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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16

Gameplay Basics

Farming and Ranching Basics

The first order of business when planting crops is to prepare the soil. Press the Y button to start development mode and then press the A Button to till the ground, transforming it into arable land. If there is snow on the ground, pressing the A Button once will shovel it; once the snow is gone, you will need to press the A Button again to till. Once you have tilled enough ground to sow your crops, press the Y Button again to close the development menu, highlight a tilled block, and press the A Button. If you only have one seed type in your bag, your farmer will proceed to plant it, but if you possess multiple seed types, a menu will appear prompting you to select which seed you want to plant. After you have planted all the seeds you want, target each plot and press the A Button to water them. After the plants are watered, you can press the A Button to apply fertilizer if you have any in your bag. Keep watering the plots when they dry up until they mature, then highlight a plot and press the A Button to harvest the crop. There is no shipping bin in this Harvest Moon title; instead, you will sell items to Sam, Hanna, or Iris. Sam is available every day from 6 AM to 8 PM, but he pays less for your items than Hanna and Iris. Iris will buy any flowers you may have while Hanna will purchase food and cooking ingredients, but these two merchants are only available twice a week.

Animal Basics

When Hunter arrives in your valley, he will teach you about animal husbandry and give you your first cow. Press A next to the trough and select a type of feed in your inventory to place for your animals. You only need to place one unit of feed for each animal per day, though you can optionally feed them a second or even third helping later in the day if you want faster skill growth. Otherwise, there is no benefit to feeding animals more than once per day. While the animal is eating, you can pet them for affection or brush them if they are dirty, and after they finish eating you can milk or shear them. Cows and chickens will give milk and lay eggs every day, but sheep will only have wool to shear once every three days. Animals fall asleep at 8 PM and will lose affection when awakened, making it best to tend to these chores early in the day.

Animals will leave compost on the floor once they finish eating, which you will need to clean up by highlighting the square and pressing A. Failing to feed, brush, or clean up after your animals will raise their stress, and animals with high stress will get sick or even die. Hunter will inform you in the morning if any animals have fallen ill during the night, which you will have to cure by buying medicine from Sam. You can check your animal's hearts, stress, condition, or skills by examining the blue notebook on the table in the lower left corner of the barn or coop. You can also sell unwanted animals here at any time, even if Hunter isn't available. Examining the sign in the lower right corner will give you the option to rename the barn or coop.