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How do i get armor stones in mh4u? 3 years ago
Where can I find bumblepumpkin? 4 years ago
What is the best strategy for making money? 4 years ago
How do I get abrasives? 4 years ago
How do I play online? (With randoms?) 4 years ago
Most essential gunner(Bow) skills? 2 years ago
Where can I find (Fire Stone)? 2 years ago
Where are Gore Magala's feelers? 4 years ago
Where can I find Powderstones? 3 years ago
Is the online multiplayer good? 3 years ago
Recent Questions Last Answered
Why are the Dalamadur weapons considered not very good? 1 month ago
Anyone willing to hunt with me MH4U? 3 days ago
Is Orochi Kirin Armor worth it? 1 month ago
Yian Garuga low rank? 3 weeks ago
What Enemys are G-Rank? 1 month ago
Monster Hunter 4 Starting Tips? 1 week ago
Help whit Guildquests? ---
Creating Custom Quests? ---
How can I see if a Weapon is awaken? 1 month ago
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Unresolved Questions Last Answered
Lance Sets for HR and G rank? 3 weeks ago
Best insect glaive for each element and status? 8 months ago
How to change Main palicoes Forte skill and assign subs to him? 3 years ago
Pinnacle coins? 3 years ago
Online error 006-0533 ? 4 years ago
Oroshi Kirin guild quest card? 3 years ago
List of guild card titles and how to unlock them? 10 months ago
Is the U.S. getting all of the Nintendo related DLC? 4 years ago
Where is the best place and what rank can I find heavy armor spheres? 3 years ago
Kinsect Downgrade / Reset? 4 years ago

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