Why is Nersyclla too OP?

  1. This stupid Spider keep poisoning me too much, in primal forest in area 2 keeps spamming on the wall which I only getting nox poision, oh yeah the game hates me because I can't hit that stupid Spider.

    User Info: Floxel

    Floxel - 3 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Throw a dung bomb if the fight is in an annoying area with different levels. The poison fangs and stings are pretty predictable and only go infront of nerscylla so as someone already said; stick to its side or play a weapon with a shield. Charge blade is a pretty good option: You have a shield and impact phials can still do pretty high damage to non weakspots. If you can get her to trip, go for the head, get some ko damage and destroy the fangs. If you feel like you don't find enough openings to heal yourself, place a felvyne or small barrelbomb and then heal yourself. When the bomb explodes you will already have healed yourself and skip the last part of the animation

    User Info: Khirek

    Khirek (Expert) - 2 months ago 2   0

Top Voted Answer

  1. What is your weapon? Also you could climb faster by pressing r. Maybe wait at the top? It will eventually come up and you can get it then. There are also lots of ways to mount it. Breaking the spikes makes the fight much easier imo. Also it sleeps in (I think) area 10. It's the area between the big poison puddle and the nest with the bugs. Wait about 15 seconds after it enters that area, and you could get some good hits on it. Also it's weakest to fire I think, and you might want to focus on armor with higher defence. It doesn't have any elemental attacks as far as I can remember. If need be, I could help you get better materials sometime.

    User Info: Fireobby3

    Fireobby3 - 2 months ago 1   0

Other Answers

  1. Get armor with negate poison.

    User Info: dirtmonster2004

    dirtmonster2004 - 3 months ago 1   1
  2. Hoo boy, it’s Nercylla. I have a lot of experience with this spider. First, let’s go over WHY it’s tough.

    First, the movement is very erratic making keeping track of it hard. Combat this with heavy usage of the target cam. Keep spamming it to always have eyes on Nercylla.

    Second, status effects are really troublesome. If this is a low rank Nercylla, you can actually ignore the poison for a bit. Use that time to get out of the area and take an antidote. Also, the sleep needle is super easy to dodge but if you do get hit, try and run to a small monster like rhenoplos and Ioprey to wake you up. If this is a high or G rank Nercylla, that’s when things get tough. If you got poisoned, stop whatever you’re doing and get the heck out of there. If it’s a large area you are fighting in, you might even be able to get away with running to the other side and antidoting.

    Anyway, that’s it for now. Good luck!

    User Info: BigChungus2008

    BigChungus2008 - 2 months ago 0   0
  3. Try to attack her from the Side, that Place is pretty save.

    User Info: SunaKi10

    SunaKi10 (Expert) - 3 months ago 0   1
  4. Did I say "spamming on the wall" ? Plus when I'm on her side. It still do the the poison or sleep sting. My palico attack from behind which still gonna show a sting. Oops, also climbing up to the wall is annoying Nerscylla just destroy the wood in area 2 so I climb through the veins. Well, Just got a nox poison and sting. Plus konchu don't bother me.

    User Info: Floxel

    Floxel - 2 months ago

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