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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16


Animal Feed

If you're tired of buying animal feed at Sam's exorbitant prices, you can opt to make your own animal feed instead. Doing so will require a Windmill, obtainable by completing Doc's Assistant 3, as well as a recipe for animal obtainable by completing Hunter's and Naomi's requests. Up to ten units of feed can be made at a time, and the process will take 12 hours to complete regardless of how many units are actually being produced. Afterward, the animal feed will be placed in the Windmill's storage for you to collect at your leisure. While a single Windmill is sufficient to mill grain and craft feed, setting up multiple Windmills will allow you to mill more grain or mix more feed at a time. Extra Windmills can be purchased from Doc for 5,000 G, 15 Material Stone, 10 Softwood Lumber, and 10 Iron.

Besides being necessary to keep your animals alive, animal feeds will teach your livestock a variety of special skills. For more information about skills and how to acquire them, refer to the Animal Skills section. For more information on how to grow the crops needed for these feeds, refer to the Crops section.

N.B.: Three Cornmeal can be substituted for one Fodder Cornmeal, but no other variety of cornmeal, including Great Cornmeal and Great Fodder Cornmeal, can be used to make animal feed.

NameIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3How to ObtainSam's Price
Animal FeedFodder Cornmeal x1------Hunter's Feed 120 G
Great Animal FeedFodder Cornmeal x2------Hunter's Feed 270 G
Silent FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Cabbage x2---Accept Hunter's Feed 1700 G
Active FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Strawberry x2---Accept Hunter's Feed 2700 G
Passion FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Tomato x2---Accept Hunter's Feed 3700 G
Pride FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Corn x2---Accept Hunter's Feed 4700 G
Spirit FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Rye x2---Accept Hunter's Feed 5700 G
Clean FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Potato x2---Accept Hunter's Feed 6700 G
Spring FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Spinach x2---Hunter's Feed 3700 G
Summer FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Wheat x2---Hunter's Feed 4700 G
Fall FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Pumpkin x2---Hunter's Feed 5700 G
Winter FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Broccoli x2---Hunter's Feed 6700 G
Harvest FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Red Cabbage x2San Marzano x2Accept Hunter's Feed 73,000 G
Clever FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Durum Wheat x2Brown Carrot x2Accept Hunter's Feed 84,000 G
Excellent FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Cream Pumpkin x2Romanesco x2Accept Hunter's Feed 9---
Nightshade FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Spinach x2Zucchini x2Naomi's Favor 4---
Volcano FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Habanero x2Jalapeno x2Accept Hunter's Feed 10---
Tempest FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Killer Tomato x2Purple Potato x2Naomi's Favor 3---
General FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Pink Spinach x2White Pepper x2Naomi's Favor 5---
Fortress FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Squash x2Barley x2Naomi's Favor 2---
Sanctuary FeedFodder Cornmeal x1White Carrot x2Evergreen x2Naomi's Favor 6---
Life Force FeedFodder Cornmeal x1White Celery x2Dome Cabbage x2Hunter's Feed 7---
Sunshine FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Green Pepper x2Sunset Corn x2Hunter's Feed 8---
Thanksgiving FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Titan Potato x2Cream Pumpkin x2Hunter's Feed 9---
Diamond Dust FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Savoy Spinach x2Pink Spinach x2Hunter's Feed 10---
Sprint FeedFodder Cornmeal x1Baby Carrot x2Mandrake x2Naomi's Favor 7---