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Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Anybody have a high rank oroshi kirin guild quest? 1
Anybody have a Kirin and or Oroshi Kirin quest? 4
Anybody want to do g teo this weekend? 0
anybody willing to give me the high rank ruby basarios GQ? 2
Anyone Wanna Help With Gogma Please? 1
Can anyone give me a Low Rank Kirin guild quest? 2
Can someone do a high rank seltas queen quest with me? 1
Can someone host the A Colorful Feast Quest? 2
Can someone host the GX hunter quest? 1
Can someone host usj tigrex 3d and a colorful feast quest? 1
Deviljho Guild Quest? (Monster hunters 4) 2
Does anyone have a gore magala guild quest? 3
Does anyone have a low rank Garuga quest? 1
Does anyone have a yian garuga or rajang guild quest that drops long swords they can share with me? 2
Event Quests? 1
Help Progressing in HR Quests? 1
Host GX Tempest Lobby? 0
How can i downloads dasdings quest editor to my home computer? 1
How do I get different guild quests to put on my streetpass? 2
How do I get different guild quests to put on my streetpass? 1
How do i get to the other level 3 caravan quests? 2
How do I unlock FINAL G3* quests? 1
How do I unlock g rank nargacuga parts or nargacuga quest? 2
How do I unlock guild 8 quests? 1
How do I unlock Silver Rahtalos Quest in the Guild? 2
How do you get USJ A Colorful Feast? 2
How do you unlock more 10 star quests? 2
I need a Ruby Basario High rank guild quest? 1
LF normal Zinogre + Rajang GQ (LS GS bias)? 0
LF. .garuga mask host mh4u ?? 1
LF. can someone host garuga mask quest? 1
MH4U Expedition secret symbol door? 1
Need friend to share! someone? 0
Need help with guild quest for relic GS? 1
Only one 5* quest? 1
Oroshi Kirin guild quest card? 3
Oroshi kirin/deviljho/kushala daora guild quest? 1
quest for Garuga mask. in arena? 1
Rhapsody in Rime G3 quest help? 1
Ruby basarios and other guild quest? 3
The caravaneers challenge not showing up? 2
Unique Quest for Unity level? 1
Unlocking low rank caravan elder dragons? 2
USJ: Colourful Feast looking for a host, would anyone be willing to host for me? 2
USJ:Colourfull feast please? 1
What do I do when I complete a quest and it doesn't get counted? 1
What quests do I have to do to unlock caravan kirin? 4
Where can I get the "Egg-straction: The Reckoning" Quest? 3
Where do I find HR8+ quests? 1
Where is the Remobra quest ??!! 1
White Fatalis Event Quest Guild? 2

Item Location Help Answers
Am G1 but FastCharge Jewel is still not available to me? 1
Damascus Relic Armor help? 1
Does anyone have a mixed set for lance users? 1
Does the bias of an armor series affect the kind of skills/models you get from its relics? 1
Does USJ High-Fire act have a higher chance to drop Rathlos Plates? 2
Farming rajang wild pelts? 1
Found this strange rock, can I mine it? 2
Garuga Auricle? 1
Graven Charm? 2
How can I unlock any of the Hale Jewels? 1
How do I get a Voiceprey Mask? 1
How do I unlock the Crimson Fatalis Lance? 1
Location to find Prized Pelts? 0
Looking for Kirin Relics, Help please? 0
Ludroth Relics? 1
Ok, Arena Coins?! 1
Pinnacle coins? 3
Silver Sol Relic Armor? 1
Special felyne costumes? 1
Starknight armor? 1
The Dunes (Day&Night) differences? 1
What monster/materials do I use to craft "Nightmare" gear? 1
What monsters drop the zinogre u skin for relic armor in GQ? 2
When can I get dios strong arm? 2
Where are all the High Quality Pelts? 1
Where can I farm hr S magala for phosgem? 1
Where can I find a Velocidrome head??? 1
Where can I find a Velocidrome head??? 1
Where can I find Armor stone in the Ancient Steppe? 3
Where can I find Brach Ebonshell? 1
Where can i find Brach Hammer? 1
Where can I find Jumbo Bone? 1
Where can i find nectars easily? 1
Where can I find small Hermitaurs? 1
Where can i get the white fatalis equipment set? 1
Where do i find a crimson fatalis ticket ? 1
Where do I find frogs at? 1
Where do I find relic weapon divine slasher? 1
Where i can find "large elder dragon gem"? 1
Where is the best place and what rank can I find heavy armor spheres? 2
Where to get Kirin palico gear? 2
Where's Deviljho's Saliva? 3
Which guild quest gives relic weapon Elendskraft? 6

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
(HAME) Rajang ? 1
A good armor set for HR Kushala? 5
Ammo weaknesses? 2
Anyone up for hame? 0
anything to be aware of before I start? 5
Are these bow sets good/viable/bad, and why ? 2
Armor set with ko/destroyer ability set? 1
Armor Skill Generator? 1
Best armor set and weapon ? 1
Best GS or CB for heavy hitter skil? 1
Best insect glaive for each element and status ? 3
Best path for Thunder LS? 1
Best SnS path!? 5
Breaking Kushala Daora's horns? 1
Building a HBG hame set with a LBG... Gun. Possible? 1
Challenger +2 vs. Artillery God for W. Fatalis Gunlance? 1
Deciding what armor to use ?! 2
Does felyne gatherer allow you to harvest more EZ potions and Bombs in a GQ? 1
Does Slicing shot have an area of effect that enable it to hit multiple body parts next to eachother? 1
Early G2 Armour? 2
G rank Good Hammer Sets? 2
G-Rank gear for Greatsword? 1
G-Rank Great Sword set with HG Earplugs? 1
Geralt of Rivia LS/Bow Build? 1
Good endgame hh armor? 2
Good mixed armor set? 0
Help with mixed sets? 5
Highest Attack? 3
How am I going? 2
How am I going? 1
How can I get Gore geleerd and plate? 0
How do I win at guns? 3
How to change Main palicoes Forte skill and assign subs to him? 3
How to use Lance tricks? 1
Hughest Attack? 1
I Need A good CB Mixed Set For Hunting lv 140 Rajang? 1
I'de love to know if this is a viable set for breaking parts? 2
Invulnerability time for bow's backhopping? 2
Is "Life" hone option good for Dual Blades? 2
Is high rank Gore Magala armor worth the truoble? 1
Is palico equipment transferable? 1
Is the Immunizer and Nutrients a perminant boost, or just temporary similar to food? 1
Is there a better version of the Rath Soul armor Z? 1
Is this dual blades set any good, and if not any suggestions? 4
Isn't Blazooka better than Gigacannon for maining Siege? 4
Just entered G2. Any GS i should work towards? 1
Lance Sets for HR and G rank? 3
Looking for Monster Hunter 4U friends, join? 4
Minimum perception skill? 1
My G-Rank SnS armor set? 1
Need help picking a weapon and element. anyone wanna help? 3
Power Coating support? 1
Rapid fire: more shots=less damage per shot? 0
Relic insect glave, what nectar should i use? 1
Relics? 1
Shell Castanet + or Crabby Castanet? 1
Should I try to get every armor set? 1
Should I use Great Sword or Chargeblade? 2
Specific fighting guide for weapons vs monster? 1
Stunning? 1
Stunning? 2
Tips for bow usauge/combos/tricks? 1
Using powersaves what is the best equipment set for Sns? 1
Varia Suit + Arm Cannon LBG = 10slots. What skills to gem in? 1
Wat is the best armor set to move into when u are hr7? 2
We must TEAM up? 0
Weakness exploit + Attack Up (L) Vs. Attack Up (XL)? 1
What are some good armor sets for the bow? (LR/HR/GR) 1
What are some ideal gear setups for Strikers? 2
What are the sets (hybrid or full) which have the most dual skills ? (like ferocity, iado etc..) 1
What armor should I get next? 1
What armor should I use for early g-rank? 1
What armors would be best? LS, IG, DB, and CB 1
What can I do to not suck at G Rank? 2
What does flying I-Bomb do? 1
What is a good all around lr bow armor set and bow? 1
What is a good armor set for bow (G3)? 1
What is a good mixed armor set for hammers/dual blades and what weapon are good with them? 1
What is the best Gear/Gems for Insect Glaive user? 2
What is the best Gunlance in the game? 5
What is the best way to raise your atk to 2000 for hammer? 10
What is your favorite weapon and its type and why? 2
Why are bows still crap? prove me wrong 2
Will insect glaive buffs timer reset during? 2

Technical Help Answers
2 saves on separate SD cards help (3ds)? 1
4G and 4U local play? 5
An error has occurred ending online multiplayer. What to do? 1
Any lbg experts on the board? 1
Anyone had this unusual bug before? 1
Anyone want to play??? 1
Can I play with random people? 1
Can you re-download the item pack DLC? 1
Connection issues? 2
Connection issues~Please help!? 1
Deleting Nintendo ID from the special version without deleting the game possible? 1
Do i loose my pre-installed game if i format the new 3ds system? 1
Dual Blade armour sets? 1
Faded elemental attack stats? 1
Game card have been removed error? 1
Have an USA nintento 3DS but my credit card is French how can I buy the USA game? 1
Having trouble downloading November dlc, help? 0
Help with seregios armor? 1
How can i know what is the monster hunter 4 ult save data? 1
How do I change my bottom screen for quest/hunts? 1
How do i get that wystone agian? 1
How do you connect a 3DS to a Wi-Fi with a login? 1
How do you get the DLC with the Palico stuff? 2
How much data does a online mission take? 3
HR 999 Custom Quest Problem? 1
If I use Powersaves to edit my gender, can I get banned? 4
Is there a "take all" button when we get to the rewards screen? 1
Is there a list of what unlocks excluding the hr list? 3
Is this game playable on a Standard Nintendo 3DS or it can it only be played on the New Nintendo 3DS? 4
Monster Hunter 4 3ds transfer game data questions? 2
Monster hunter on micro sd but not? 1
No Gift Area option? 1
Not related to mh4u, i formatted my 3ds. please help? 1
Online error 006-0533 ? 2
Online gaming? 1
Online Issues, Can Anyone Help? 1
Transfer mh4u data from 3ds to another 3ds? 3
Undo Nectar? 2
Update help? 1
What is the best way to upgrade Caster's Rod? 1
What monsters can/can't have an apex form? 2
Why can't I download quests? 2
Why does my game disconnect from the internet so much? 3
Why does the game doesn't let me see my friend's texts messages? 2
Why doesn't the game allow messages while on quests? 6
Zeny reward? 2

Other Help Answers
(web site keeps saying it has already beed asked)? 1
A website for Hunters, by Hunters? 1
About save data backup, not just this game, can I backup and restore a single savedata properly? 1
About to get the game, anyone wanna add me and play online sometime? 3
Any Filipinos that have monster hunter 4 and monster hunter 3 ultimate can you please tell me where I can buy? 0
Any G-rank sets with sharpness+1 and razorsharp? 7
Any Good Charge Blade Mixed Sets Out There? 1
Any good early G1 Dual Blade armour set? 1
Any MH4U Skype Groups currently recruiting? 2
Any one with powersave that can help me get...? 0
Any Other MH4U Players In Singapore? 1
Anybody down to play? 1
Anybody have Lance/Gunlance Gq's? 1
Anybody would like to hunt with me? 3
Anyone else sick of this? 1
Anyone have a fun non-ret*rded custom quest? 1
Anyone have Stygian Zinogre/Black Diablos + Rajang with any series E Chest ? 0
Anyone have the GX Hunter Armor Event? 1
Anyone have white fatty quest? 1
Anyone have Yian garuga or Rajang GQ's any series E bias? 0
Anyone hosting or have the usj event colorful feast? 1
Anyone need a hunting party? 2
Anyone still playing? 1
Anyone to play with? 1
Anyone wanna add me on MH4U? 3
Anyone wanna host EX Crimson Fatalis? 1
Anyone want to join my hall? 1
Anyone want to play with a rusty hunter? 1
APM Save editor. Relic weapon (bow)? 0
Are there any g1/g2 congalala? 1
Armor skills stacking question: Can Bloodthrist and focus stack? 1
Best insect glaive for each element and status? 4
Best Talismans You Own? 1
Brach, Deviljho, or Seregios?? 1
Brachy GQ with CB bias? 0
Can a 2DS user play with a 3DS user? 2
can anyone AFK host GX armor please? 1
Can anyone exchange a guild quest with me? 1
Can anyone figure out why this happened? 1
Can anyone give me the Kirin GQ? 0
Can anyone host a g rank savage deviljho custom quest? 2
Can anyone pass me some good guild quests? 0
Can I link my friendcode to the SD card? 1
Can I play 3DS XL games on a 3DS LL? 1
Can onyone host white fatalias for me? 0
Can some one play monster hunter 4U with me? 2
Can someone help me get a glaive? 2
can someone help me with Cr. fatty GX armor?, plz 1
Can someone join molten Tigrex room? 0
Can someone play with me that has the Link dlc quest (high rank)? I need some of the items in it. 2
Can someone please host a savage jho room for me? 1
Can somone share an Oroshi Kirin Quest? 2
Can you do multiplayer with 3ds via the wiiu? 1
Can you help me finding the Guild Quests? 0
Can you play this without wifi? 1
Can't do Meownster Hunter quests? 1
Can't search Seregios in lobby? 2
Chameleos tail came off quickly? 1
Could someone deliberate on this? 2
Could someone please help me get the Damascus Relic set? 0
Custom Quests? 1
Cute monsters? 3
Damascus Set Help. someone? anyone? 1
Dante, Mega Man, Street Fighter, etc. outfits for Palicoes? 2
Decent Bow Set? 2
Do blue gathering spots have rarer items? 1
Do I need to be G3 to do level 86+ GQ's? 1
Do someone have a dual rajang guild quest? :3 1
Does anyone Hame? 0
Does anyone have a low rank basarios GQ for trade? 2
Does anyone have teostra Mh Tri quest and wants to do it? 0
Does anyone have the power saved quest to make you hr999? 1
Does Anyone have the Star Knight Armor Quest?, I need some one to host it 1
Does anyone know where i can download all the decrypted dlc files for mh4u (including g rank dlc)? 1
Does anyone want to hunt with me? 1
Does anyone want to play multiplayer? 1
Does anyone want to play with me during a skype call? 2
Does Guard+1 and the Guard+1 from a Chargeblade Guard Point stack to Guard+2? 1
Does Load Up not work with Awaken? 1
Does Mycology work in combination with Wide range? 2
Does Pierce Up apply to Pierce S 2 and 3? 2
Does somebody have full wrooggi armor set guild quest? 1
Dungmaster jewel? 0
Fake catalog... Could anyone help me? 2
Fatalis Enslaver worth it? 1
Felyne title? 1
Fix for error code 006-0612? 0
Fix for error code 006-0612? 0
G Rank armor set for GL???? 1
G rank Furious Rajang doesn't appear? 0
G Velocidrome GQ? 0
G-rank armor that outclasses Star Knight? 1
G-rank armor that outclasses Star Knight? 1
Getter? 1
Gogmazios farming anyone? 0
Good armor set for 7 star gathering hall? 3
Good endgame weapon for a set ?that S +1, awaken, fencing and attack up l 1
Guild 7 Urgent Quest Ukanlos any participants? 1
Guild Quest rewards not working? 1
Gunlance sets? 1
Guys I Just Soloed A Lv 140 Apex Rajang For The First Time. Was it a good time? 1
GX Hunter armor host? 1
Hammers in mh4u? 2
Help finding a pre release fan video? 0
Help naming my feline sidekick what are you naming yours? 4
High rank basarios? 2
Host for GX Crim for armor set? 0
Hosting Star Knight quest for honey? 3
How can i get g-rank monoblos quest? 1
How can i unlock the Withdrawn jewel ? 1
How come my support palicos don't tell me stuff any more? 1
How do I get Gold Guild Tickets easier? 1
How do I get stamina, strength, etc. on my insect glaive? 1
How do I move one saved game from one cartridge to a new cartridge? 1
How do I unlock the Advanced: Escaped Convicts quest? 1
How do I unlock the Elder Hall? 2
How do I upgrade a relic glaive stats? 0
How do I use the arena coins? 1
How do you bypass the hack detector? 1
How do you get a Jaggi's Mask? 1
How do you get people to actually do ulkanos with you? 1
How does my loadouts look? Any advice on how to improve it as I level up? 0
How does this demo distribution work? 3
How many times can a relic be upgraded? 1
How much more damage do Gunlances do with each individual level of "Artillery"? 1
How to get Quest Rank & Locale changed? 1
How to Resolve Error Code: 006-0612? 1
How to unlock amor pigment colors? 1
Hunting Horn melodies stack? 1
I downloaded the Legend Of Zelda DLC two days ago and I think I messed it up. Help? 3
I need 2 rath marrows and 2 more just in case i can forge another Queen's longfire heavy bowgun? 2
I need help can someone join me? 1
I need star knight armor? 1
Im looking to make a bowman character? 1
In G3, any good gunner sets for when I finish G3? 1
Info on zinogre light bowgun? 2
Insect Glaive: Speed Path help? 1
Is 2ds screem too small for monster hunter 4 ultimate? 1
Is anyone willing to host USJ Colorful Feast for Star Knight Armor? 1
Is every relic armor available in rarity 10? 2
Is it possible to get a +6 handicraft +14 expert 000 slots talisman? 2
Is it possible to level the low armor to high like in MH-Tri? 3
Is it Possible to Own every Armor in MH4U and MH3U? 2
Is it too late to start mh4u now July 2015? 3
Is my armor good enough to be my final set? 1
Is the MH4U bundle limted? 1
Is the tigrex bow worth making? 5
Is the U.S. getting all of the Nintendo related DLC? 4
Is there a power save or save editor to lower your HR? 1
Is there a website that i can go to to find people to hunt with other than randoms? 1
Is there anyone who wants to do a savage deviljho CQ? 1
Is there anyone who will host the Star Knight armor quest? 2
Is this a good set up for armor and weaponry? 2
Is this A good Set? 1
Is this hammer set any good? 2
Is this too much? 2
It won't let me fight Deviljho again? 1
Just got into caravan 10 and there is only 2 quests!? 3
Kama Sedition? 2
Kinsect Downgrade / Reset? 2
Late game Elemental LBG Set? 0
LF hi rank oroshi kirin? 0
LF Savage Deviljho gq? 1
LF Stygian/Rajang GS/LS bias GQ? 1
List of guild card titles and how to unlock them? 6
Looking for a CQ host? 0
Looking for a g rank yian garuga guild quest? 1
Looking for a Savage Jho G Quest Host ? 1
Looking for Double B.Tigrex GQ, Anyone willing to Share? 0
Looking for hr1 buddies? 0
Looking for players? 1
Looking for this guild quest Can anyone give it to me? 1
Low/High rank Quests? 2
Max amount of heavenly armor spheres for regios x gunner upgrades? 1
MH4 NA code for trade and looking for a AUS code?? 1
MH4U 3DS XL availability after pre-orders are gone? 2
MH4U NA Demo Codes? 2
MH4U Names for your cat partner? 7
MHX for the west? Or MHX Ultimate for the west? 1
Might I rant a little bit? 1
Mixed armor set ideas? 1
Mizako's MH4U Quest Editor? 0
Monoblos relic armor? 2
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate G-Rank? 1
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate skype ? 3
Monster Hunter 4G in English ? 2
Mounting attacks (the ones with a bright, vertical Yellow slash) do what kind of damage? 1
mounting jewel how do I make them what item are required? 3
My question is what armor set and weapons do you recommend for hr4? 1
Naked and afraid event quest? 2
Need a reliable hunting group? Me too. 1
Need Brachy guild quest with GS bias!!!! Anyone? 0
Need help with mh4u 3ds .?? 4
Need member? 1
Need some help!? 1
Next Armour Set? 1
Not including variants who would win Deviljho v Rajang? Give why to 1
Online multiplayer? 2
Online Story? 1
Online vs Offline? 2
Opinions on this set? 1
Peoples Current Gear/Progress? 3
Poogie secret ability? 2
Powercharm/Armorcharm values? 3
Powersaves Codes? 2
Price on eshop? 1
Purpose of the Armory shops? 1
Rank Up Team? 0
Relic Exclusive Armors? 1
Relic weapon/armor final state ? 1
Save slots? 1
Sd card save data? 1
Secret of Kushala Daora Weapons? 2
Secret Poogie Tricks? You BETCHA! 3
Share kirin quest? 4
Should I make the General's Switch Axe or the Akantor Switch Axe? 1
Should i umgrade to the oblivvion or the imperial saber? 1
Silver/Gold Rath g rank? 1
Skype and mh4u anyone? 2
Someone wanna help me farm raging brachy? 0
Strange felyne in Meownster Hunter? 2
Strong insect glaive!? 4
Suggestions for last skill? 3
Switch Axe Guild Quest? 1
System Transfer Help? 1
Time for a new set? 1
Ukanlos Akantor Armormix? 1
Unlocking spirit jewel? 2
Want Friends for HR Quests? 1
Weapon sharpness? 2
Well I am looking for someone who still dose custom quests? 0
What are good G-rank Guard Lance Mixed sets? 1
What are good g/high rank hunting horns for sleep explosion poison and lightning? 1
What are good status gunning armor sets? 1
What are good status gunning armor sets? 0
What are good status gunning armor sets? 0
What ARE monster gems?! 4
What are the best relic skills? 2
What are the green diamonds under col in equpment? 1
What does it take from a hunter for you to consider them an idiot? 2
What is severe dragon blight? 1
What is the best Seregios weapon? 2
What is the true sharpness total of Esurient Z armor? 1
What is weapon bias in guil quests and expeditions ? 2
What kind of genre is the Diva's song in dumdromora? 1
What quest unlocks brachydios for meownster hunter mini game? 2
What should I gem into my seregios x set? 1
What weapon is best for beginners? 4
What's a good armor for me? 1
What's a good IG to start out on? 0
What's are some good M.Tigrex Set? 1
What's the best Insect Glaive G Rank Armor Set? 1
What's the difference between psychic 10 and 15? 2
Where can i get dummy items from the veggie elder? 1
Which armor stats are better for my end-all set? 1
Which of these skills has more priority? 2
Who does 'cqs' (costom quests)? 2
Who here has Original Series A B C (Yian Garuga or Rajang) Guild quest? 1
Who wants in? 1
Why does my character's voice sound higher than when I created her? 1
Why isn't blastblight isn't working? 1
Why won't my guild card send? 2
Will monster hunter 4 ultimate bundle be restocked? 3
Will the hidden ones(dual blades) show up at all? 1
would someone be able to host A Colorful Feast? 1

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