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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
A kirin lr quest please? 1
Advanced: Hell Hunters. Any tips? 1
Advice on beating (or even finding a group for) Dalamadura? 1
Any 1 up for pierce gunning S.Dalamdur? 1
Any help fighting silver rathalos? 3
Any other ways to tell if a monster is ready for capture? 4
Any tips for Gog? 1
Any1 have advice? 4
Anyone doing the shah dalamadur quest? 1
Anyone else hr 1? 1
Anyone know how to get a Deviljho Guild Quest? Preferably not Apex and Savage. 3
Anyone still hosting White Fatalis? 1
Anyone up for "Three virtues"? 2
Anyone wanna play MH4U with me? 7
Armour/Weapon Tips for Ukanlos? 1
beating Zinogre? 2
Bone Wyvern? 2
Bonus: Code White Help? 1
Can anybody help me with Ukanlos urgent? 1
Can some people help me with gogmazios? 1
Can someone share low rank Kirin gq ? 1
Can we defeat Ankantor? 4
Can you host usj zinogre e seregios? 1
Can't beat frenzied Brachydios caravan 9* ? 8
Candle of Darkness? 1
Could someone help me with molten tigrex? 2
Crimson Fatalis is kicking my butt. Any tips? 3
Crimson Fatty tips anyone? 2
Dalamadur; HR7 Purgatory?! 3
Do i need better armor? 3
Does a monster become stronger if more people are on my team? 2
Does a monster's health go up as more players join a hall? 5
Does Anti-Theft work against Chameleos? 1
Does felvine weakener work on large monsters? 1
Does monster weakness affect the end-of-quest rewards? 1
Farming Tetsucabra? 1
Farming Tetsucabra? 9
Fastest way to topple the Shagaru Magala? 3
Fatalis Event or Tigrex USJ Event? 1
G rank Blue Kut-Ku Guild Quest? 1
G rank Molten Tigrex help? 2
G2 quest fire drill help please? 2
Gogma, Dalamadur scraps? 3
Gogmazios G3 Urgent Help? 3
Gogmazios help? 3
Gogmazios help? 2
Gogmazios lobby, wanna join? 1
Gogmazios solo help ? 1
Gogmazios? 1
Gore Damage?? 2
Gore magala help?! 2
Gore Magala Plate? 8
Gore Magala Tail? 2
Gore Magala? 4
GoreMagala armor recommendations? 2
Gozmazios team? 1
GX Crimson fatalis issue..? 1
Gx crimson fatalis? 2
Help for doing 7* online quests? 1
Help with Zinogre? 2
How can I beat Akantor? (Event Quest, Fire Fight) 5
How do drop rate % work? 1
How do I beat Gravios? 2
How do I beat Gypceros? 10
How do I beat monoblos? 2
How do I beat Pink Rathian? 1
How do I beat Seltas Queen? 4
How do I beat Silver Rathalos (Caravan 10*)? 1
How do I beat Super (always enraged) Ukanlos? 2
How do I beat the Gore Magala? 9
How do I beat the Khezu? 2
How do I capture monsters? 2
how do I find monster' s weak spots? 2
How do I find the Yian Kut-Ku? 1
How do i get White Fatalis quest? 3
How do I kill Dalamadur? 3
How do i kill the gravious? 3
How do I unlock HR Kirin in Meownster Hunters? 1
How do I unlock the G rank crimson fatalis? 2
how do u unlock zinorge Z armor? 2
How do you get Najarala to drop shinies? 2
How do you unlock Basarios and Ruby Basarios? 2
How do you unlock low rank Brachydos? 4
How to defeat Velocidrome? 1
How to get Seltas Queen Jaw/breaking her head? 1
How to repel White Fatalis? 2
How would I go about killing that Pink Rathian? 5
I think I've hit my wall for the time being. Advice? 4
Ideal strategy for Three Virtues Event Quest? 4
If been trying to beat the psycho congalonga but it keeps beating me, any tips? 1
Im not getting any Feelers from Gore Magala ??!! 3
Is it possible to Capture a Monster while it is Poisoned? 5
Is there a Seregios high rank gathering hall quest? 5
Is there an effective way of dealing with Nerscylla in Solo play? 4
Is there anyway to fight a regular G rank Deviljho? 1
Is there like a crimson fatalis guide? 2
Just beat Chameleos G3 solo but...? 1
Killing zingore after you beat the quest for the first time? 1
Kut-Ku Luck ears? 1
Looking 4 People Who Would Like To Hunt Lv 140 Rajang GQ? 1
Monster weakness? 3
Need friends for hard quests? 2
Nocturnal Commission? 1
People interested in hunting the Apex Rajang For Silver Sol Relic? 2
Savage Devilijho pounch help? 2
Seregios is not nice to gunners:'( advice? 2
Silver rathalos host? 3
Star knight armor? 1
Stuck after Shagaru Magala, in both Caravan and Guild Hall. Advice? 1
The fastest way to take down zinogre / stygian zinogre? 3
Tips for soloing Apex Monsters? 3
Trying to kill a sliver rathalos and i do hit its legs but it ain't effective?, help me out plz 1
Wen I fite Aktor? 1
What are all the apex monsters? 5
What exactly happens when you flash bomb a Rajang? 1
What is the best armor against the storymode silver rathalos? 3
What is the best weapon for fighing a Gore? 7
What weapon do I use to beat a Tigrex? 1
What weapon type do you use for the S.Rath? 1
What would be a good armor, with decorations, to use against the Monoblos in the 7* Urgent? 3
When do you know a monster can be capture when there is only one area without Capture guru? 2
Where is the Apex Seregios Caravan 10 quest? 1
White fatalis host?! 1
Why Can't I Beat Aknator!? 2
Why can't I farm Ukanlos? 2
Why is it when i kill a monster it takes time to be able to kill it again? 1
Wind dragon? 4

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
7 star quests not unlocking? 2
A Boss disappeared then the same species reappeared. Are these the same monsters? 3
Advanced: Tyrant's Maw Quest Disappeared? 1
Anyone have a low lvl kirin quest they can share? 1
Are all guild quests created equal? 1
Are there no G-Rank Silver Rathalos or Gold Rathian quests? 3
Can Caravan Quests be done in Multiplayer? 2
Can I play caravan quests online? 1
Do monsters get faster when thier health is low? 1
Does the Apex Deviljho G-Rank Arena quest yield Zenith Wyvern Gem L? 1
Guild quest from expedition scaling ? 1
Guild Quest Ranks? 1
Have guild quests become harder? 4
Help finding Kirin quest? 1
How do I find new guild quests? 4
how do i get ,or which quest gives me " ACE HUNTER COIN " ? 1
How do I get the other level 2 caravan quests? 2
How do i get the quest for hunting the Shagura Magala back?! 2
How do I get to 7 star village quest? 1
How do I repeat the Basarios quest? 1
How do I unlock "wasteland warrior" quest? 8
How do I unlock a G rank raging brachydios? 1
How do I unlock more 6* quests? 2
How do I unlock the 6* Caravan quest "Catch and Release"? 1
How do i unlock the akantor and fatalis quest for the caravan? 3
How do I unlock the caravan quest arachnophobia? 2
How do I unlock the Grudge match: apex deviljho quest?? 1
How do I unlock the quest: "Biting Your Tongues?" 1
How do I use the fan club ticket? 2
How Do You Actually Obtain Guild Quests? 1
How to get the sword in Sunsnug Isle? 1
How to prepare for Red Dragon's Dawn? 1
Hunter's haven didnt unlock 3 star fish for me, help? 3
Is there a reason the frenzied Brachydios quest is gone after clearing it once? 2
Is this a good set up for armor and weaponry? 1
Key quest not appearing in 2 star village quests? 4
Low rank kirin GQ? 2
Missing "Fanged Chalice" award? 4
Need Shagaru Magala Guild Quest any level Rewards Weapon: DUAL BLADES Armor: ANY, please? 1
please single rajang +bias GS/LS? 1
S.Zin Skymerald? 3
Share yian kut ku quest or yian garuga quest? 1
Stuck on Guild Hall Rank 7? 1
The Shagaru Magala quest is gone! When and how can I get it back? 2
Urgent Quest: Advanced: Glacial Grinder won't appear? 1
What does blue lion icon on expedition means? 1
What expedition monster have a chance of giving a chameleos, kushala daora, or teostra? 2
What is the point of leveling up guild quests? 4
What quests do I have to do to get hr2s urgent? 3
What's the name of the Link DLC quest in MH4? 1
When can I unlock Shah Dalamadur? 3
Where can i find a Brachydios guild quest? 1
Why are the new wystones not available? 2

Item Location Help Answers
Alluring fellwing? 1
Altaroth stomach? 4
Anyone know the fastest way to get a ratholas ruby? 2
Anyone know where I can find divine armour spheres? 2
Armor with awakening skill? 5
Army armor? 1
Best place to farm Heavy Armor Spheres? 2
Best way to find Monobolos Heart? 1
Decorations? 1
Divine armor spheres? 2
Do you get more materials from guild quests compared to caravan quests? 1
Does anybody know when Bone Armor becomes available for sale at the armory? 2
Does carving in certain areas of the kill...? 2
Easiest way to get kelbi horns and dung? 2
Farm Dash Extract? 3
Fastest way to get S. Magala plate anyone? 1
God's Isle (MH4U)? 10
God's isle is it even in the game!?(It is) 3
Gore Magala Feelers+? 1
Gore magala tail help? 4
How can I get all of the Wystones? 2
How can I get Cathangea Seeds? 3
How do I get abrasives? 3
How do i get armor stones in mh4u? 7
How do I get big fish???!!! 3
How do i get handsome scraps +? 1
How do I get into secret area ? 1
How do I get King's Frill? 1
How do I get Rathalos Plate? 1
How do i get s. queen concentrate? 2
How do I get seregios lens? 2
How do I get Sharp Claw? 5
How do you get rejuvenated beaks? 1
How To Dupe Item In MH4U? 3
How to get a handicraft talisman? 2
How to get body expert jewl 3? 2
How to get Butterfly Beetles? 1
How to get Caravan tickets?! 7
How to get Seltas horn? (item) 2
How to unlock handicraft jewel in MH4U? 1
How to unlock the Worn weapons? 1
How would I get the Fast Sheath & Focus skills? 7
Is the Ace Lancer's armor set obtainable? If so, how? 1
Is there a list of possible charms i can find? 1
Mh4u good decorations? 3
Monster Fluid? 4
Novacrystals? 2
Paddock oil? 2
Patissier Set? 2
Purecrystals? 1
Relic Weapons BEST category? or just appearance (GreatSword) 1
Rubbery Finehide? 1
Scraps and expeditions? 5
Shagaru magala plate? 2
Sharpened fang? 1
Skyblade gem drop rate? 1
Solo quest or rank quest for farming? 2
Special Pass? 1
Volvidon Carapace where do I get this? 1
Were can I find a Monster bone+? 2
What are and how do I get Wystones? 1
What are fishes used for? 2
What are some general purpose Low Rank armor sets that hold their value though High Rank quests? 2
What are the chances of getting a Brach Hammer? 1
What are the green shines? 1
What do you do with Spalls? Guild Points? 1
What does the mega pickaxe and bugnet do? 2
What is nerscylla shear? 2
What is the Monqlo Ticket for? 1
What materials do I need to make the Guild Bard/Scholar S & X Armor sets? 1
What quests do you have to do in order to get white monoblos? 1
What the best locations to mine for armor spheres? 4
What to do with a random egg? 4
What weapon path leads to teostra sns and the Ice/Blast DS? 2
What's an easy way to get monster fluid? 3
When and where can I buy Potions? 6
When can I forge the Cheda Blade (Seregios GS)? 1
When do Fast Charge Jewels become available? 3
When will I be able to upgrade my bone staff+? 2
Where are Gore Magala's feelers? 4
Where Can Farm for Armor Stones? 1
Where can I acquire Ancient Fish? 2
Where can I find (dragonbone artifact)? and is there a quest that gives them away as rewards 1
Where can I find (Fire Stone)? 4
Where can I find (Frost sac)? 2
Where can I find (Monster Bone M)? 2
Where can I find a akanator fine fin? 1
Where can I find a Flood Sac? 2
Where can I find a great hornfly? 3
Where can I find a Hercudrome? 6
Where can I find a lobster tail fan? 2
Where can I find a Veggie Elder Gold Ticket? 2
Where can I find Ancient Fragments? 2
Where can I find Ancient Shards? 1
Where can I find bumblepumpkin? 6
Where can I find cathangea (seeds)? 1
Where can I find emperor hopper? 1
Where can I find Emperor Hoppers? 2
Where can I find Firestone and dragonite ore ? 4
Where can I find fulgurbugs? 1
Where can i find gore magala mantle? 1
Where can i find Gossamite ore? 7
Where can I find Humble Shards? 1
Where can I find Huskberry? 4
where can I find iron ore or stone? 1
Where can I find King's Frill? 2
Where can I find meaty hide+? 1
Where can I find monster broth? 2
Where can i find nectars easily? 2
Where can I find Platinum Mane? 1
Where can I find Plesioth fins? 3
Where can I find Powderstones? 5
Where can I find Rare Scarabs? 1
Where can I find Remobra hide? 4
where can i find Scarlet Stouthorn? 1
Where can I find the parts for coiled saber? 1
Where can I find torrent sac? 1
Where can I find Vespoid Inner Wing? 1
Where can I find Whetfish in Ancestral Steppe? 2
Where can I get Divine Armor Spheres and Armor Stones? 2
Where can I get purecrystal ? 3
Where can i get steel egg? 1
Where do i get dragonite ore? 2
Where i can find butlerfly bettles? 1
Which bow is a good peirce bow? 1
Which GQ is better for faming for a "Edgemaster +4 OOO" talisman? 1
Why are some decorations missing? 2
Why didn't I get my Fatalis Esoterica? 1
Why do I barely get silver rathalos carapace? 1
Why does the insect glaive always start with the mauldrone? 3
Yukumo Ticket in Monster Hunter 4 ultimate? 2

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
after all, what combo of SnS gives more damage? 2
Any awesome ways to gem the g rank molten tigrex armor? 1
Any1 have advice? 1
Are SBBs necessary for igniting other LBBs in sleep bombing? 1
Are slime weapons as powerful like they where in mh3u? 1
Are there any penalties for leaving the current boss area? 1
Armor set? 1
Best armor for HR 5 almost 6? 1
Best Armor Set? 2
Best free element set? 1
Best Kinsect path? 5
Best mixed/full armour sets of (G-Rank)? 1
Best skills to gem in for Regios X armor? (Charge Blade) 3
Best strategy when using Gun Lance? 2
Best type of Rathalos armor? 3
Brach Hammers??? 7
C.Range Coating effect? 2
Can someone give me a good end game Dual Blade set? 1
Can someone recomend me an Armor? 1
Can someone recommend me a good helmet? 1
Can you damage more than one monster part with one attack? 1
Charge Blade Armor Sets? 1
Clockwork IG or Altair? 2
Do extra skill points matter on Armor? 1
Do palicos gain enthusiasm when in reserve? 1
Do similar buffs stack? 2
Does breaking / damaging monsters help kill them faster? 2
Does critstatus increase THE CHANCE of hitting status? 1
Does elemental damage add to raw damage? 1
Does Fate affect Break rewards? 1
Does Fate help for relic hunting? 1
Does Horn Maestro stack with the Melody Extend song? 1
Does negative affinity affect the Crit Draw skill? 1
Does Status Atk apply to blast weapons? 1
Does the armor skill Crit status and a weapon's affinity go hand in hand? 4
Eating for Felyne Reporter? 2
Elemental Weapons vs. Resistant Monsters. Is less Raw better? 3
Excello set worth? 2
Farming Beshackled Relics. Any Strategies? 1
G rank DB Set? 2
G-rank armor? 5
Gathering Hall 7 Stars Advance: Naked and Afraid, any strategies? 1
Good armor set/skills for dual blades? 6
Good armour with decent fire resistance for HR5 and above? 1
Having Tenderizer AND Destroyer? 1
Hey, anyone have a good set for killing a lvl 135 Teostra? 4
Hidden elements Viability? 1
How (if possible) do you tell time in game? 1
How Can I Sucseed In Meownster Hunting? 1
How do I identify a monster? 1
How do I recruit wild palicos? 3
How do I won't die anymore? 3
How do you use the lance? 2
How important is it for me to choose a weapon at the start? 1
How much do the Thundercaller, Icebreaker, etc. food skills help? 1
How much extra element/status does Crit element or Crit status apply? 2
How should i upgrade kinsect according to my playstyle? 1
How to effectively use tinged/drugged/poison meat? 2
How to Solo G - rank? 2
HR Insect glaive Armor? 1
I am a weenie. What weapon should I use? 3
I can't properly use any weapon other than CB? 1
I need help with shagaru magala? 1
If I have the "Wide Range" skill and the "Recovery Level" the effect of Recovery up affects other pl 1
Insect Glave Damage = Kinsect Power? 3
Is axe mode on the charge blade any stronger in attack? 2
Is it better to try to get complete armor sets rather than... ? 2
Is it possible to do a leaping attack while you are climbing on a wall? 1
Is there a chart for the parts of each large monster the insect glaive can draw each juice from? 3
Is there a skill that speeds up climbing? 1
Just got the the master's test any advice? 2
Just killed Shagaru Magala, how do I survive and thrive afterwards? 4
Let's hunt and play together!? 1
Looking for a clan? 2
Negate stun or artillery expert? 1
No more Tranquilizer bombs!? 2
Please help? 2
Recommendations for Impact CB skills? 1
Secret path in Expedition mode? 1
Shagaru Magala set not appearing? 3
Sharpness+1 Armor Sets? 1
Should I be worrying about gear below G rank? 4
Silver rathalos help?! 3
Sleep bombing with friends, best wake-up? 1
Soloing stratergies? 1
Some of my weapons have non-active elements (i.e. fire and water) why? 1
Stam drain/ko + crag shots? 1
Status Bow Coatings? 1
Status Set? 1
Still confused about elemental weapons - ? 1
Strategy for Rusted Weapon? 1
Switch Axe Armor Sets? 1
The weapon types for Breaking & Cutting? 3
Tips for the bow? 1
Trapping troubles? 2
Upgrade, or forge? 5
Using Red/Yellow sharpness effectively??? 1
Ways to increase rare carving chances? 1
Weapon damage? 1
Weapon help? which is the better one 1
What are all the levels of the frenzy blight? 3
What are the best decorations to gem into Zinogre S Armor for dual blades? 1
What are the best skills for seregios set? 2
What are the figures that are in the right of the each armor name? 1
What armor should I have? 1
What Armor Suits Best? 2
What do i use tO make shock traps and stuff to capture monsters? 3
What does the Devi. stat on the Light Bow Gun mean? 2
What does the E mean in the Skill Tree? 1
What insect glaive? 1
What is a good Armor for me? 1
What is th best Gunner weapon iyo? 6
What is the best DPS weapon type? 3
What is the best high rank armor for going through G-RANK? 5
What is the best possible charge blade set? 2
What is the best strategy for bows? 1
What is the best strategy for catching Speartuna? 2
What is the best strategy for dalamadur? 1
What is the best strategy for making money? 7
What is the best strategy for the Master's Test? 3
What is the best strategy to get the Gore Magala tail? 2
What is the point of the field pouch? 1
When hunting a new hard monster, trap or kill? 1
Which is better for a poison axe with elemental vial? Status +2 or StatusCrit? 4

Other Help Answers
+14 dragon res +14 attack talisman? 1
+60 defense or +96 damage? Grand Pincer Hone 3
All the things to do and in what order? 2
Amiibo help? 2
Answer pls? 2
Any tips for a newcomer to the series? 2
Any weapon to be recomended? 2
Anyone giving Palicoes in Multiplayer? 1
Anyone have 2 extra mh4u codes? 1
Anyone looking to team up for online? 1
Anyone still playing that wants to play online? 6
Anyway to use hacked talismans in Athena's ASS? 1
Are Insect Glaives a good investment? 1
Are the servers for MH4U or Generations still up? 2
Armor sets for mh4u. Gunner blademaster low rank high rank G rank? 6
Best armor and weapons for high and low rank? 1
Best Charged Blade Armor? 1
Bonus Supplies? 2
Bow charge level help? 2
Brachydios dual blades won't unlock? 1
Buying MH4U? 2
Can custom quests give you all the arena coins? 1
Can i access the overworld without applying a quest? 1
Can i change my main cat's skills? 1
Can I get a Wellness +10 Talisman? 1
Can i have this game and Generations at the same time? 1
Can I hunt without a quest? 1
Can I redeem the Item called " 1,000 caravan points"? 1
Can I reset a quest so that it's like the first time I attempted it without any changes? 1
Can mh4u be played w/ a Xbox one controller? 1
Can Monster Hunter 4G play with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Local/Online Multiplayer? 2
can some one make me a cq? 1
Can someone explain the Internet system? 1
Can someone host a Star Knight Quest for me? #desperate 2
Can someone make a FAQ/Guide for Ingredients/Results in the Open-air Kitchen? 1
Can someone share low rank Kirin guild quest ? 3
Can somone please tell me what these do?! 3
Can you still download monster hunter 4 ultimate free DLC in 2018? 11
Console Help? 1
Cut off a Rathians tail? 1
Damascus armour help? 1
Dlc help? 3
DLC Palico Change Possible? 1
Do Edge Lore points max at +5 on armor relics? 2
Do Felyne Defender (Hi) and Defender (Low) stack? 1
Do I Need to Play the Other Games Before Playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate? 1
Do jewels not affect equipment Resistance stats? 1
Do people actually kill monsters on hunt a thons? 2
Do U Guys Think That U Can Call Yourself a Gamer, If U Play MH4U? 1
Does anyone has a link to the full MH4G DLC's list??? 1
Does anyone have a Lr or Hr Yian Garuga Guild Quest? 1
Does anyone have any idea when MH4U demo will be freely downloadable from eShop? 1
Does anyone wanna do some low rank guild quests together? 1
Does Honed Blade stack With AuXL? 1
Does people still play mh4u 2018? 5
Does somebody have a Rajang guild quest Original, Freedom or Tri Series B, D or E Head, Arms and Legs ? 1
Does this game have more monster armors than MH3U and MHGen? 1
Dragonseer balloon movement? 1
Element restriction? 1
Elements are not working? 2
Fast ways to farm for Palico armour? 3
G rank Gunlance set? 1
Getting my old games back..? 1
Green Plesioth? 1
Hacker?? 1
Has anyone else run into a large amount of hackers/power savers? 2
Help choosing new armor? 2
Help i need to git gud how to do? 4
Help with type 41 wyvernator? 1
Help? mid life crisis in mh 1
Hey anyone wanna get together online and farm Link Armor and weaons? 1
Honing Star Knight Sword? 1
How can I Improve the Wyporium? 1
How can i stop my palico from attacking a sleeping monster? 1
How come I can never use the cleanser item anymore? 3
How come I cant see some of the event quest? 2
How come some element numbers are darker then othen others? 1
How do i craft Sheath Jewel 1? 1
How do I delete a save file? 2
How Do I get a thief palico? 1
How do I get all the 10 star caravan quests? 1
How do I get lagombi + items? 2
How do I get my HR level to go up? 1
How do I increase my online Hunter Rank? 2
how do I obtain the contrary scale from chaotic gore magala? 1
How do I play this game? I need some help. 1
How do I put stuff in slots? 1
How do i take my Palico into a quest? 1
How do I unlock the Razor Jewel in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate? 2
How do I unlock the weapon honing feature? 1
How do I unlock village seregios? 1
How do you change or remap button controls? 1
How do you get g special? 1
How do you get regular plesioth items? 1
How does the process of unlocking new weapons work? 2
How exactly do I download Athena's ASS? 1
How hard is it to beat this game? 1
How long does it take to beat this game? 1
How many people are online? 3
How to change item in the touch pad? 1
How to lose matrials quick? 3
How to unlock the Black Gravios ranged weapons? 2
I am using a Flicker switch axe. It's stats list Para element 230, but it's always shaded in grey. How do I activate it? 2
I don't get guild quests for IG, even though I've already farmed more than 30 quests. Why? 1
I found 248 divine armor spheres in my box. i dont power save and i am just hr4. how did this happen? 1
I just got into level 7 Daimyo Hermitaur if this is already high rank how do i get high rank armour? 1
I need to create a Despot Blitz but how do I get the item from Zinogre? 7
I'm making a clan/guild/sqaud for mh4u players? 4
I'm trying to main a weapon for the rest of the game but i'm torn between 3, GL, Lance and SnS which one? 1
If I do a G3 quest while I'm G2 will it count or will I have to redo it? 2
If my Nintendo is Japanese will the game work? And will it be Japanese too? 1
Im gonna scream help me out! please? 1
Is GX Tempest good for SnS? 1
Is it OK if I use a mixed armor set online? 1
Is it possible for anyone to share a high rank yian garuga quest with me? 3
Is it worth being a gunner? 3
Is my game vunerable to being corrupted? 1
Is Teostra's Embelem + bombardier too overkill? 1
Is the Kirin armour good? 1
Is the online multiplayer good? 14
Is there any armors with some class? 1
Is there any way to lower your hunter rank? 2
Is there anyone who wants to play mh4u as a team? 1
Is there Free Roam in MH4U? Multiplayer Free Roam as well? 2
Is this a good set and if not any suggestions? 1
Looking for people to play with? 1
Low-Rank Armor Sets for Bow and LBG respectively? 4
Male or Female? 1
Mewnster Hunters- What if i dismiss the 3 original MewH Palicoes? 1
MH 3 vs MH 4 vs MHG? 3
MH4U Cowboy Armor? 5
MHX or Majora's Mask 3D? 1
Monster hunter 4 ultimate how to transfer items from one save to another? 1
Monster Hunter: Generations or Final Fantasy: XV? 2
Most essential gunner(Bow) skills? 7
My armour gives me -10 to hunger. Can I counter this? 5
Name change? 1
Name change? 1
Need a good Support Weapon? 3
Need friends for fresh start on mh4u? 1
need help with lancing techniques? 1
Nerscylla armor? 1
New Players? 5
Not understanding armor skills? 4
NPC Hunters in game???? 4
Poogie benefits? 3
PowerSaves-Help clarify pls? 3
Pre installed game issue? 1
Purrtuoso/Retry? 1
Rankings? 2
Relic Armor sets? 2
Relic Weapon Level? 1
Second Wystone? 1
Should I make the General's Switch Axe or the Akantor Switch Axe? 1
Shouldn't Deviljho Be An Elder Dragon? 2
Sleep weapons? 5
Slickaxe Combination Help? 1
Someone mind helping me fix my kinsect stats? 1
Strong armor.... Please? 3
Stygian Zinogre? 1
Talismans.. (men?) 1
This armor worth it? 1
Trying to figure out if I should buy MH4U over MH3U? 2
Type 41 wyvernator? 2
Village High rank? 4
What are Dundorma Tuna used for? 2
What are some good armour sets for LR that can go into High Ranked quests? 1
What are the best sleep element dualblades? 6
What do people mean by bump? 1
What does "Kinsect Speed Up" do? 1
What does "Virus Reward" mean exactly? 1
What does dust of life and portable steam bombs do? 1
What Elements should I get early on? 1
what HR did you get when you beat HR7 Urgent? 3
What is the chance of getting a rarity 10 relic without an element/status? 1
What is the extra slot thing on G-Rank armor? 1
What is the fastest way to farm hr points? 2
What is the final Guild Card color? 1
What is the least annoying male voice? 2
What is the strongest gear in the game? 1
What kind of armor is Ace Commander wearing? 3
What quest unlocks lagia X parts and what items needed to trade for it? 1
What rank is Gore magala blademaster armor? 2
What Should I DO???? 1
What to do? 1
What weapon should i learn next? 3
What would be a good armor for fighting the rathalos and rathian? 3
What would be a good starter HR IG set? 1
What's a good light bowgun just after defeating shagaru magala? 1
What's the point in being able to crouch?! 4
What's the point of making another character? 1
What's the purpose of unity levels and how do i raise it? 1
Whay do people leave mid-quest / promise to do a quest with you and then don't? 2
When does Arc/Storge Armor become available for creation? 1
When should I start doing online play? 2
When should one start the guild hall? 1
Where can I find different Wild Sub Palicos (with different roles)? 2
Where can I find monster bone L? 6
Where do i find my friend code? 1
Which armor set should I use? 1
Which Greatsword should I use? 1
Which one would you suggest for a first-timer, 4U or Gen? 2
Which should I use, charge blade or insect gavian? 3
Who Else Is A Natural Insect Glaive User? 2
Why arn't anymore 6 star caravan quest appearing? 1
Why can't I get my weapon to upgrade? 2
Why cant i use certain ammo with my HBG? 2
Why did my poogie run away? 3
Why did the quest disappear? 1
Why do so many players use crutch skills? 1
Why does the game seem so easy? 5
Why is the frenzy virus bad for humans and good for monsters? 5
Why use these weapons? 1
Why won't the Arluq Whammer do Dragon elemental damage? 1
Will my main palico keep abilities from 1st stringers if i take them out? 3
Wyceum not upgrading? 1
Wyporium carts something went wrong. Advice? 1

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