt variant338 G450 G
Supreme ButterSupreme Milk x2Salt x1---Butter variant270 G360 G
Supreme CheeseSupreme Milk x5Salt x3---Cheese variant270 G360 G
Supreme Boiled EggSupreme Egg x1------Boiled Egg variant281 G375 G
Supreme Fried EggSupreme Egg x1------Fried Egg variant281 G375 G
Supreme MeuniereRainbow Trout x1Supreme Butter x1Salt x1Meuniere variant821 G1,095 G
Spring Breeze PotionGreat Black Potato x3Great Devil Pepper x3Great Princess's EyeTabitha's Medicine 6------
Summer Breeze PotionGreat Mandrake x3Great Magic Pepper x3Great Teardrop x3Tabitha's Medicine 7------
Fall Breeze PotionGreat Giant Pumpkin x3Great Crimson x3Great Mystic Herb x3Gareth's Research 6------
Winter Breeze PotionSupreme Egg x3Supreme Milk x3Supreme Yogurt x3Gareth's Research 7------
Supreme ChocolateGreat Cacao x2Sugar x1Supreme Milk x1DLC recipe371 G495 G
Great M. SaladBasil x5Tomato x5Olive x5DLC recipe604 G806 G
Great Apple PieFlour x5Great Butter x3Apple x5DLC recipe394 G525 G
Great Pumpkin PieFlour x5Great Butter x3Pumpkin x5DLC recipe709 G945 G
Great PeperoncinoDurum Wheat Flour x5Olive x5Hot Pepper x5DLC recipe668 G891 G
5 Star Recipes
NameIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3How to ObtainSell (Sam)Sell (Hanna)
Legendary MayonnaiseMiracle Egg x10Salt x3---Mayonnaise variant338 G450 G
Legendary YogurtMiracle Milk x2------Yogurt variant422 G563 G
Legendary ButterMiracle Milk x2Salt x1---Butter variant338 G450 G
Legendary CheeseMiracle Milk x5Salt x3---Cheese variant338 G450 G
Legendary Boiled EggMiracle Egg x1------Boiled Egg variant338 G450 G
Legendary Fried EggMiracle Egg x1------Fried Egg variant338 G450 G
Legendary MeuniereRainbow Trout x1Legendary Butter x1Salt x1Meuniere variant956 G1,275 G
Fast PotionMiracle Egg x7Miracle Milk x7Legendary Feed x7Gareth's Research 3------
Bountiful PotionYellow Perch x7Golden Bell Pepper x7Soul Gem x7Tabitha's Medicine 5------
Sophisticated PotionArowana x7Titan Potato Seed x7Blessed Flour x7Gareth's Research 4------
Intelligent PotionAlligator Gar x7Giant Squash Seed x7Organic Omega x7Gareth's Research 5------
Legendary ChocolateGreat Cacao x3Sugar x1Miracle Milk x1DLC recipe422 G563 g
Ultimate PopcornGreat Sweet Corn x5Supreme Butter x3Salt x1DLC recipe540 G720 G
Ultimate C. PopcornGreat Sweet Corn x5Supreme Butter x3Legendary Chocolate x3DLC recipe1,154 G1,539 G
Ultimate S. PopcornGreat Sweet Corn x5Supreme Butter x3Great Strawberry Jam x3DLC recipe911 G1,215 G
Ultimate Green SaladGreat Cabbage x3Great Tomato x3Supreme Mayonnaise x3DLC recipe878 G1,170 G
Ultimate M. SaladGreat Basil x3Great Tomato x3Great Olive x3DLC recipe970 G1,244 G
Ultimate Apple PieFlour x5Supreme Butter x3Great Apple x4DLC recipe715 G954 G
Ultimate Pumpkin PieFlour x5Supreme Butter x3Great Pumpkin x4DLC recipe1,013 G1,350 G
Ultimate PeperoncinoGreat Durum Flour x6Great Olive x3Great Hot Pepper x3 DLC recipe970 G1,294 G