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Reviewed: 01/12/17

A Passing breeze.

Released first in 1986 in the arcades, Out Run made quite an impact and became an absolute favorite when it was released, 30 years later and here we have it on the E-shop, like some classic Sega Arcades handled By M2, new features here added to make the game not only looking better, but also more fun and make it rather fresh, and I have to say they have succeeded quite nicely.

Story ND
Finish first and reach the end of the line before the time runs out with your girlfriend and red Ferrari. And that's it, no real story to dwell into, these arcade type games most of them never had a story to begin with, and no need to have one here.

Gameplay 8.5
Your objective is the finish the track before the times runs out, the race is divided by separate tracks in each you can pick one of two after you finished a previous one, that is if you can reach in time. It gets harder and harder and you'll need godlike reflexes and good memorization if you want to reach the end of the race, the controls are simple and fun, you drive faster or you slow down, hitting an object wll cause and accident and stun you for few seconds. Simple and addictive, reaching to a checkpoint when there's few seconds left ls such a great feeling. The game however is everything but easy, it will take a good amount of tries until you can play at a good level and go further in the race.

M2 Added plenty of new features here, not only now you can pick each track separately (in case you can't complete the race completely or you want to practice on a specifically one ), you can change the difficult level, increase or decrease the amount of time is given and save the game to play it later. Simple stuff but very helpful now that the technology is there to add it.
You can save a replay from the last race and watch it later on, sadly no online option for this feature, which is a shame as you can't show to your online friends and compete with each other to see who has the best time and score.

Graphics 7
The game looks clearly outdated, however it looks colorful and most nostalgic fans shouldn't have much a of a problem playing the game ,it might be an issue sometimes to differentiate a curve or obstacles for someone not used to it ,The accidents and the way the people enter right in the car is still hilarious to see as it was 30 years ago. The new 3D enhance does a fantastic job, it doesn't feel too heavy or unnoticeable, and gives a slight deep to the scenarios.
The game also runs a smooth 60 fps and you can pick different cameras in case you want to try new perspectives.

Sound 8.5
Classic Music from the previous game all are here, with also a couple more added, of course there will always be a favorite one, but they add more depth and often fit nicely with the race, making it more immersive and personal, from catchy tunes to a more environmental and relaxing ones, there is a good pick from classic and modern choices here.

Replay Value 7.5
The game has quite a number of tracks to play, in which you can pick one and reach for the best score, there is also the classic arcade mode with all tracks, depending on the player you are, you can spend dozen of hours to try to achieve the best score for each track or simply few hours to finish the full race and get on with it.

Overall 8
The game has cleared age a lot, and for sure the outdated graphics and the lack of content will drive away some people, but this is a classic from the 80's and if you're into arcades or have played this game a long time ago, this a great adaptation and definitely worth the money. It might be old, but the fun factor is still there after 30 years of its conception.

Rating: 8

Product Release: 3D OutRun (EU, 03/12/15)

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