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  1. I hit G rank and decided to work towards my glaives, i want one for each element and status, can someone please give sugestions and why chose them?

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  1. The prefer stat for an IG weapon is to have high sharpness with/without the skill handicraft (aka: a decent amount of white and/or purple) and/or the ability to reach purple sharpness.

    You can browse the weapons at and under the weapons > category IG. There is various options to sort them.

    Since I'm at work atm, I can only list a few off the top of my head.
    Daora Sundama (ice)
    Medusa's Mirror (water)
    Hazy Caster (poison)
    Highest of Glaives (paralyze) [note: needs freeelemnt or arcana skill]

    I believe if you have the skill handicraft/edgemaster, the best will be the elemental fatalis weapons.

    Note: some of the best final weapons (aka: Universus (fire),True Fatalis Dyaus Final (dragon)) are not craftable yet because the material are locked behind dlc that are not released yet.

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  2. Fire: Unfortunatly, there is not a single good fire insect glaive, since G-rank silver rathalos is unreleased.

    Water: use the tidal najarala glaive, it's got 837 raw with 15% affinity, 320 water, and good purple with sharp+1

    Thunder: The best thunder glaive is the white fatalis which is also unreleased, the next best choice depends on your armor, and how much you would need to give up to get awaken and use the rajang glaive.

    Ice: the regular kushala daora glaive outclasses every other ice glaive.

    Dragon: the G-rank regular fatalis is again, unreleased DLC. use the shagaru glaive in the meantime

    Poison: Chameleos glaive or bust

    Paralysis: Use the najarala glaive

    Sleep: there's only one sleep glaive

    Blast: Crimson fatalis glaive: 837 raw and a massive 560 blast

    Raw: Diablos glaive: 961 is the highest raw you can get on a glaive that also has purple sharpness

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  3. As an optimization focused player, I typically plan a lot of things when playing a game such as my weapon layout for mh4u. When it comes to the insect glaives, i tend to look at four factors: Base attack, special attack, sharpness, and kinsect types. Typically, the glaives with blunt kinsects are better since the glaive already does cuttuing damage on its own, so the kinsect can be used as a stunner.

    Here are the best insect glaives in the game based on the above criteria:

    Fire: Heaven's Rath Glaive. Final Upgrade - Universus.
    This glaive doesn't have a blunt kinsect, however, its other qualities far outweigh any other fire glaive.

    You could use a Mind Stick "Wonder" instead if you must have a blunt kinsect. The base and special attack are decent and the sharpness isn't terrible, but the Heaven's Rath is the best fire glaive.

    Water: Medusa. Final Upgrade - Medusa Mirror.
    This weapon really needs no explaining as to why its the best water glaive.

    Thunder: Fatalis Soldier. Final Upgrade - Fatalis Overlord
    While the Clockwork glaive is my favorite due to the fact that it makes me look like Ozpin from RWBY, the Fatalis Soldier is the best thunder glaive. Even without affinity, this glaive is definitely the only thunder glaive you'll need.

    You could use the Indigo Flash as a substitute if you are not currently able to hunt fatalis as I am. It is decent enough and better at killing than the clockwork.

    Ice: Daora's Entom. Final Upgrade - Daora's Samudra.
    While the kinsect isnt a blunt type, the Daora's Entom is leaps and bounds beyond every other ice glaive.

    Dragon: Fatalis Glaive. Final Upgrade - True Fatalis Dyaus.
    Do I need to say it? Fatalis is the strongest dragon in the game, and so is its weapon.

    The Gore Magala glaive isnt bad either and is actually the second best dragon glaive.

    Bone Staff. Final Upgrade - Highest of Glaives
    Sand Fauchard. Final Upgrade - Iorovellir
    This one depends upon your preference. The bone staff has lower base damage, but higher paralysis and a blunt kinsect, and the Fauchard has higher base damage, but lower paralysis and a cutting kinsect.

    Poison: Stealth Glaive. Final Upgrade - Reaper's Stroke
    This weapon is honestly better just because of availablity, sharpness, and kinsect type.

    Sleep: Assault Glaive. Final Upgrade - Nightmare.
    This is literally the only good sleep weapon in the game.

    Blastblight: Direspike Display. Final Upgrade - Bounding Dalamadur.
    With blastblight glaives, the Direspike is actually much better. Explosions cause by blastblight don't count as cutting damage, but rather, as blunt damage. As a result, a cutting kinsect is especially sought after on a blastblight glaive for increased cutting damage.

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  4. kid one thing you need to learn is how to find information not how to ask for it

    this websight will tell you everything about monster hunter 4 ulimate including every weapon, that weapons upgrades, elements and mateirals used to made and upgrade thoughs weapons. their sharpness affinity, damage, name, soccets, rareness and it even shows a picture of each weapon... oh and it also organises weapons according to their type great sword, glaive, etc.

    go nuts

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