Where do I find a Ditto?

  1. I've been looking all over the safari zone for a ditto and I have not found one. I also don't have the Mirage Cave or Island that hold one. Is there any way to battle one in game so that I can use the GTS to trade for one? If you have an extra and are willing to trade, my FC is 3754 9291 2200

    User Info: mcueto

    mcueto - 5 years ago

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  1. Unfortunately Ditto is only catchable in ORAS in the Mirage Island or Cave at or north of Route 132.

    User Info: tempest_storm34

    tempest_storm34 - 5 years ago 7   2


  1. I have a spare one 1177-8320-1389/IGN-Matt

    User Info: codisalagfest

    codisalagfest - 5 years ago 2   1
  2. At approximately 4:45AM on a Wednesday, I found a Mirage Cave to the left of Pacifidlog Town that has Tynamo, Excadrill, and Ditto.

    I haven't beat the Elite Four, but you need the Eon Flute to get to the island.

    I took a picture of the island but don't know how to post it. *Embarrassing*

    User Info: MensaLactern

    MensaLactern - 5 years ago 3   3
  3. if you have pokemon y or x you can find a ditto there in the pokemon village just use a quick ball to get it fast
    though I have no idea where to find him in alpha sapphire I didn't search for one I just moved mine from y to alpha sapphire
    if you want i can give you one add me
    FC: 1564-5370-6162
    IGN: Nate

    User Info: Nate_Soul

    Nate_Soul - 4 years ago 1   1

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