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  1. So whenever I get hit, it takes so long to get back up that I usually get hit again, and then again, and end up losing half my health. Either that, or I try to attack the monster, they dodge it, and the hit me in the 2-5 second wait time after attacking to be able to move again. What do I do? Everything feels so sluggish and it's more of a waiting game for your attack animations to end. Oh, and monsters have 5X more HP than I feel they should. I love Dark Souls type combat, but this is like fighting a dark souls boss that has 3x as much HP and your using a greatsword with fat rolling. I just don't get this game.

    User Info: MrSnek

    MrSnek - 1 month ago


  1. Sometimes its good to stay on the ground. It keeps you invincible so if you think the monster's gonna combo you and your already down, stay down. Also you need to learn how to "Read" the monsters. Most monsters have a start up animation and that could help you figure out what move its going to use.
    In addition the whole point of using a great sword is to land hard blows whenever you can. Just using level 1 charges wont do anything. Be patient and when the opportunity rises, hit them hard with a lvl 3 charge.
    If you think the movement is bad with gs, sheathe your weapon, or you can choose any of the other 13 weapons in the game. Perhaps dual blades might peak your interest. Good maneuverability and relatively high dps.
    Also what rank and what monsters are you trying to fight? Saying this may help other people to try and answer your question and maybe suggest good sets that you could use.
    Hope this helps.

    User Info: Nachocheezninja

    Nachocheezninja - 2 weeks ago 0   0

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