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Reviewed: 03/20/19

A Veteran's Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Review

Hello Guys,

Welcome to my first review!

After having so much fun with this game for so many years, I decided that I would show my support for it by leaving a review. My in game name is "Jeev" I am a Hunter Rank 999 Gold Crown Hunter in the game and have over 1600 hours of play time in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. First off I would like to say that this game offers something for everyone and by everyone I mean both newbies to the Monster Hunter franchise, as well as seasoned veterans. Personally, I was new to the franchise when I first picked it up and gradually grew to love the game.

The journey has been awesome! I mean what more can I say about a game where you can party up in real time with up to three more people to hunt some epic monsters in Three-Dimensional action. The monster designs are truly one of a kind and really provide a wonderful level of challenge.

At first when you do the initial quests you may find them simple, but be aware the learning curve for this game steepens suddenly in multiplayer mode. I highly recommend you finish the offline story mode by yourself before jumping into the multiplayer. That being said there are a lot of tutorials in game for each weapon and you can train with each weapon in the practice arena vs a “Great Jaggi.” (A Great Jaggi is one of the first monsters that you will meet in this game).Honestly, keep it simple at the start, learn the mechanics with a sword and shield and gradually pick up other weapons. Ranged weapons in this game do tons of damage but you have to stay within critical distance of the monsters and you have to avoid getting hit.

Don't limit yourself to one or just two weapons, gradually try all 14 weapons out, they all have something different to offer and learning a new weapon is like playing the game from the start all over again. There are that many dimensions to it! The skill cap on each weapon is unique. Trust me when I say you won't be getting bored anytime soon.

When you've beaten the story mode and feel confident in your abilities as a hunter, jump in to a multiplayer hall and experience the true thrill of the hunt. One thing that you need to recognize early on though is that a four player party has three lives split between the members of the team. After the three lives are spent the quest is deemed as failed. So do take care in trying to avoid unnecessary deaths. A tip that I can offer you is this: hunt a monster that you have trouble with over and over till you learn the trick to dodging, by this I mean a monster gives a sign that it’s about to use its attack and attacks with certain patterns. By learning to recognize these patterns you can learn precisely when and how to dodge the attack. Practice makes perfect in this game.

The only negative thing that I would say about this game is it can get tedious with the amount of materials you need to farm at times. The gear system is a bit flawed in this regard, as if you are unlucky it may require you endlessly slaying monsters and carving their parts to upgrade your armor. .Stronger monsters provide stronger materials for upgrading gears. Sometimes the drop rates are kind to you and you get that rare material that you needed quickly. Other times you feel like pulling your hair out trying to get a rare material for that much needed upgrade due to the amount of times you need to repeat the same quest.

All in all, this is by far one of the best co-op multiplayer games that I have ever had the honor of being able to play. The friends that I made while playing it, I will never forget them. Those long hours of grinding and hunting and forming strategies together. That thrill you feel when you hunt your first G-rank monster and not forgetting the Elder Dragons!

I hope this review helped you make up your mind if you weren’t sure whether to pick this title up, or if like me you find yourself an old veteran hunter reminiscing about the good old days, I hope it sparked good memories for you. Cheers to countless hours of fun!


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (US, 02/13/15)

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