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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16

Gameplay Basics


Once you meet the eccentric Doc, he will give you the key item ARCHITECT (just don't ask what it stands for). By going into your bag and using it from the key items menu, you will be able to place, remove, or rearrange Insta-Buildings and decorative objects in your valley. Press the X Button to open the menu and select an Insta-Building from your inventory, then press the A Button to place it. Pressing X while holding a building will rotate it 90 degrees, while pressing the B Button will put the item back into your bag. When you are satisfied with your changes, wish to cancel them, or want to stop using ARCHITECT, press the back arrow in the lower left corner and select the appropriate option on the touch screen to continue. Remember that time will continue to pass while you are using the device, so don't lose track of it!

You can unlock more Insta-Buildings and decorative objects by completing Doc's requests, Brutus's requests, or downloading Building Sets 1 and 2 from the main menu. For more information on how to acquire or construct Insta-Buildings, click here; for more information on Building Sets, click here.