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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16

Gameplay Basics

Chemistry and Requests

Unlike past Harvest Moon titles, the friendship indicator in The Lost Valley is called chemistry and cannot be increased by giving gifts. Instead, you will befriend NPCs by talking to them daily and doing them favors known as requests. Characters will only offer requests or accept items for them at designated "business" locations: in front of your house, at the Goddess Spring, or Moon Valley. When they are simply wandering the valley, they will not offer requests or allow them to be turned in, even though they may ask you for the items there. After you accept a quest, you can check what the required items are in the Request sub-menu by highlighting a quest and pressing Y.

Higher quality items can be substituted, but you must have enough of the same high quality item to meet the request quota. For example, a quest that asks for 5 Ultimate Milk can be completed with 5 Supreme Milk, but not 3 Supreme Milk and 2 Ultimate Milk. You must also store or otherwise get rid of all other milk types in your inventory; at this point, you will receive a message that your quest progress has updated. Quickly press the X button to pull up the quest in your log, where it should now list the requirement as 5 Supreme Milk instead of 5 Ultimate Milk. You can only have one request active per person at a time, and you cannot refuse a request nor cancel it afterward.

Completing someone's request will raise their chemistry with you, though the exact value gained is weighted according to how high or low the request number is. All requests award 3% chemistry at a minimum, but can award as much as 12% chemistry for the NPC's final request. Talking to them once per day will award half a point of chemistry, while speaking to them on their birthdays will award 3% chemistry. For marriage candidates, participation in the romantic festivals will earn 5% chemistry with your chosen partner, and correct answers in love events are worth 4%. Picking the wrong choice generally gives you a 1% bump, but certain especially harsh choices may yield no chemistry gain whatsoever. You can check how much chemistry you have with an NPC by inspecting the bookshelf in your farmhouse and selecting "Encyclopedia," then "Villagers." Chemistry will never decrease with anyone, even if you pick wrong answers or stop speaking to someone for a protracted period of time.

Talking DailyCompleting RequestBirthdayThanksgivingStarry NightRight AnswerWrong Answer

If you raise the right person's chemistry and help them out a bit, who knows--you may be able to tie the knot with them someday.