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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16


Q. Should I get this game?
A. That's a difficult question. There are many aspects of TLV that have been roundly criticized, such as its lack of a town, few hints or explanations, and time moving too fast. However, there are other aspects that have been praised, such as its terraforming aspects. If you enjoy sandbox games such as Minecraft or Terraria and prefer a simpler but more challenging farming experience, you may enjoy The Lost Valley. Otherwise, you may prefer to get your farming fix from the sequels Seeds of Memories and Skytree Village or Story of Seasons instead.

Q. How do I equip my tools?
A. You don't need to! To water your crops, simply target the plant and press A. To till the soil, press Y to start development mode and press A. If it is Winter, you will need to shovel the snow first before you can till. Milking, shearing, chopping down trees, or smashing rocks is also as simple as pressing the A button.

Q. How do I give gifts to people?
A. It's not possible to give gifts in The Lost Valley. Instead, you will raise chemistry by talking or completing requests.

Q. How do I upgrade my watering can or hoe?
A. You cannot upgrade tools in The Lost Valley. This feature returns in the sequels Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories and Skytree Village, so be sure to check those games out!

Q. How can I get a calendar?
A. It is not possible to obtain a calendar. Instead, your dreams will remind you of upcoming festivals or birthdays.

Q. My crops are dead! WHY Harvest Goddess, WHYYYYY?!
A. "Dum-Da-Da-DAA! Plants wither when the seasons change, or when they lose all their health. Please water your crops often and always restore their health after bad weather. And don't forget those things I asked you for! Tee-hee-hee!"

Q. Yeah, about that... How do I grow Savoy Spinach for the Harvest Goddess?
A. Savoy Spinach is a very rare mutation of Spinach grown in the real, restored Spring. It will only grow in grassy or swampy soil, never on dry or patchy tiles. Try planting Spinach at HE in grassy soil you have used before, and ask Rowan to help as often as he is available. Save your game before going to bed the night before they ripen and harvest your Spinach plants first thing in the morning. Savoy Spinach looks very similar to regular Spinach, so yanking them up to double-check is highly advised. If you did not grow Savoy Spinach or enough Savoy Spinach to complete the quest, reload your game and sleep again. Another alternative is to complete Sally's fifth request, for which she will award you three Savoy Spinach seeds.

Q. How do I get the Hammer?
A, After you restore Spring and Summer, you will be tasked with acquiring a Hammer. Visit Moon Valley on Tuesday or Friday between 10 AM and 6 PM to get a cutscene with Tony. Talk to Emily afterward, then return to Tony. Visit Moon Valley again on the following Tuesday or Friday between 10 AM and 6 PM for a cutscene, then visit again one more day to finally receive the hammer. You will need a small amount of chemistry with Tony and Emily to trigger these events.

Q. How do I make and use the Miracle Potion recipes from Gareth's and Tabitha's quests?
A. Miracle Potions are made in the kitchen, under the 3, 4, and 5 star dish sections. To use one, place it in your rucksack and speak to Hunter when he's visiting your barn on Monday, Tuesday, or Saturday between 10 AM and 6 PM. A new prompt called "Impregnate" will appear, allowing you to select the cow or sheep to give birth and what potion to use. Despite the existence of the Fast Potion, the horse cannot be bred.

Q. If I complete their quests, can I marry Gareth or Tabitha?
A. You cannot marry either of them in The Lost Valley. However, they are marriage candidates in the sequel Seeds of Memories.

Q. Are there same-sex marriages or secret marriage candidates in The Lost Valley?
A. No, male characters can only marry April, Catherine, Emily or Andrea, and females can only marry Hunter, Gilbert, Tony, or Luke.

Q. How do I get married?
A. The marriage requirements in The Lost Valley are quite a challenge. First, you must raise a marriage candidate's chemistry and complete their first eight requests to view their four heart events. Then you must acquire a Blue Feather by petting the dun-colored, lop-eared bunny that appears randomly in your valley during Spring, Summer, and Fall. (The red-eyed albino rabbit, while very adorable, does not give the Blue Feather.) Next you must make your house marriage-ready by upgrading it twice and outfitting it with a double bed and dining table. All of this will cost nearly 600,000 G as well as oodles of rare metal and lumber, so start saving!

Q. Should I use Animal Feed or Great Animal Feed?
A. It depends on what skill you prefer your animals to learn. Animal Feed teaches the Calm and Sensitive traits while Great Animal Feed teaches Mischievous and Sensitive. If you have no preference or don't care about animal skills, there's no reason not to stick with the cheaper Animal Feed.

Q. How do I make money?
A. Early in the game, growing Pink Pansies to sell will be your best source of income. Later when you acquire the Hammer, mining jewels to refine and sell is by far the best way to earn money. As for cash crops, Petite Onions or Moondrops are good in Spring, Red Onions or Basil in Summer, Broccolini or Blue Mists in Fall, and Cream Pumpkins or Pink Pansies in Winter. Certain quests such as Brutus's seasonal requests or Doc's Fall Assistant 1 are also profitable.

Q. How should I terraform my valley?
A. That is entirely up to your personal preference, but if you're feeling overwhelmed or unsure how to terraform, just focus on making things convenient for yourself. Flatten some space near the entrance to your valley for your barn and other structures, build some stairs to the Goddess Spring, and create a path to Moon Valley. You will be visiting both of these locales often, so landscaping these paths will save you tons of time later. Another thing you can do when you have time is constructing dedicated gardening space at various elevations with different soil types.