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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16

Gameplay Basics


Natsume has released four sets of DLC for The Lost Valley. Many of these sets are free but a few will require a modest sum of money to download. Go to the main menu of the game and select Downloadable Content (DLC), then Buy DLC. After downloading the content, a character will visit you the next morning after you wake up to unlock the new content for use. If you download many DLC packs at once, you will have to sleep multiple days to trigger every cutscene and unlock all the content. These scenes take priority over all other scenes, even story cutscenes, so you may not want to download them early in the game if you're racing to unlock the seasons as quickly as possible.

New Outfit Set 1, 2, & 3

NamePriceSizeNA Release DateEU Release DateUnlock Requirements
Outfit Set 1FREE2 blocksJanuary 27th, 2015June 19th, 2015Meet Catherine
Outfit Set 2FREE2 blocks
Outfit Set 3FREE2 blocksJune 16th, 2015August 4th, 2015

Downloading Outfit Set 1 will unlock a new hairstyle and outfit. Catherine must be a member of your valley community to receive them, but to actually wear them you must have the dresser built in your home. In the morning when you wake up, Catherine will give female players the Long Hair style and Fairy Tale Girl outfit and male players the Very Short hairstyle and Western Boy outfit. Outfit Sets 2 and 3 will unlock three additional outfits for sale from Catherine, Camo Girl, Dairy Farmer Girl, and Pink Jumper Dress for females and Pink Button Down, Dairy Farmer Boy, and Camo Boy for male players. After you get the cutscene in the morning announcing the arrival of the new outfits, talk to Catherine when she is in front of your house, at the Goddess Spring, or Moon Valley with the materials in your inventory to buy them. Male players cannot purchase or wear the female player outfits, nor can the female player purchase or wear the male player's outfits.

Western BoyFairy Tale GirlFREE
Pink Button DownCamo Girl12 Great Wool & 6,000 G
Dairy Farmer BoyDairy Farmer Girl16 Ultimate Wool & 9,000 G
Camo BoyPink Jumper Dress20 Supreme Wool & 12,000 G

Building Set 1 & 2

Downloading Building Set 1 will unlock the Harvest Sprite Flowerbed and different colors of Harvest Goddess Pergolas you can use to decorate your farm. Doc will give you five of each one for free, but they can also be purchased from him on days he is running his shop in Moon Valley. Building Set 2 will unlock Gray Brick Wall, Red Brick Wall, White Wall, Blue Wall, Red Wall, Green Wall, Wooden Wall, and Tile Wall for purchase from Doc, as well as the corresponding L-shaped corner fences. Free samples of these will not be given out, so you will need to seek out Doc to view or make them.

NamePriceSizeNA ReleaseEU ReleaseUnlock Requirements
Building Set 1Free7 blocksMarch 19th, 2015June 19th, 2015Meet Doc
Building Set 2Free5 blocks

Crop Set 1 & 2

The paid DLC Crop Set 1 will unlock two new tree and seed types for sale with Sam: Cacao and Olive trees, Basil, and Soy Beans. As a bonus, he will give you 50 Basil and Soy Bean seeds as well as 20 Cacao and Olive Sprouts. (Don't say he never did anything for you!) Cacao trees produce fruit in Spring while Olive trees produce in Fall. In addition, Hanna will teach you dozens of new recipes both new and old crops. Crop Set 2 brings back two classic Harvest Moon flowers for your growing pleasure, Moondrops and Blue Mists. Iris will not give you any free samples the way Sam does, so you will need to purchase the new flower seeds from her to grow them.

NamePrice (NA)SizeNA ReleaseEU ReleaseUnlock Requirements
Crop Set 1.994 blocksApril 28th, 2015August 4th, 2015Meet Sam (Basil & Soy Bean seeds)
Unlock Woody (Cacao & Olive sprouts)
Meet Hanna (recipes)
Crop Set 2Free2 blocksMeet Iris

New Male & Female Character

The fourth and final DLC pack will introduce two new marriage candidates of each sex, Luke and Andrea. Luke the pharmacist can be married by female players while Andrea the clockmaker can be married by male players. They do not have any requirements to unlock and will show up on your doorstep right away, provided no other morning cutscene takes priority over their arrival.

NamePrice (NA)SizeNA ReleaseEU ReleaseUnlock Requirements
Luke$1.495 blocksJune 16th, 2015August 4th, 2015N/A
Andrea$1.495 blocks