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I used my master ball on rayquaza, then I found out it's catch rate. Any way I can get more? Build *new* 1 4 days ago
Will there be a way to get old event pokémon like Gen 4 & 5? Tech Support 1 1 week ago
What, am I SHINY Fishing wrong? Side Quest 2 1 week ago
My game is corrupted, is there any way to recover the save data? Tech Support 1 2 weeks ago
So, um, Abra..? Main Quest 1 2 weeks ago
My Rayquaza isn't Mega Evolving? Tech Support 2 2 weeks ago
Is this a good team for Hoenn with pokemon in the hoenn dex? Build 2 3 weeks ago
How do I battle people in Secret Bases? Side Quest 1 3 weeks ago
Where is the Alakazamite? Side Quest 1 3 weeks ago
Does this exist? Side Quest 1 3 weeks ago

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