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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16

Gameplay Basics

Development Mode

While you are in the valley, press the Y Button to start or exit development mode. In this mode, you can alter the terrain of your valley to your liking. Press the A Button to till the highlighted block of soil, or to shovel snow in Winter so that you can press A a second time to till the ground. Using the B Button, you can dig the highlighted square if it is the same elevation or one block higher than your current height. If a water tile is adjacent to the highlighted block, you can use the B Button to a dig a water channel, provided the block is at the same elevation as you or one block higher. Once you acquire a Hammer, pressing the B Button will smash a highlighted stone block at the same elevation or one block higher. (For pebbles, rocks, and boulders, you will need to press Y to exit development mode and use the A button to smash them.) Pressing the X Button will place a block of dirt on the highlighted area, provided you have Soil in your bag and the target block is the same elevation or one block lower. If the highlighted tile is a water tile at the same elevation or one block lower, pressing the X Button will fill in the water channel with dirt, changing it to a swampy soil tile.

How should I design my farm?

Having so much freedom to customize your valley can be a little daunting, but don't fret. Just play around at your own pace and focus on making things convenient for yourself instead of worrying about beautifying everything, which can come later. Flatten some space near the entrance to your valley for your barn and other structures, build some stairs to the Goddess Spring, and create a path to Moon Valley. You will be visiting both of these locales often, so landscaping these paths will save you tons of time later. Once you've decided you want to spruce things up a bit, looking at pictures of other people's farms can give you some design ideas.

Water Mechanics

After meeting Gilbert in the middle of your first Spring, you will be able to manipulate water tiles. When highlighting a tile adjacent to a water tile or the water tile itself, the Dig and Fill commands will change to Dig Water Path and Fill Water Path respectively. Digging a water path will change the target tile to a water tile, while filling a water path will change the target tile to a swampy tile. Water cannot be placed in buckets or otherwise transported to different heights or locations, so the only way to get water to a high location is to build a river from the Goddess Spring to your target location.

Building Waterfalls

When attempting to build a waterfall, you may be unexpectedly met with a wooden fence instead of the soothing sound of cascading water. This happens when there is a land tile at the foot of the waterfall instead of a water tile, meaning the higher elevation water has nowhere to go. To correct this problem, open the development menu and highlight the tile directly underneath the fenced water tile. The Dig command should be replaced with the Dig Water Path command, and when executed will create a waterfall.

Advanced Water Tips

You can use the Dig Water Path command diagonally as well as adjacently. By strategically building dirt towers diagonal to your landscaping project, you can create waterfalls unconnected to any land tiles, allowing you to create fountains and other fancy effects. However, note that even if your farmer is positioned diagonally to the highlighted tile, there must still be a water tile adjacent to the target tile before the Dig Water Path command will appear. A water tile diagonal to the highlighted tile won't work.