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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16



In order to grow every mutation in the game, you will need to unlock fertilizer recipes by completing April's and Iris's requests. You can purchase the normal quality from Sam, but to make your own you will need to complete Doc's Assistant 2 for the Fertilizer Bin. Up to ten bags of fertilizer can be made at a time, and the process will take twelve hours to complete regardless of how much fertilizer is being made. Afterward, the fertilizer will be placed in the Fertilizer Bin's storage for you to collect at your leisure. Though it's only necessary to own one of these, owning multiple bins will allow you to make more fertilizer at a time.

Ingredient ListIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3How to ObtainSam's Price
FertilizerCompost x3Soil x3---April's Bouquet 350 G
Peach CompostCompost x5Soil x5Peach x3Iris's Flowers 6350 G
Apple CompostCompost x5Soil x5Apple x3Iris's Flowers 7350 G
Orange CompostCompost x5Soil x5Orange x3Iris's Flowers 8350 G
Mosquitofish BlendCompost x5Soil x5Mosquitofish x3Iris's Flowers 2350 G
Carp BlendCompost x5Soil x5Crucian Carp x3Iris's Flowers 3350 G
Barbatus BlendCompost x5Soil x5Barbatus x3Iris's Flowers 4350 G
Goby BlendCompost x5Soil x5Goby x3Iris's Flowers 5350 G
Berry BlendCompost x5Soil x5Strawberry x3*April's Bouquet 4350 G
Tomato BlendCompost x5Soil x5Tomato x3*April's Bouquet 5350 G
Corn BlendCompost x5Soil x5Cornmeal x3*April's Bouquet 6350 G
Barley BlendCompost x5Soil x5Barley Flour x3April's Bouquet 7350 G
Durum Wheat BlendCompost x5Soil x5Durum Wheat Flour x3April's Bouquet 8350 G
Organic CompostCompost x5Soil x5Yogurt x3April's Bouquet 9350 G
Berry Super BlendCompost x8Soil x8Great Strawberry x3*April's Bouquet 4---
Tomato Super BlendCompost x8Soil x8Great Tomato x3*April's Bouquet 5---
Corn Super BlendCompost x8Soil x8Great Cornmeal x3*April's Bouquet 6---
Barley Super BlendCompost x8Soil x8Great Barley Flourx3April's Bouquet 7---
Durum Super BlendCompost x8Soil x8Great Durum Flour x3April's Bouquet 8---
Pure OrganicCompost x8Soil x8Great Yogurt x3April's Bouquet 9---
EX OrganicCompost x10Soil x10Ultimate Yogurt x3April's Bouquet 9---
SP OrganicCompost x10Soil x10Supreme Yogurt x3April's Bouquet 9---
Organic OmegaCompost x12Soil x12Legendary Yogurt x3April's Bouquet 9---

*N.B.: Berry, Corn, and Tomato Blend can be made with any of their respective mutations, but higher qualities can't be used to produce lower quality versions. For example, you can use Great Sunset Meal to produce Corn Super Blend, but not plain Corn Blend.