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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16


Fishing Bait

As thanks for finding the items he seeks, Gilbert will teach you how to make various types of feed to be used as fishing bait. Bait will make fish more likely to bite, and the higher quality bait you use, the more times fish can nibble without you losing the bait. Because even simple bait is difficult to make and losing it will force you to reel your line in, it is recommended not to use it when fishing. For more information on where to find the fish needed for the recipes, click here; for more information on how to grow the mutations needed, click here. You will need to complete Doc's Assistant 3 to obtain a Windmill in order to craft or store bait.

NameIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3How to Obtain
Good FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Purple Potato x2Perch x1Gilbert's Search 3
Delicious FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Romanesco x2Crucian Carp x1Gilbert's Search 4
Special FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Broccolini x2Goby x1Gilbert's Search 5
Excellent FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Magic Pepper x2 Barbatus x1Gilbert's Search 6
Wonder FeedFodder Cornmeal x1 Sweet Corn x2 Bullhead x1Gilbert's Search 7
Ultimate FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Angel Lantern x2Rainbow Trout x1Gilbert's Search 8
Legendary Feed Fodder Cornmeal x1 Petite Onion x2Arowana x1Gilbert's Search 9
Miracle Feed Fodder Cornmeal x1 Mystic Herb x2Alligator Gar x1Gilbert's Search 10