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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16


Doc's Assistant

Collect all the materials needed to make an invention, then give them to Doc.

Doc's requests unlock based on the amount of terraforming you've done. If you're having trouble unlocking his requests, try digging and placing dirt to unlock them. For more help locating the ores for his requests, see the Mining section.

No.Items NeededReward
1.Softwood Lumber x3Binoculars
2.Softwood Lumber x6
Broccoli x1
Fertilizer Bin x1
Recipe: Fertilizer Bin
3.Hardwood Lumber x3
Marguerite x1
Windmill x1
Recipe: Windmill
4.Hardwood Lumber x6
Crucian Carp x1
Wooden Bridge x3
Recipe: Wooden Bridge
5.Iron x6
Glass x6
Milk x6
Stone Bridge x3
Recipe: Stone Bridge
6.Softwood x10
Hardwood x10
Material Stone x10
Fence x3
Recipe: Fence
7.Bronze x3
Silver x3
Gold x3
Fence (L-Shaped) x3
Recipe: Fence (L-Shaped)
8.Iron x6
Crystal x3
Mysterious Lumber x1
Diamond x1
Ruby x1
NameItems NeededReward
Spring 1Ultimate Milk x10
Ultimate Egg x10
Ultimate Wool x10
Diamond x2
Grapefruit x3
Spring 2Ultimate Milk x5
Iron x10
Diamond x2
Crucian Carp x3
Summer 1Barbatus x10
Glass x10
Iron x10
Ruby x2
Peach x3
Summer 2Iron x30
Ruby x10
Ruby x2
Mystic Herb x3
Fall 1Softwood Lumber x10
Hardwood Lumber x10
Mysterious Lumber x1
Emerald x2
Apple x3
Fall 2Crucian Carp x30
Mysterious Lumber x5
Emerald x2
Bread x3
Winter 1Mithril x5
Orichalcum x5
Broccoli x30
Sapphire x2
Orange x3
Winter 2Orichalcum x5
Adamantite x5
Sapphire x2
Sunflower x3