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by Zoelius

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Zoelius

Version: 0.24 | Updated: 02/25/16

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright and Other Information
  2. About Bravely Second
  3. Playable Characters
  4. Prologue
    1. City of Gathelatio
    2. Pilgrim's Grove
    3. Eternia City
    4. Gravemark Village
    5. Frozen Hollows
    6. Eternia Central Command
  5. Chapter 1
    1. Return to Gathelatio
    2. Al-Khampis, Land of Learning [Istantar = JP]
    3. Side Quest I: Thief or Red Mage Asterisk
    4. Ba'al Crater
    5. Side Quest II: Summoner or Swordmaster Asterisk
    6. Harena Seacaves
    7. Ancheim/Lakrika
  6. Chapter 2
    1. Eisen Region
    2. Hartschild
    3. Side Quest III: Merchant or White Mage Asterisk
    4. Old Aqueduct
    5. Yunohana Hot Springs
    6. Side Quest IV: Ranger or Black Mage Asterisk
    7. Geyser Grotto
    8. Side Quest V: Knight or Ninja Asterisk
    9. Yunohana Castle
  7. Chapter 3
    1. Florem
    2. Side Quest VI: Monk or Valkyrie Asterisk
    3. Sagitta Forest
    4. Village of Sagitta
    5. Side Quest VII: Performer or Pirate Asterisk
    6. Old Sagitta
    7. Water Temple
    8. Side Quest VIII: Dark Knight or Time Mage Asterisk
  8. Chapter 4
    1. Skyhold
  9. Chapter 5
    1. New Game+
    2. Side Quest IX: Asterisk Redux
    3. Compass of Time and Space
    4. Florem Garden
    5. Skyhold Revisit
    6. Geneolgia Mausoleum
  10. Chapter 6
    1. Last Kingdom Caldisla
    2. Side Quest X: Templar Asterisk
    3. Lontano Villa
    4. Side Quest XI Part A: Yokai Asterisk
    5. Side Quest XI Part B: Seven Deadly Sins
    6. Last Dungeon
  11. Post Game
    1. Post Game Power Leveling
    2. Bonus Dungeons
  12. Moon Base Construction
    1. Bridge and Obstacles
    2. Pharm-Lab
    3. Munitions Factory
    4. Bioplant
    5. Parts Lab Alpha
    6. Parts Lab Beta
    7. Parts Lab Gamma
    8. Parts Lab Delta
    9. Special R&D Lab Alpha
    10. Special R&D Lab Beta
    11. Trigger Lab
    12. Ba'al Buster Ship
  13. Special Move
    1. Special Move List
    2. Special Parts
  14. Chompcraft
  15. Job Classes and Abilities
    1. Freelancer
    2. Wizard
    3. Charioteer
    4. Bishop
    5. Fencer
    6. Astrologian
    7. Red Mage
    8. Thief
    9. Summoner
    10. Swordmaster
    11. Catmancer
    12. Hawkeye / Tomahawk
    13. White Mage
    14. Merchant
    15. Black Mage
    16. Ranger
    17. Knight
    18. Ninja
    19. Patissier
    20. Exorcist
    21. Monk
    22. Valkyrie
    23. Pirate
    24. Performer
    25. Time Mage
    26. Dark Knight
    27. Guardian
    28. Kaiser
    29. Templar
    30. Yokai
  16. Magic and Skill List
    1. Holy Magic (Bishop)
    2. Spirit Magic (Wizard)
    3. Spellcraft (Wizard)
    4. Astral Magic (Astrologian)
    5. White Magic (White Mage)
    6. Black Magic (Black Mage)
    7. Summon (Summoner)
    8. Time Magic (Time Mage)
    9. Cat Skills & Cat Mastery (Catmancer)
    10. Diablolism (Yokai)
  17. Equipment List
    1. Swords
    2. Axe
    3. Spear
    4. Rod
    5. Staff
    6. Dagger
    7. Bow
    8. Katana
    9. Knuckle
    10. Gun
    11. Greatsword
    12. Shield
    13. Armor
    14. Helmet
    15. Accessory
  18. Achievements
  19. Credits

Chapter 1 (Continued)


Watch the event scene as you enter Anchiem/Lakrika. Afterwards head to the windmill that is next to the magic shop.

Equipment ShopPriceItem ShopPriceMagic ShopPrice
Mythril Sword1000 pqPotion20 pqEsuna *White Mage800 pq
Mythril Axe1200 pqHi-Potion150 pqRaise *White Mage800 pq
Mythril Spear900 pqPhoenix Down100 pqCurada *White Mage1600 pq
Mythril Rod750 pqEther500 pqThunder *Black Mage800 pq
Mythril Staff600 pqAntidote10 pqAspir *Black Mage800 pq
Mythril Dagger700 pqEye Drops20 pqFira *Black Mage1600 pq
Mythril Bow850 pqEcho Herbs25 pqBlizzara *Black Mage1600 pq
Osafune950 pqRemedy500 pq Blessing *Bishop800 pg
Mythril Knuckle1100 pqTeleport Stone100 pqCure *Bishop800 pq
Zweihander1300 pq Escape UP *Astrologian400 pg
Tannenberg1250 pq Elemental Guard *Astrologian400 pq
Mythril Shield600 pq
Nadalan Sleeves200 pq
Turban300 pq
Horned Helm400 pq
Caravan Coat800 pq
Kalasiris700 pq
Spirit Mail1000 pq
Star Pendant500 pq
Clothespin100 pq

When you're inside Grand Mills, head to the northwest exit, it will take you to the second floor. Immediately take the stairs on the right, it will take you to the third floor. You can see an elevator here that is locked. So you will need to find the two switches, take the staircase located at the bottom, and then take the stairs located on the northeast corner, once you're here, press the switch. Return to the previous floor and then take the stairs down to the south. Now take the stair's located west, and then take the stairs located north to find the other switch, press that and the elevator door should open. Now return all the way to the elevator. Save your game first, because there is going to be a boss fight ahead.

Boss NameHP (Difficulty)Resistance WeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Amphisbaena x23750 HP (Casual)
5000 HP (Normal)
7500 HP (Hard)
N/AWaterBacchus's WineBacchus's Wine
This is the final boss of Chapter 1, and it is quite a tough boss battle. This boss has two heads, and one of them is weak against magic attacks and the other one is weak against physical attacks. If you attack the head with the wrong type of element, it will restore back it's HP. So you will need to make sure you attack the head with the correct type of attacks. After every few turns, Amphisbaena will use Shuffle Spin which will switch the order of the heads. You will need to keep track of which one is immune to which attacks. An easy way to keep track is at the start of battle, the head on the right will be weak against physical attacks and the one on the left is weak to magic attacks, the freelancer examine ability can also easily let you keep track of which head. Just push left on the Analog stick and see the boss status from there. The boss can also regenerate it's head if you decide to kill one of them, so you will need to kill the two heads almost at the same time.

Chapter 2

Eisen Region

After you finish watching the event scenes from earlier. Return to Al-Khampis and move near the shore to trigger an event scene. Now your next destination is all the way east of the map, a quick way of traveling there is go back to Al-Khampis and speak to the pig near the adventurer and select the first option to have it warp you to Gathelatio. Travel east and then go all the way southeast, you will find an abandoned house near a shore.

Land there to see an event. The girl will introduce herself as the princess of Yunohana Springs. After you're done with the event, leave the house to see another event and then head west and the enter the big bridge. You will be in Eisen Bridge. Watch the event scene with Commander Goodman.

Once you're done, you can find a hidden item behind the soldier, which is a Mythril Spear. Now leave and head northwest to find a City located near a volcano.


After the event scene, head to the mansion in the center. Speak to the lady in the lobby, watch the event scene and then leave. Talk to the pastry chief in the town lobby, then talk to the NPC near the well, after that go and speak to the NPC on the bottom of the map. After the event scenes, head to the exit of Hartschild to see an event. Leave Hartschild, and another side quest will be available.

Equipment ShopPriceItem ShopPriceMagic ShopPrice
Defender2000 pqPotion20 pqBenevolence *Bishop1600 pq
War Axe2000 pqHi-Potion150 pqInnocence *Bishop1600 pq
Halberd1800 pqPhoenix Down100 pqShining *Wizard200 pq
Iron Pole1200 pqEther500 pqDarkness *Wizard200 pq
Main Gauche1400 pqAntidote10 pqSpeed Boon *Astrologian800 pq
Composite Bow1700 pqEye Drops20 pqElemental Mirror *Astrologian800 pq
Samidare980 pqEcho Herbs25 pq
Toxic Claw2200 pqBalsam500 pq
Shamshir2600 pqRemedy500 pq
Serpentis2500 pqTeleport Stone100 pg
Shako400 pg
Tactician's Hat600 pg
Eisenhut800 pg
Doublet1600 pg
Flame Robe1400 pg
Plate Mail2000 pg
Vambrace200 pg
White Cape1000 pg
Locket8000 pg
Courage Ring10000 pg
Sky Knight Garb
(Western version only)
50000 pg

Side Quest III: Merchant or White Mage Asterisk

After you have finished all the activities in Hartschild, go all the way back to the Abandoned House from earlier to trigger an event scene. Afterwards, head back to Hartschild, you will need to wait until night time for the next event. A quick way of shifting the game to night time is to simply speak to the dog near the Goodman Mansion and select the first choice. Once it's night time, go find Profiteur at the city's lobby. Speak to him to trigger another event. Now go over to the Bridge of Eisen and speak to Profiteur again. Head back to Hartschild. Once you're done seeing the event scenes, head outside and go to Mythril Mines located in the north area.

Mythril Mines

Mythril Mines is pretty straight forward, just head toward to blue objective marker to reach the next area. Each time you go to a new area, Holly will provide a little back story on the little girl you met at the abandoned house. Once you reach to the Adventurer, you can find the girl at the end. Speak to her and during this part you will need to select a side, then a boss fight will follow after.

Boss NameHP (Difficulty)Resistance WeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Holly11250 HP (Casual)
15000 HP (Normal)
22500 HP (Hard)
N/AN/A Jade CrosierLight Curtain
Apprentice Nurse x2900 HP (Casual)
1200 HP (Normal)
1800 HP (Hard)
This boss fight is pretty simple to the ones you have fought previously. Simply defeat the nurse first as they are a nuisance. Holly can heal herself and as well as cast wind magic towards your party. A good way of reducing damage is to use wind resistance spells from Astrologian. After a few turns or so, Holly will call those Nurse to aid her battle again, repeat the pattern by removing them first. Now due to Holly's high magic defense, I suggest you use a team of melee fighters against her.
Boss NameHP (Difficulty)Resistance WeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Profiteur11250 HP (Casual)
15000 HP (Normal)
22500 HP (Hard)
N/AN/ARare CheeseGold Hourglass
Company Fighter990 HP (Casual)
1320 HP (Normal)
1980 HP (Hard)
N/AN/AEye DropsTurban
Company Mage990 HP (Casual)
1320 HP (Normal)
1980 HP (Hard)
N/AN/AWakeup BellEther
Company Swordsman990 HP (Casual)
1320 HP (Normal)
1980 HP (Hard)
Profiteur is actually a more difficult boss of the two, he has more members to deal with. A quick way of getting them is to launch a full assault on them with Wizard's Spellcraft, this way you can modify your spells to hit them as hard as you can. Once you have removed them, you will need to be careful with Profiteur. Profiteur has a simple pattern of using the brave twice along with the skill Takeover, which is a fixed damage skill that deals massive damage regardless of how geared out your character is. You will just need to be careful with your timing and try not to be reckless against him.

Old Aqueduct

Once you're done with the previous events, head to Eisen Bridge to see an event scene with Aimee. Yoko's brother will distract Aimee after that speak to Yoko and pick the first choice to go to the Old Aqueduct. This dungeon is straight forward, you just need to head to pipes and travel to the next area, there is a total of three sections in this area. There is also a Fire Summon you can find in the southwest corner of the last section of this area.

Once you reach to the end, speak to the Adventurer and save your game. Head to the next room and your party will confront Aimee from the rear and then a boss fight will ensue.

Boss NameHP (Difficulty)Resistance WeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Aimee15000 HP (Casual)
20000 HP (Normal)
30000 HP (Hard)
N/AN/ATane-ga-ShimaBomb Fragment
Aimee has a skill that can pierce through the defensive properties of using Default. You will need to maintain your HP rather high as you her Sidewinder ability can hit your entire party really hard, but it also her weakness, as it put her BP in negative. Use this moment to restore your party and counterattack Aimee.

After defeating Aimee, you will receive the Hawkeye / Tomahawk Asterisk and will be back at Eisen Bridge. Now leave and cross the bridge, and head northeast to Yunohana Hot Springs.

Yunohana Hot Springs

Equipment ShopPriceItem ShopPriceMagic ShopPrice
Grinder Axe3940 pqPotion20 pqCura *White Mage1600 pq
Cross Spear3150 pqHi-Potion150 pqAerora *White Mage1600 pq
Noxious Rod2625 pqPhoenix Down100 pqCurada *White Mage3200 pq
Jade Crosier2100 pqEther500 pqEsunaga *White Mage3200 pq
Carving Knife2450 pqAntidote10 pqFira *Black Mage1600 pq
Birch Bow2975 pqEye Drops20 pqBlizzara *Black Mage1600 pq
Kotetsu3325 pqEcho Herbs25 pqThundara *Black Mage1600 pg
Tane-ga-Shima4375 pqBalsam500 pq Drain *Black Mage3200 pg
Serrated Shield2100 pqRemedy500 pqBenevolence *Bishop1600 pg
Hachigane700 pqTeleport Stone100 pgInnocence *Bishop1600 pg
Ascetic's Cap1050 pg Shining *Wizard200 pg
Ikaboshi Kabuto1400 pg Shadow *Wizard200 pg
Ninja Garb2800 pg Speed Boon *Astrologian800 pg
Suzukake2450 pg Elemental Mirror *Astrologian800 pg
Aka-Ito-Odoshi3500 pg Physical Ward*Astrologian1600 pg
Shepherd's Garb
(Western version only)
80000 pg Mystic Ward *Astrologian1600 pg

As you enter Yunohana, head to the right exit, it will take you to the Yunohana Bath House. Head to the second floor and speak to the clerk to trigger an event scene. Then head left and enter the men's bath. Watch the event scene. You will wake up in the next day with Yoko missing, You can now do another Side quest.

Side Quest IV: Ranger or Black Mage Asterisk

Go to the entrance of Yunohana and speak to the man in blue clothes, Edea will bump into him and an event scene will follow. Leave Yunohana and head south to the fortress marked with a blue objective marker.

Grapp Keep

Find a lever on left pathway, push the switch to open the gate in the center. Take the stairs up to the next floor, go all the way to the northeast corner and take the stairs to downstairs, you can find a lever nearby to unlock the gates right beside you. Now run all the way left to the northwest corner, and press the lever nearby. Then take the stairs back up. Go and press the switch nearby, this will unlock the gates on the very north of the map for a treasure chest. Go back to downstairs and take the stairs that is slight below the north west corner. Find the lever located down south, press that and it will unlock the gate near the adventurer. Run all the way to the Adventurer and save your game. Head upstairs to encounter a boss fight. Choose your alliance, side with Ominas if you want the Ranger Asterisk, and help Artemia if you want the Black Mage Asterisk.

Boss NameHP (Difficulty)Resistance WeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Artemia18750 HP (Casual)
25000 HP (Normal)
37500 HP (Hard)
N/AFireRoc FiletBeast Flesh
Bone Hunter (X3 on Hard Mode)1260 HP (Casual)
1680 HP (Normal)
2520 HP (Hard)
N/AFire, LightAntidoteN/A
Artemia hits really hard, but luckily she and her minions are very squishy. They are all weak against fire attacks, so the best thing to do is have someone that can use fire related magic to wipe out the Bone Hunters first. It's extremely important you take care of the bone hunters as fast as you can if you're playing on Hard Mode. A quick way of killing the Bone Hunters is to use revival skills on them, they will have a 70% chance to instant kill them. Artemia usually likes to use the skill, Targeting, this does a massive amount of damage against your entire party, but the damage is all spread across between your party members, a slight attack from the Bone Hunters can knock your characters out, that's why you need to finish the Bone Hunters quickly. Artemia will repeat that pattern, just keep all your party members alive and the battle should be a cakewalk after that.
Boss NameHP (Difficulty)Resistance WeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Ominas7500 HP (Casual)
10000 HP (Normal)
15000 HP (Hard)
Bahamut11250 HP (Casual)
15000 HP (Normal)
22500 HP (Hard)
N/AWaterBomb ArmBomb Fragment
A good preparation for this battle is to bring fire resistance equipment for this battle. An example of this would be the Flame Robe armor that can be bought from Hartschild. You can also use Astrologian's Elemental Guard to protect yourself against fire attacks. Ominas is one of the few bosses where his minion is stronger than him. If you are using fire resistant, then this battle will be a complete joke as Ominas and Bahamut has next to no arsenal beside their fire abilities.

Geyser Grotto

On the world map, head west and you should find a cave full of steam. This is one of the unique dungeons in the game where each sections have different properties. The special properties of each area will apply to you and your enemies as well. The first section, all your damage is increased by 25% while your defense is reduced by 25%. Once you reach near the end of the map, you will fight a group of Rafflesia. The second section is probably the most frustrating map of the is area. Everyone will be put into Berserk state, which means you will cause higher physical damage, lower defense and have no ability to control your characters. It is highly recommended you turn off enemy encounter at this area, especially if you're playing on Hard Mode. Near the end, there will be a mini boss, a way of getting pass them is to use a whole team physical fighters, and have the ability Stand Ground from Freelancer, so you can survive an extra hit, this should let you win this battle just barely. The third section of the map will increase have your Critical Rate increased, and when you get near the end you will find a mini boss as well. The last area, will let your party start with maximum BP. This is actually the perfect area to grind for EXP and JP because with Maximum BP, you can pretty much use the extend battle function as long as you like. Once you have reach the adventurer, head to the next map to see an event scene with Yoko. After the event, head north to go to the Fire Temple. Go to the Crystal Room, to see another scene, afterwards, you will be facing a boss.

Boss NameHP (Difficulty)Resistance WeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Janne15000 HP (Casual)
20000 HP (Normal)
30000 HP (Hard)
This is another Janne rematch. This battle is actually a lot easier than the previous encounter with Janne, as Nikolai won't be coming out to aid him. Janne pretty much only does two things, if he puts himself into Wolf stance, he will be attacking you for very high damage, it is also the best time to attack him as well. If he use Bison Stance, he will remain in a defensive position, and will counterattack if you decide to hit him with melee during this phase. One of the cheap ways of getting past him is to use a revival spell from Bishop or White Mage and along with the Wizard Ability Postscript ability with Mist. This will cause your whole party to revive at the end of each turn, and since Janne has no skills to attack all of you at once, he can't really do anything against you.

After you have defeated Janne, leave Geyser Grottos and return to Yunohana.

Side Quest V: Knight or Ninja Asterisk

When you're in Yunohana, go and speak to the man on the left corner of the map next to the pig. Speak to him to trigger an event scene. Afterwards, head outside and move to the very north of the map. You should find a fortress there.

Stark Fort

This dungeon is pretty straight forward, there are three stairways in the first floor. Go to the one on the left and right if you want to pick up some treasure chest. Head to the one on the center and continue from there if you want to reach to the boss. Speak to the NPC, afterwards, talk to Heinkel and Kikiyo. Head back downstairs and speak to Holmes on the right. Then talk to Watson down on the southwest corner. Head downstairs and speak to Heinkel to your left. Return to the crime scene and speak to Heinkel and then talk to Holmes on the left corner. Depending on which choice you choose, you will be forced to fight either Heinkel or Kikiyo.

Boss NameHP (Difficulty)Resistance WeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Heinkel15000 HP (Casual)
20000 HP (Normal)
30000 HP (Hard)
N/AN/AAdamant ShieldX-Potion
Sky Archer2025 HP (Casual)
2700 HP (Normal)
4050 HP (Hard)
N/ALightning Hi-Potion Hi-Potion
Sky Lancer2025 HP (Casual)
2700 HP (Normal)
4050 HP (Hard)
N/ALightningHi-Potion Hi-Potion
Sky Swordsman3037 HP (Casual)
4050 HP (Normal)
6075 HP (Hard)
N/ALightningHi-Potion Hi-Potion
Heinkel's grunts actually hurt a lot, so you need to find a way to get rid of them fast. They all weak to lightning element, you can use a magic class and spam lightning spells to get rid of the grunts as fast as you can. Another method you can do is to imbue your weapon with lightning element with the Hawkeye / Tomahawk's Warhead ability. For this battle, is it recommended you bring magic class over physical class due Heinkel's high defense, he will also will protect his grunts to which can drag out the battle.
Boss NameHP (Difficulty)Resistance WeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Kikiyo15000 HP (Casual)
20000 HP (Normal)
30000 HP (Hard)
N/AN/AKunaiGale Hairpin
Kikiyo is probably the easier boss compare to Heinkel. Kikiyo hits pretty hard and usually will strike first. But she only will attack one character at a time, and it shouldn't be problem as long as you have a steady supply of healing items or healing magic. Kikiyo can also use a skill called Utsusemi which allows her to dodge one physical attack, if you attack her during this phase, she will counterattack you.

Yunohana Castle

Return to Yunohana, go to the Bath House area on the right and speak to Sakura (the clerk upstairs). Leave the Bath House area and then head to the center to Yunohana Castle. Speak to the man in the center. Watch the event scene, eventually the party members will argue on who gets to the Cake, The first choice will let Edea have it, second is Magnolia and the third choice is for Tiz. Whoever eats the cake will become a ghost for the following battle ahead. It best to pick either the healer or a magic user of the group to eat the cake. Because the ghost status will still let you cast magic, but can't do anything else.

Boss NameHP (Difficulty)Resistance WeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Panettone18750 HP (Casual)
25000 HP (Normal)
37500 HP (Hard)
N/AN/AKukriCake related items
Empire's Katana Wielder4125 HP (Casual)
5150 HP (Normal)
8325 HP (Hard)
N/ALightningomb ArmN/A
Empire's Synergist1608 HP (Casual)
2145 HP (Normal)
3217 HP (Hard)
N/AN/ABomb ArmN/A
At the start of this battle, one of your party members will be put into the ghost state. It will be the character that ate the cake from the previous scene. During the Ghost state, your can still cast magic, but you can't anything else. So it best to have a your healer to eat the cake. As you still heal the rest of the party without getting killed. As for this battle, Panettone likes to throw cake that charms your character. Penettone's followers is probably the most deadly thing about this battle, they can restore BP and as well as hit really hard. If you have the job class Ninja or Swordmaster for this fight, it makes it a lot easier to use their counterattack abilities against this boss as they're all physical types. If you don't have those job classes, then it best to rely on an ability that hits all targets, like the Hawkeye / Tomahawk's first ability, Sidewinder. Get rid of Panettone's follower as quick as you can and then get rid of Panettone. Do beware that he can still recall more followers after a few turns.
Note: If your characters is ever changed into a ghost, you can cure this condition by going to the Hot Springs or by purchasing the Magic Bottle item from Florem.

Head to the Bath House and enter the hot springs upstairs. Watch the event scene, then head to the very top of the Bath House, you will find a Ship Wheel, examine it. The Bath house will transform into a ship, from now on you can access the Ship by touching the Ship Icon on the touch screen. Now go all the way west to Hartchilds, land by the shore to see an event scene. Go to Hartschild. After the event scene, you will be fighting a boss.

Boss NameHP (Difficulty)Resistance WeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Super'nought Bael22500 HP (Casual)
30000 HP (Normal)
45000 HP (Hard)
N/AWaterArctic WindNormalizer
Sergeant Charan4125 HP (Casual)
5150 HP (Normal)
8325 HP (Hard)
N/A N/ABomb ArmBomb Arm
Private Polani3000 HP (Casual)
4000 HP (Normal)
6000 HP (Hard)
N/AN/AArctic WindArctic Wind
This boss is really difficult, especially if you're playing on Hard Mode. You don't really have much arsenal at this point of the game, one of the tools that come in real handy for this battle is the Iceflame Shield. The tank has two commanders which add an extra attack for the tank. One of the commanders uses Blizzard Blast, which is a water element attack that hits the entire party, the other commander will cause physical attacks on your party. The best way of fighting this boss is to get rid of the commanders as fast as you can and focus on the Tank. The annoying part about this battle is the commanders will revive with full HP after a few turns which makes this battle a huge nuisance. Bael does have a weakness, you will need drop it's HP down below 50%, it will then charge up to perform a super jump attack, during the charge up phase, if you attack it with a water element attack, it will cause the tank to malfunction and will be paralyzed temporarily. Take advantage of this moment and use all of your hardest hitting attacks before it recovers.

Afterwards, go to the shore and get on the ship. Travel all the way northwest to the Florem region. Land there to see an event.

Chapter 3


Once you're in the northwest continent, you can find the city of Florem located in the center.

Equipment ShopPriceItem ShopPriceMagic ShopPrice
Scimitar5000 pqPotion20 pqBenediction *Bishop3200 pq
Heavy Axe6000 pqHi-Potion150 pqResurrect *Bishop3200 pq
Valkyrie Halberd4500 pqPhoenix Down100 pqSpirit *Wizard200 pq
Rod of Fire3750 pqEther500 pqLucky Day *Astrologian3200 pq
Staff of Life3000 pqAntidote10 pqElemental Mirror *Astrologian3200 pq
Kukri3500 pqEye Drops20 pq
Aeolian Bow4250 pqEcho Herbs25 pq
Kiku-Ichimonji4750 pqBalsam500 pq
Thumbing Claw5500 pqRemedy500 pq
Bastard Sword6500 pqTeleport Stone100 pg
Petronel6250 pgMagic Bottle200 pg
Adamant Shield3000 pg
Acorn Hat1000 pg
Laurel Wreath1500 pg
Sugarloaf2000 pg
Justaucorps4000 pg
Floral Robe3500 pg
Cuirass5000 pg
Earthing Rod2000 pg
Peace Ring2000 pg
Cadet Uniform
(Western version only)
100000 pg

When you're inside Florem, take the north exit, to see an event scene. Then enter the house on the right. Speak to the Matriarch to see another event scene. Once you're done, leave Florem, and go to the Water Temple located southwest. Enter the Water Temple, and go to the Crystal room, examine the altar, once Sylvie has lit up the Crystal, return to Florem and speak to the Matriarch. Leave the house and go north to see the Florem Festival. At the end of the event, Yew and company will hear a scream, and you will be forced to fight a group of soldiers. These grunts are actually pretty strong, so try not to get carried away. Afterwards, you will meet the another Asterisk holder. Once the scene is over, leave Florem for another scene. After this scene, you can now do the Monk or Valkyrie side quest.

Side Quest VI: Monk or Valkyrie Asterisk

Return to Florem, then speak to the woman on the bottom left corner of the map. After the event scene, head to the north area of Florem, speak to the group of ladies near the center. When the scene is over, speak to the Sky Soldier at the top of the map. Then go to the entrance area and speak to the Lady near the Item shop. After the scene with Einhernia, leave Florem and go west to Twilight Ruins.

Twilight Ruins

This dungeon carries Crystals that can switch the placement of each door. When you examine the crystal it will open one door and close the other. The first floor is pretty simple, gather the treasure chest and head down. The second floor is also similar to the first floor, just switch the orders of the doors to pick up the treasure chest and then head down the stairs. This floor is a little more confusing than the rest, I would recommend turning off the encounter in this floor, so you can focus on solving the puzzle. When you go to the last floor, there is a hidden treasure box below the Adventurer. Now go to the last room and speak to the group of scholars. Depending on which choice you pick, you will have to fight Einheria or Barras.

Boss NameHP (Difficulty)Resistance WeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Einheria22500 HP (Casual)
30000 HP (Normal)
45000 HP (Hard)
N/AN/ASilver GlaiveX-Potion
Veeling7500 HP (Casual)
10000 HP (Normal)
15000 HP (Hard)
N/AN/ALilith's KissN/A
Einheria hits really hard, her Crescent Moon skill can leave entire party close to death and her single attack skills can usually instantly K.O. a party member. Her sidekick, Veeling will probably finish off your characters. Defeat Veeling fast, and then focus on Einheria. Einheria has a massive weakness, all her skills consume BP, and would put her into a negative BP state leaving her extremely vulnerable. If you have chosen the Ninja Asterisk from before, having the Level 6 Ninja ability, Utsusemi (Lets you dodge a single physical attack) will make this battle a complete cakewalk because all of Einheria's abilities are physical attacks. When Einheria's HP is reduced below 40%, she will use Spirit Barrier, this will replace her MP as her HP temporary. You can either wait for a few turns for the effects to wear off, or try to deal a massive amount of damage to remove it.
Boss NameHP (Difficulty)Resistance WeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Barras22500 HP (Casual)
30000 HP (Normal)
45000 HP (Hard)
N/AN/ABear Knuckles X-Potion
Tracsute9000 HP (Casual)
12000 HP (Normal)
18000 HP (Hard)
N/A N/AEye DropsX-Potion
Barras is actually the easier boss out of the two choices. Barras doesn't have any hard hitting skills, he usually will like to spam Brave so he can attack a few turns consecutively. Because Barras and his sidekick are all physical type characters, you can easily take advantage of this battle using counterattack abilities. Such as the Fencer's Bision stance, or if you have the Swordmaster Asterisk, and the Ninja Asterisk will make this battle a total pushover. Barras also can use the ability Invigorate which will greatly raise his attack power, but there is a chance when the move fails, it will cause massive damage towards him.

Sagitta Forest

On the world map, head really far east from Florem until you find a cave. Watch the event scene, you will the skull of Orochi. Afterwards head to the right exit and you will be in Sagitta Forest.

The forest here is pretty straightforward, if you want the treasure chest you will often need to take a detour. From the starting point head east to reach to the next area. Then take the exit northwest to get to the next section. Then you can find another exit in the northeast corner by the adventurer.

Village of Sagitta

Equipment ShopPriceItem ShopPriceMagic ShopPrice
Sleep Blade7500 pqPotion20 pqSacrifice *Bishop6400 pq
Labrys9000 pqHi-Potion150 pqCalm *Bishop6400 pq
Silver Glaive6750 pqPhoenix Down100 pqElemental Up*Astrologian6400 pq
Jadagna5625 pqEther500 pqElemental Barrier *Astrologian6400 pq
Diamond Staff4500 pqAntidote10 pq
Frenzy Dagger4250 pqEye Drops20 pq
Killer Bow6375 pqEcho Herbs25 pq
Masamune7125 pqBalsam500 pq
Bear Knuckles5500 pqRemedy500 pq
Faussar9750 pgTeleport Stone100 pg
Carbon Cap1500 pgMagic Bottle 200 pg
Headgear2250 pg
Full-Face Helm3000 pg
Nano Suit6000 pg
Amplifier5250 pg
Liquid Armor7500 pg
Flame Charm3000 pg
Ice Charm3000 pg
Thunder Charm3000 pg
Wind Charm3000 pg
Earth Charm3000 pg
Light Charm3000 pg
Dark Charm3000 pg
Research Lab Coat
(Western version only)
150000 pg
Dimensional Garb
(Western version only)
150000 pg

Once you're in the village, go to the building on the center. Then head upstairs to meet the Elder of Sagitta. After the event scene, take the north exit to go to the top of the cannon. Watch the event with Lotus's son. After you finish talking to Lotus, leave the village. You will now also have access to another side quest.

Side Quest VII: Performer or Pirate Asterisk

Return to Florem. Then take the north exit to Plaza section, go to the stage at the north part of the map. Watch the event scene. You will end up meeting the music conductor, Arca Pellar. Now return to the entrance area of Florem, and examine the southeast corner. It will lead to a secret entrance to Arca Pellar's studio. Speak to Arca Pellar. After you're done talking to him, go to the Plaza area of Florem and speak to Praline. Afterwards you will need to head out to the World's Map. Get on the ship and travel southwest to the center of the ocean until you find fog. Examine the fog and press the A button to board on a ship. Once you're in the ship speak to Barbarossa. Leave the ship and go back to the Florem Region and travel to the northeast area to Witherwoods.


This area is pretty linear, just head north into the next map and then find the exit around the northeast corner. Then you can find the last exit northeast near the adventurer. In the last room speak to Arca Pellar, depending on which choice you take, you will have to fight Barbarossa or Praline.

Boss NameHP (Difficulty)Resistance WeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Barbarossa33750 HP (Casual)
45000 HP (Normal)
67500 HP (Hard)
N/ALightningLabrys Arctic Wind
Death Pirate x23375 HP (Casual)
4500 HP (Normal)
6750 HP (Hard)
N/AFire, LightBacchus's WineN/A
Barbarossa and his minions are quite strong. Luckily they all seem to be weak to something, the pirates are weak against fire and light and Barbarossa is weak towards the lightning element. If you have a magic user, spam your hardest hitting fire attacks and get rid of the Death Pirates immediately. You can also instantly kill the Death Pirates with a revival skill, however, it only has a 70% chance of working. As for Barbarossa, he actually hits really hard, but all of his attacks are just single targets. If you want to survive his attacks, the best way is to use dodging abilities from the Ninja or buff your defense higher. You can even try using Catmancer or Patissier abilities to weaken the boss.
Boss NameHP (Difficulty)Resistance WeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Praline30000 HP (Casual)
40000 HP (Normal)
60000 HP (Hard)
N/A N/ADiamond StaffStar Dust
Eternia Katana Wielder3375 HP (Casual)
4500 HP (Normal)
6750 HP (Hard)
N/ALightningRemedyStar Pendant
Praline is a bit different of a fight than Barbarossa, she mostly just buff up her party members and they attack you really hard. Luckily the grunt units are all weak to lightning attacks, so spam the your best Lightning attacks and get rid of them immediately. Praline is almost useless by herself, but she can call for more grunt units after a few turns, when that happens again, just focus fire and get rid of the grunts. Repeat the pattern until she is down.

Old Sagitta

Your next destination is located northwest of Sagitta Village. To get there, you need to get on your ship and go all the way around and land west of Sagitta. Right there you will find an entrance to the ruins.

This is actually one of the trickier dungeons in the game. First start by going through the wall up north, if you see a glow on the walls you can pass through it. Now run east, you will notice you can cross through, this dungeon is filled with tons of invisible gaps. A sign of an invisible platform is that if the platform beside it is covered with spider webs. Anyways cross through the invisible gap to reach the ring area in the center, now go to the north path and press the green switch to lower the green platform, now go all the way to the other side and press the red switch to lift the red platform up, now run back to where the green switch is and press it to raise the green platform. Now run up the stairs from the bottom of the ring and cross to the center, you will find a stone tablet, examine it and watch the event scene. Afterwards, run to the right side to cross another invisible path, then run all the way below, take the stairs and cross through a bunch of invisible bridges to reach to the northeast corner. Take the stairs to head below to the next area.

Run down southwest through a bunch of invisible bridges, then go to the ring area in the center, press both the green and red switch to life both platforms up. Now you can cross by walking through counter-clockwise through an invisible path. Now take the stairs and head east and then north to find another stone tablet. Examine it to see another scene. Now run left to cross through another invisible bridge, and take go all the way to the northwest corner, take the stairs to head below to the next area.

Take the stairs to head below, go to the right area to the center ring area, go below to the end until you see a blue switch, push it to lower the blue platform. Then run down and push the green switch to lower the green platform. Now run to the center of the ring and on where the green platform was lowered, then push the red switch beside it and press it to raise the red platform up. Go to where the red platform is and run up to find another tablet. Watch the event scene and then head right to cross through another invisible path. Now from here, you can go through the invisible path to travel all the way southeast. Then you can travel north through the set of stairs on the south east corner, take that path to reach to the adventurer. There you will find the last stone tablet. Examine it to see an event scene. Now leave the dungeon and go to Sagitta Hidden Village.

Watch the scene with Lotus, and during night time, Yew will wake up at night and Magnolia will tag along. Now examine the device marked with the objective marker to see an event, then to the next one. Until you get the event scene of them outside. Afterwards, run to the cannon area to meet Yew's stalker. Watch the event scene and you will be facing a boss battle shortly after.

Boss NameHP (Difficulty)Resistance WeaknessStolen ItemsDrop Items
Geist45000 HP (Casual)
60000 HP (Normal)
90000 HP (Hard)
N/AN/ARed MuletaTurbo Ether
Kaiser's Hunting Unit2587 HP (Casual)
3450 HP (Normal)
5175 HP (Hard)
N/AWaterPhoenix DownN/A
Geist has a group of soldiers with him, and they can hit pretty hard. The good thing about those grunts is they are all weak against ice attacks. After four turns or so, Geist will use the ability "Undo" to completely rejuvenate himself. Afterward, watch the event scene with Altair using the SP tank. Now the battle will restart again. It's exactly the same as the fight before, except now Geist actually will do something. Geist will either attack a single target, or use the ability Undo on either your party members or himself. What Undo does is that it will put the character to the state it was in the previous turn. So if your character only has 200 HP in the last turn it will rewind them to that exact condition. It can also K.O. your character if the character was K.O. in the previous turn. If Geist decides to use Undo on himself, it will put his HP back to what he had in the previous turn, which can put all the damage you put on him to waste. Things that will come really handy for this battle is to have your party set useful attack-all skills like Sidewinder from Hawkeye / Tomahawk, or even the Ice summon, because the grunt units with Geist can be extremely annoying. Geist will bring back more grunt units after a few turns or so. So this battle can drag out really long. If you're playing on Hard mode, then I suggest your healers to have postscript and use a revival skill attach with Mist, because your party members will die a lot for this fight.