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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

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    Festivals and Birthdays


    Birthdays are cause for very little celebration in The Lost Valley. There is no wrapping of presents, no giving of gifts, nor any dinner parties; all you can do is wish people a happy birthday for a 3% boost in chemistry. Even if it isn't their scheduled day to be there, people will still come to visit on their birthdays and may be in any of their usual haunts. When your own birthday arrives, people whose birthdays you remembered last time will wish you a happy birthday in return, as well as the supernatural inhabitants of your valley if their chemistry is high enough. There is no gift-giving nor any dinner parties for either you or your family's birthdays, and your spouse's birthday dialogue doesn't change after marriage. However, NPCs do have special dialogue in the event both of you share the same birthday. Except for you and your child, birthdays will always fall on the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th days of the month, making them easy to remember. The Harvest Goddess, Harvest God, Harvest Sprites, and Gorgan do not celebrate birthdays.

    SamSpring 7NaomiFall 7
    AprilSpring 14HunterFall 14
    GilbertSpring 21HannaFall 21
    TabithaSpring 28BrutusFall 28
    Iris, LukeSummer 7CatherineWinter 7
    JimmySummer 14DocWinter 14
    EmilySummer 21Gareth, AndreaWinter 21
    SallySummer 28TonyWinter 28