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A hardcore platforming musical experience

Cubit The Hardcore Platformer Robot is an action-packed platform game, where music plays a very important role.

With only one button to jump, you must help Cubit to go from platform to platform, while you avoid obstacles and enemies through the different scenes of the game.

Perhaps you think this makes this game not difficult, right? Well, you are right; this game is not difficult... this game is Hardcore!

Choose the path you want to do in each game and reach each of the 3 endings available!!


Beware: This videogame has guest characters from other videogames.

3 different endings!

2 game modes: for all types of gamers, as well as Hardcore gamers.

A soundtrack that will send you back to the dance floor.

24 challenges to enrol.

A videogame fully created by just one person!

Will you reach the end?

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