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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16


Before you can begin your angling exploits in The Lost Valley, you first need to acquire a fishing pole. Eventually during the middle of your first Spring you will have a dream about a blonde-haired young man at the Goddess Spring. Visit there in the daytime to meet Gilbert the bard, who will then gift you with one of his spare rods as well as teach you how to manipulate water tiles. Rather than having specific pre-established fishing locations, you can fish in any pond or river you find or even terraform your very own unique fishing area. Doing so will be necessary if you gotta catch 'em all, as you will need fishing areas at high, low, and medium elevations. You can optionally use bait when you fish to increase the chances a fish will bite, but this is not recommended due to the hassle involved in both making and using it. Besides needing complex mutations and fish to make, every time fish steal your bait you will be forced to reel in, apply new bait, and cast again. Every fish can be caught (and caught with less hassle) without using bait.

Alligator GarSummerDayLargeVery low elevations
ArowanaSummerAnyLargeLevel 10 (HE-10, WL) or lower
BarbatusSpring, Summer, FallDaySmallMedium elevations
BluegillSpring, Summer, FallAnyMediumHigh elevations
BullheadFallAnyLargeHigh elevations
Crucian CarpYear-roundAnyMediumAny
Goby Year-roundAnyMediumAny
Rainbow TroutSpring, Summer, FallDayMediumHigh elevations
PerchSpring, Summer, Fall DayMediumVery low elevations
Yellow PerchYear-roundAnyMediumLevel 10 (HE-10, WL) or lower