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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16

Item List

Animal Products

NameDescriptionHow to ObtainSell (Sam)Sell (Hanna)
EggRegular chicken egg. Tastes good hard boiled!Collect from chickens30 G45 G
Great EggHigh-quality chicken egg.Collect from chickens50 G75 G
Ultimate EggHigh-quality organic chicken eggCollect from chickens with high hearts70 G105 G
Supreme EggHigh-quality organic chicken egg.Collect from chickens with high hearts100 G150 G
Miracle EggAn egg that makes miracles happen.Collect from chickens with high hearts120 G180 G
MilkRegular cow's milk. Rich in calcium.Collect from cows50 G75 G
Great MilkHigh-quality cow's milk.Collect from cows70 G105 G
Ultimate MilkHigh-quality organic cow's milk.Collect from cows with high hearts90 G135 G
Supreme MilkHighest quality organic milk from grass-fed cows.Collect from cows with high hearts120 G180 G
Miracle MilkMiraculously tasty milk!Collect from cows with high hearts150 G225 G
WoolWool from a sheep.Collect from sheep100 G---
Great WoolHigh-quality fine wool.Collect from sheep140 G ---
Ultimate WoolHigh-quality super-fine woolCollect from sheep with high hearts180 G ---
Supreme WoolHigh-quality ultra-fine wool.Collect from sheep with high hearts200 G ---
Miracle WoolVersatile wool that can be used for any purpose.Collect from sheep with high hearts250 G ---