How do i get armor stones in mh4u?

  1. I need armor stones, I need hvy armor spheres to upgrade my najarala z armor, I haven't unlocked harvest tour volcanic hollow yet and hvys are really rare in g1, anyone got any ideas?

    User Info: Tigrexakantor

    Tigrexakantor - 6 years ago
  2. According to the board, it appears that Armor Stones can only be found as a quest reward from "Sand Blasted," the Dahren Mohran Low Rank DLC quest. Although the drop rate is not great, about 15% for 2, it goes by fairly fast even with rank appropriate gear and a solid strategy. Keep in mind that you cannot make a special grade of Armor Sphere, Divine, using these; those are found in high level Guild Quests.

    There may be another DLC quest that drops Armor Stones but I am unable to determine the specifics since it is unreleased in my version of the game.

    According to Kiranico, Heavy Spheres can be found on all normal maps at G rank. Frozen Seaway, Volcanic Hollow, Heavenly Mount, and Dunes (night) have percentages as high as 15% or so. Ironically, the secret areas for the other maps have 25% while the previous ones have no chance at all.

    Personally, I do a hunt with an easy subquest after eating for Felyne Explorer, as DDosBoss stated. Remember that you cannot be on a gathering quest in order for Felyne Explorer to work.

    Happy hunting.

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    DreamPheonix - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. To answer your question about armor stones, I am not sure... I've gotten them, but don't remember where =S

    BUT, Armor stones are very useful, save it for more rare (true armor/ strong armor spheres).

    Mining heavy armor sphere steps.

    (OPTIONAL) ---> Get [Gathering God] for equipment skills. (gathering+20)
    1) Eat [Fish]+[Wine/drink] to get [Explorer] skill. Bring at least 5 pickaxes and 1 farcaster
    2) go to G-rank [Sunken Hollow]
    3) hope to get secret spot, mine in areas 9->3->4 or if no secret spot, go 4->3->9
    4) farcast out, turn in paw pass
    5) go back to 1

    Personally, i just completely skip all the red veins and run to mine only the [BLUE] veins. You can mine the reds too, but from my experience, I've gotten rares easier from the blues. reds do give them, but i'm tired of getting just junks and wasting time mining

    User Info: DDosBoss

    DDosBoss - 6 years ago 0   4

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  2. You can also get armor stones from Gastronome Tuna or the Glutton Tuna.

    ive rarely got a few from one of them but i cant remember which one. I also acquired slickaxes from one of their insides.

    best part for that method is (other than those fish show up even in low rank missions) all you do is sit there and wait till the big fish bites and then hold down a and circle the stick. It can get tiresome but atleast you can do that for 50 min constantly fishing and eating.

    might end up with more armor stones then farming some monster for some time. or might end up with less. the chances are not very high but ive gotten a couple from one stack of 10 before.

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  3. You can get some from the gift area in your house.

    User Info: dragonborn3000

    dragonborn3000 - 6 years ago 0   0
  4. Thanks guys, i got the special g permit quite a while ago and got tons of heavys at the heavens mount and V. Hollow Thanks for the help i really appreciate it.

    User Info: Tigrexakantor

    Tigrexakantor - 6 years ago 0   0
  5. He's right the blue mining spots are your best option rigtt now. Id recomend frozen seaway. When you get some g2 gathering quests red mine spots can give the red speres and blue will start giving the blueish ones. But for now stick to blue mine points

    User Info: SQuigiDude

    SQuigiDude - 6 years ago 0   1
  6. Posted in the wrong field. Apologies!

    User Info: DreamPheonix

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