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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16


April's Bouquets

Collect the materials to make a bouquet, then give them to April.

April's requests are triggered based on growing flowers. If you feel you are overdue for a new request from her, try growing a lot of different flowers. You will need to complete her first eight requests if you wish to marry her.

No.Items NeededReward
1.Pink Pansy x3Yellow Pansy Seed x5
2.Pink Pansy x6Purple Pansy Seed x5
3.Marguerite x3
Pink Pansy x6
Recipe: Fertilizer
4.Marguerite x6
Tulip x1
Recipe: Berry Blend
5.Sunflower x3
Marguerite x6
Pink Dahlia x6
Recipe: Tomato Blend
6.Sunflower x6
White Dahlia x2
Yellow Dahlia x2
Recipe: Corn Blend
7.Cosmos x3
Sunflower x6
Carnation x6
Recipe: Barley Blend
8.Cosmos x6
Sunny Red x3
Pink Carnation x3
Recipe: Durum Wheat Blend
9.Pink Rose x6
Red Rose x6
Purple Pansy x6
Recipe: Organic Compost
10.White Rose x6
Blue Rose x6
Viola x6
SP Organic x5
NameItems NeededReward
Spring 1Great Tulip x10
Great Marguerite x10
Great Yellow Tulip x10
Berry Blend x5
Pink Rose Seed x10
Spring 2Great Tulip x10
Great White Tulip x10
Great Pink Rose x10
Berry Blend x5
Durum Wheat Blend x5
Summer 1Great Pink Dahlia x10
Great Sunflower x10
Great Yellow Dahlia x10
Tomato Blend x5
Red Rose Seed x10
Summer 2Great Pink Dahlia x10
Great White Dahlia x10
Great Red Rose x10
Tomato Blend x5
Durum Wheat Blend x5
Fall 1Great Carnation x10
Great Cosmos x10
Great Pink Carnation x10
Corn Blend x5
White Rose Seed x10
Fall 2Great Carnation x10
Great Sunny Red x10
Great White Rose x10
Corn Blend x5
Organic Compost x5
Winter 1Great Yellow Pansy x10
Great Pink Pansy x10
Great Viola x10
Barley Blend x5
Blue Rose Seed x10
Winter 2Great Yellow Pansy x10
Great Purple Pansy x10
Great Blue Rose x10
Barley Blend x5
Organic Compost x5