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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16



Once you buy the kitchen from Doc for 1,000 G and 20 Softwood Lumber, you can begin your adventures in the culinary arts. Cooked food will restore more stamina than eating the raw ingredients, and making recipes will trigger Emily's requests while selling them to Hanna will unlock hers. For the Meuniere recipe, several other edible fish can be substituted for Rainbow Trout (Yellow Perch, Perch, Bluegill), but not Arowana or Bullhead. For Formula Milk, higher qualities of milk can be substituted which will reduce the amount of milk needed to one. Miracle Potion recipes are also brewed in the kitchen, but go into your key items tab after being made and cannot be sold to any of the merchants. To use a Miracle Potion, talk to Hunter while he's in your barn with the potion in your rucksack and select the "Impregnate" option from the menu.

For the Cooking Festival, the dish's point value is identical to the price Hanna will pay for it. For example, Bread sells for 135 G to Hanna, so if you enter it for the contest it will be worth 135 points.

1 Star Recipes
NameIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3How to ObtainSell Price (Sam)Sell Price (Hanna)
BreadFlour x3Salt x1---Hanna's Ingredients 4101 G135 G
Great BreadGreat Flour x3Salt x1---Hanna's Ingredients 4203 G270 G
Black BreadRye Flour x3Salt x1---Buy from Hanna
(after 4th request)
152 G203 G
Great Black BreadGreat Rye Flour x3Salt x1---Black Bread variant304 G405 G
BaguetteFlour x3Butter x5Salt x1Buy from Hanna
(after 4th request)
152 G203 G
Great BaguetteGreat Flour x3Butter x5Salt x1Baguette variant253 G338 G
Blissful BreadBlessed Flour x5------Hanna's Ingredients 8375 G500 G
Grilled Rainbow TroutRainbow TroutSalt x1---Hanna's Ingredients 3141 G188 G
Grilled PerchPerch x1Salt x1---Hanna's Ingredients 3159 G213 G
Grilled Yellow PerchYellow Perch x1Salt x1---Hanna's Ingredients 3159 G213 G
Grilled BullheadBullhead x1Salt x1---Hanna's Ingredients 3159 G213 G
Grilled BluegillBluegill x1Salt x1---Hanna's Ingredients 3113 G150 G
Grilled ArowanaArowana x1Salt x1---DLC recipe281 G375 G
Formula MilkMilk x1------Buy from Hanna
(after having a child)
150 g200 G
Strawberry JamStrawberry x1Sugar x1---Obtain from Calvin84 G113 G
Apple JamApple x1Sugar x1---Buy from Hanna169 G225 G
MarmaladeOrange x1Sugar x1---Buy from Hanna169 G225 G
MayonnaiseEgg x10Salt x3---

Buy from Hanna
(after 7th request)

84 G113 G
YogurtMilk x2------Hanna's Ingredients 684 G113 G
ButterMilk x2Salt x1---Buy from Hanna
(after 6th request)
113 G150 G
CheeseMilk x5Salt x3---Buy from Hanna
(after 6th request)
113 G150 G
Boiled EggEgg x1------Hanna's Ingredients 784 G113 G
Fried EggEgg x1------Buy from Hanna
(after 7th request)
84 G113 G
MeuniereRainbow Trout x1Butter x1Salt x1Buy from Hanna
(after 3rd request)
506 G675 G
ChocolateCacao x2Sugar x1Milk x1DLC recipe197 G263 G
PopcornCorn x5Butter x3Salt x1DLC recipe190 G253 G
Chocolate PopcornCorn x5Butter x3Great Chocolate x3DLC recipe464 G619 G
Strawberry PopcornCorn x5Butter x3Strawberry Jam x3DLC recipe335 G447 G
Green SaladCabbage x4Tomato x4Mayonnaise x3DLC recipe304 G405 G
Egg SandwichBread x3Butter x3Boiled Egg x3DLC recipe278 G371 G
Tomato SandwichBread x3Mayonnaise x3---DLC recipe329 G439 G
Strawberry SandwichBread x3Strawberry Jam x5---DLC recipe371 G495 G
Apple SandwichBread x3Apple Jam x5---DLC recipe540 G720 G
Potage SoupFlour x5Milk x3Potato x5DLC recipe416 G555 G
Bean SoupSoy Bean x5Onion x5Rainbow Trout x1DLC recipe574 G763 G
2 Star Recipes
NameIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3How to ObtainSell Price (Sam)Sell Price (Hanna)
G. Strawberry JamGreat Strawberry x1Sugar x1---Strawberry Jam variant169 G225 G
Great Apple JamGreat Apple x1Sugar x1---Apple Jam variant309 G413 G
Great MarmaladeGreat Orange x1Sugar x1---Marmalade variant309 G413 G
Great MayonnaiseGreat Egg x10Salt x3---Mayonnaise variant141 G188 G
Great YogurtGreat Milk x2------Yogurt variant197 G263 G
Great ButterGreat Milk x2Salt x1---Butter variant158 G218 G
Great CheeseGreat Milk x5Salt x3---Cheese variant158 G210 G
Great Boiled EggGreat Egg x1------Boiled Egg variant141 G188 G
Great Fried EggGreat Egg x1------Fried Egg variant141 G188 G
Great MeuniereRainbow Trout x1Great Butter x1Salt x1Meuniere variant596 G795 G
Great ChocolateGreat Cacao x1Sugar x1Great Milk x1DLC recipe231 G308 G
Mediterranean SaladBasil x4Tomato x4Olive x4DLC recipe410 G546 G
Apple PieFlour x5Butter x5Apple x3DLC recipe267 G356 G
Pumpkin PieFlour x5Butter x5Pumpkin x3DLC recipe456 G608 G
Great Egg SandwichBaguette x3Great Butter x3Great Boiled Egg x3DLC recipe599 G799 G
Great Tomato SandwichBaguette x3Great Mayonnaise x3---DLC recipe650 G866 G
Great S. SandwichBaguette x3Strawberry Jam x5---DLC recipe464 G619 G
Great Apple SandwichBaguette x3Apple Jam x5---DLC recipe675 G900 G
Great Potage SoupFlour x5Great Milk x3Potato x5DLC recipe608 G810 G
Great Bean SoupSoy Bean x5Onion x5Rainbow Trout x1DLC recipe803 G1,070 G
3 Star Recipes
NameIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3How to ObtainSell Price (Sam)Sell Price (Hanna)
Ultimate MayonnaiseUltimate Egg x10Salt x3---Mayonnaise variant197 G263 G
Ultimate YogurtUltimate Milk x2------Yogurt variant253 G338 G
Ultimate ButterUltimate Milk x2Salt x1---Butter variant203 G270 G
Ultimate CheeseUltimate Milk x5Salt x3---Cheese variant203 G270 G
Ultimate Boiled EggUltimate Egg x1------Boiled Egg variant197 G263 G
Ultimate Fried EggUltimate Egg x1------Fried Egg variant197 G263 G
Ultimate MeuniereRainbow Trout x1Ultimate Butter x1Salt x1Meuniere variant686 G915 G
Peaceful PotionStrawberry Jam x2Bluegill x2Pearl Onion x3Tabitha's Medicine 1------
Active PotionApple Jam x2Goby x2Angel Lantern x3Tabitha's Medicine 2------
Sensitive PotionMarmalade x2Bullhead x2Huge Cabbage x3Tabitha's Medicine 3------
Proud PotionMayonnaise x5White Dahlia x2Red Zeppelin x3Tabitha's Medicine 4------
Patient PotionYogurt x5Sunny Red x2Purple Pepper x3Gareth's Research 1------
Refreshing PotionButter x5Purple Pansy x2Pink Spinach x3Gareth's Research 2------
Ultimate ChocolateGreat Cacao x1Sugar x1Ultimate MilkDLC recipe321 G428 G
Great PopcornSweet Corn x5Great Butter x3Salt x1DLC recipe257 G343 G
Great Chocolate PopcornSweet Corn x5Great Butter x3Supreme Chocolate x3DLC recipe754 G1006 G
Great S. PopcornSweet Corn x5Great Butter x3Strawberry Jam x5DLC recipe437 G548 G
Great Green SaladGreat Cabbage x3Great Tomato x3Great Mayonnaise x3DLC recipe529 G705 G
PeperoncinoDurum Wheat Flour x3Olive x4Hot Pepper x4DLC recipe574 G766 G
Ultimate Egg SandwichGreat Black Bread x3Supreme Butter x3Supreme Boiled Egg x3DLC recipe810 G1080 G
Ultimate T. SandwichGreat Black Bread x3Supreme Mayonnaise x3---DLC recipe911 G1,215 G
Ultimate S. SandwichGreat Black Bread x3Great Strawberry Jam x3---DLC recipe928 G1,238 G
Ultimate Apple SandwichGreat Black Bread x3Great Apple Jam x3---DLC recipe1,125 G1,500 G
Ultimate Potage SoupFlour x5Supreme Milk x3Great Potato x3DLC recipe1,055 G1,406 G
Ultimate Bean SoupGreat Soy Bean x3Great Onion x3Rainbow Trout x1DLC recipe1,392 G1,856 G
4 Star Recipes
NameIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3How to ObtainSell Price (Sam)Sell Price (Hanna)
Supreme MayonnaiseSupreme Egg x10Salt x3---Mayonnaise variant281 G375 G
Supreme YogurtSupreme Milk x2------Yogurt variant338 G450 G
Supreme ButterSupreme Milk x2Salt x1---Butter variant270 G360 G
Supreme CheeseSupreme Milk x5Salt x3---Cheese variant270 G360 G
Supreme Boiled EggSupreme Egg x1------Boiled Egg variant281 G375 G
Supreme Fried EggSupreme Egg x1------Fried Egg variant281 G375 G
Supreme MeuniereRainbow Trout x1Supreme Butter x1Salt x1Meuniere variant821 G1,095 G
Spring Breeze PotionGreat Black Potato x3Great Devil Pepper x3Great Princess's EyeTabitha's Medicine 6------
Summer Breeze PotionGreat Mandrake x3Great Magic Pepper x3Great Teardrop x3Tabitha's Medicine 7------
Fall Breeze PotionGreat Giant Pumpkin x3Great Crimson x3Great Mystic Herb x3Gareth's Research 6------
Winter Breeze PotionSupreme Egg x3Supreme Milk x3Supreme Yogurt x3Gareth's Research 7------
Supreme ChocolateGreat Cacao x2Sugar x1Supreme Milk x1DLC recipe371 G495 G
Great M. SaladBasil x5Tomato x5Olive x5DLC recipe604 G806 G
Great Apple PieFlour x5Great Butter x3Apple x5DLC recipe394 G525 G
Great Pumpkin PieFlour x5Great Butter x3Pumpkin x5DLC recipe709 G945 G
Great PeperoncinoDurum Wheat Flour x5Olive x5Hot Pepper x5DLC recipe668 G891 G
5 Star Recipes
NameIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3How to ObtainSell Price (Sam)Sell Price (Hanna)
Legendary MayonnaiseMiracle Egg x10Salt x3---Mayonnaise variant338 G450 G
Legendary YogurtMiracle Milk x2------Yogurt variant422 G563 G
Legendary ButterMiracle Milk x2Salt x1---Butter variant338 G450 G
Legendary CheeseMiracle Milk x5Salt x3---Cheese variant338 G450 G
Legendary Boiled EggMiracle Egg x1------Boiled Egg variant338 G450 G
Legendary Fried EggMiracle Egg x1------Fried Egg variant338 G450 G
Legendary MeuniereRainbow Trout x1Legendary Butter x1Salt x1Meuniere variant956 G1,275 G
Fast PotionMiracle Egg x7Miracle Milk x7Legendary Feed x7Gareth's Research 3------
Bountiful PotionYellow Perch x7Golden Bell Pepper x7Soul Gem x7Tabitha's Medicine 5------
Sophisticated PotionArowana x7Titan Potato Seed x7Blessed Flour x7Gareth's Research 4------
Intelligent PotionAlligator Gar x7Giant Squash Seed x7Organic Omega x7Gareth's Research 5------
Legendary ChocolateGreat Cacao x3Sugar x1Miracle Milk x1DLC recipe422 G563 g
Ultimate PopcornGreat Sweet Corn x5Supreme Butter x3Salt x1DLC recipe540 G720 G
Ultimate C. PopcornGreat Sweet Corn x5Supreme Butter x3Legendary Chocolate x3DLC recipe1,154 G1,539 G
Ultimate S. PopcornGreat Sweet Corn x5Supreme Butter x3Great Strawberry Jam x3DLC recipe911 G1,215 G
Ultimate Green SaladGreat Cabbage x3Great Tomato x3Supreme Mayonnaise x3DLC recipe878 G1,170 G
Ultimate M. SaladGreat Basil x3Great Tomato x3Great Olive x3DLC recipe970 G1,244 G
Ultimate Apple PieFlour x5Supreme Butter x3Great Apple x4DLC recipe715 G954 G
Ultimate Pumpkin PieFlour x5Supreme Butter x3Great Pumpkin x4DLC recipe1,013 G1,350 G
Ultimate PeperoncinoGreat Durum Flour x6Great Olive x3Great Hot Pepper x3 DLC recipe970 G1,294 G