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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16

Festivals and Birthdays

20th Day - Cooking Contest

RankNo. of DishesPoints NeededPrizeConsolation Prize
Beginner10~2,000Great Flour x5Bread x3
Intermediate20~10,000Rye Flour x5
Advanced30~15,000-20,000Great Rye Flour x5

Starting in Fall Year 1, Hanna will begin organizing a monthly cooking on the 20th. The goal is to enter dishes worth the most amount of points before 4 PM when the contest ends. Points are calculated based on the price of the dish when sold to Hanna; for example, she will pay 113 G for Strawberry Jam, so Strawberry Jam is worth 113 points. Please note that you do NOT get your dishes back after the contest. It is possible to win every division with dishes purchased from Hanna if you have the money, but the prizes are so meager this is rarely worth the cost. For food sell prices, see the Cooking section. Like other contests, the contest will begin around 10:30 AM and wrap up at 4 PM, but since cooking takes very little time, you can start the contest, work on your farm until 3 PM or so, and enter your dishes at the last second. Time will fast-forward to the results at 4:30 PM if you submit all your dishes early, so you will want to wait until the end if you plan to sneak in some farm chores.

Beginner Class

To win the Beginner division, you will need to submit 10 dishes worth an average of 200 G each. If you have the DLC recipes, buying a dozen loaves of Bread from Hanna to make four Strawberry Sandwiches will score you an easy win. (Adding a couple of strawberry jams to ensure no one beats you by a piddly 100 points or so is advised, however.) Without them, the most you can likely do in your first year is buy ten of the most expensive dish Hanna has for sale and reload until you win. Starting in Year 2, you can win with ten Great Strawberry Jam and begin growing the Great quality crops Hanna demands to unlock more recipes.

Intermediate Class

To win the Intermediate division, you will need to submit 20 dishes worth an average of 500 G each. Meuniere is worth 675 points, making it a great dish to enter whether you buy them from Hanna or make them yourself. The recipe unlocks after completing Hanna's Ingredients 3, which requires Great Cabbage and Great Celery to complete. You'll need Butter, Salt, and one Rainbow Trout, Bluegill, Yellow Perch, or Perch to make them.

Advanced Class

To win the Advanced division, you will need to submit 30 dishes worth an average of 500 G to 670 G each. Entering Meuniere is the only way to win this division without DLC recipes, but having them will give you a lot more options for victory. Potage Soup and Pumpkin Pie are relatively easy to make and award a lot of points, especially if you can make them at higher qualities. Most other DLC dishes are worth enough points to be viable, but if you have the fish to make Bean Soup, Meuniere is much cheaper to produce and worth nearly as many points.