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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16

Item List


Despite the description, Great Fodder Cornmeal cannot be used to make animal feed. Please refer to the Milling section for more information on obtaining the recipes for these items.

NameDescriptionHow to ObtainBuy Price
Barley FlourMilled barley.Craft, buy from Hanna169 G
Great Barley FlourHigh-quality milled barley.Craft---
Blessed FlourA type of flour with mysterious power.Goddess 2/4/6, Gorgan 2/4/6---
CornmealMilled corn.Craft---
Great CornmealHigh-quality milled corn.Craft---
Durum Wheat FlourMilled durum wheatCraft, buy from Hanna253 G
Great Durum FlourHigh-quality milled durum wheat.Craft---
FlourMilled wheat.Craft, buy from Hanna169 G
Great FlourHigh-quality milled wheat.Craft, Cooking beginner prize---
Fodder CornmealMilled corn. Used for fodder.Craft, Hunter's requests---
Great Fodder CornmealHigh-quality milled corn. Used for fodder.Craft---
RyeMilled rye.Craft, buy from Hanna253 G
Great Rye FlourHigh-quality milled rye.Craft---
Sweet CornmealMilled sweet corn.Craft---
G. Sweet CornmealHigh-quality milled sweet corn.Craft---
Sunset MealMilled sunset corn.Craft---
Great Sunset MealHigh-quality milled sunset corn.Craft---
Yellow CornmealMilled yellow corn.Craft---
G. Yellow CornmealHigh-quality milled corn.Craft---