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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough (HTML) 04/26/17 KeyBlade999 v1.71 2335K
FAQ/Walkthrough 12/26/14 ShinigamiMiroku 0.6 69K

In-Depth FAQs

Ability List (HTML) 02/01/16 spooky96 1.00 30K
Base Stats List 12/03/14 spooky96 1.00 44K
Breeding Guide 10/20/16 Borin 1.00 40K
Dowsing Machine FAQ (3DS) (HTML) 01/08/15 Liquefy D 33K
Evolution Chain Guide (HTML) 02/06/16 spooky96 1.00 17K
Legendary Pokemon FAQ (HTML) 10/16/16 spooky96 1.03 25K
Move List (HTML) 01/30/16 spooky96 1.00 84K
Moveset Guide (HTML) 02/24/15 KholdStare88 1.2 86K
Super Secret Base Guide (HTML) 05/03/15 shinkuuakuma 0.6 14K
TM/HM List (HTML) 02/01/16 spooky96 1.00 9K
Type Reference Chart (HTML) 02/25/16 spooky96 1.00 2K

Demo FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough 10/21/14 MKaykitkats 1.00 28K

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