How to hold the 3rd fashion show?

  1. I'm stuck on the quest where it says in the schedule to "talk to someone you trust" about Adelaide, who do I talk to?

    User Info: xshanax

    xshanax - 3 years ago

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  1. Been stuck on this for days, if you haven't figured it out yet you need to talk to Evie at the cafe! :)

    User Info: Lantarctica

    Lantarctica - 3 years ago 1   0


  1. Evie will be at the Cafetiere Close, all the way to the left. You can talk to her and ask her for help. You'll have to answer what Adelaide would wear -go for chic things-!

    After that, she'll ask you to "give [her] some time". But in all honestly, you don't. You just have to go back to your boutique, and you will have unlocked Enid Chen!

    After that, you need to stock up (hella expensive!) and go back to the boutique. Give Adelaide the best chic outfit you've got (she's got 14.000 to pay for it!!) and after that.. you just continue your jobs until Laurie tells you Adelaide wants to speak with you.

    And that's everything!

    User Info: YuBeace

    YuBeace - 3 years ago 0   0

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