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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16


Fall Crops

NameBase CropSoilElevationNotes
White CeleryCeleryGrassyMediumCelery grows fastest at HE-3.
Pearl OnionPetite OnionGrassyMediumMust plant in a checkerboard formation without any Petite Onion directly touching.
Angel LanternStrawberryGrassyMediumRequires Barbatus Blend. Strawberries grow fastest at HE.
Killer TomatoCrimsonAnyLowRequires Tomato Blend.Crimson grows fastest at HE-16.
BarleyWheatGrassyMediumSwampy soil won't work.
Hot Pepper---GrassyMediumHot Peppers grow fastest at HE-3.
HabaneroHot PepperAnyMediumRequires Orange Compost. Hot Peppers are fastest at HE-3, Habaneros at HE-5.
Potato---GrassyMediumPotatoes won't grow at very low elevations.
Giant PotatoPotatoGrassyHigh
Carrot---GrassyMediumCarrots won't grow at very low elevations,.
MandrakeBrown CarrotDry, patchyHE-15 to HE-11Requires Barbatus Blend. Brown Carrots will not grow at very low elevations.
Pumpkin---GrassyMediumPumpkins grow fastest at HE-3.
Giant PumpkinGiant SquashDryMediumGiant Pumpkins grow in dry soil only. Giant Squash is very slow, so plant at HE-3.
Lilac SpinachSavoy SpinachSwampyMediumSavoy Spinach grows fastest at HE-5.
BroccoliniBroccoliGrassyMediumBroccoli grows fastest at HE-3.
Carnation---GrassyMediumCarnations won't grow at very low elevations.
Cosmos---GrassyMediumCosmos won't grow at very low elevations.
Pink CarnationCarnationAnyN/ACarnations won't grow at very low elevations.
Sunny RedCosmosAnyN/ACosmos won't grow at very low elevations.