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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16

Item List


Despite their in-game descriptions, Goby is not in fact edible while Yellow Perch is. Please refer to the Fishing section for more details on catching these fish.

NameDescriptionHow to ObtainSell (Sam)
Alligator GarSaid to be the legendary fish in the land.Summer, low elevation, Luke Fall 1, Jimmy Summer 1/2300 G
ArowanaLarge fish that can be found in the summer. Edible.Summer, Level 10 or lower, Naomi Summer 2300 G
BarbatusFound in every season but winter. Can be used as fertilizer.Spring, Summer, Fall, medium elevation, Naomi Winter 2150 G
BluegillRelatively easy to catch. Edible.Spring, Summer, Fall, high elevation120 G
BullheadRare fish that can be found in fall. Very tasty.Fall, high elevation150 G
Crucian CarpRelatively easy to catch. Can be used as fertilizer.Anywhere120 G
GobyFound in fall. Edible.Anywhere150 G
MosquitofishEasy-to-catch fish. Can be used as fertilizer.Anywhere50 G
PerchFound in spring and fall. Edible.Spring, Summer, Fall, low elevations170 G
Rainbow TroutLives upstream in summer and fall. Very tasty.Spring, Summer, Fall, high elevations, Jimmy 6, Luke 5/8 & Summer 2150 G
Yellow PerchFound in winter. Sell it to Sam.Any season, Level 10 or lower170 G