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Does anyone knows the inspiration for the Ba'al Design and their theme? Main Quest
Game Script? General
Where do I find the Giant's Glove? Side Quest
Where to get bravo bunny jp version? Side Quest

Answered Questions Answers Last Answer
What do I need to do in order to get the "Time Keeper" title? Side Quest 1 2 months ago
Why did Caldisla mysteriously disappear for a time? Plot 2 2 months ago
Can I get Help with Friends Glossolalia? Build 1 3 months ago
I can't beat Mephilia? Enemy/Boss 1 3 months ago
Summoner or swordmaster? General 4 4 months ago
How can I get the Ba'al IV boss to show up? Side Quest 1 6 months ago
is ghost aspir a failure? Build 2 7 months ago
What is a good tanky Fencer build? Build 1 9 months ago
Tanky Fencer Build? Build 1 9 months ago
What's so good about bloody shields? General 3 9 months ago

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